ABBA: You Can Dance is a spinoff game of the Just Dance series created by Ubisoft. All songs are by Swedish pop group ABBA.


The gameplay is like the other games in the Just Dance series. There is a Normal mode, and a Mini Musical mode, which includes six songs that are also in the Normal one. 

Track Listing

  • An "(M)" indicates that the song is in the "Mini Musical Mode".
  • A "(2014)" indicates that the song is also on Just Dance 2014 with a different routine.
  • An "(X2015)" indicates that the song is an unused track with a different routine originally planned for Just Dance 2015.
  • A "(WU)" indicates that the song is also on Just Dance Wii U with a different routine.
  • A "(NOW)" indicates that the song is also on Just Dance Now with a different routine.
  • A "(JDU)" indicates that the song is also on Just Dance Unlimited with a different routine.
Song Year Mode Dancer(s) Karaoke Difficulty Effort
Angeleyes 1979 Solo
AngelABBA cover generic
No Medium Average
As Good as New 1979 Solo
GoodAsNewABBA cover generic
No Easy Calm
1974 Duet
BangABoomABBA cover generic
No Easy Calm
Dancing Queen
(Prom Night)
1976 Solo
DancingPromABBA cover generic
Yes Easy Calm
Dancing Queen
(Dance Floor)
1976 Solo
DancingFloorABBA cover generic
Yes Medium Average
Does Your Mother Know
1979 Duet
DoesMotherABBA cover generic
Yes Easy Exhausting
Fernando 1974 Duet
FernABBA cover generic
Yes Easy Calm
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
(A Man After Midnight)

(2014) (WU) (NOW) (JDU)
1974 Solo
GimmeGimmeABBA cover generic
Head Over Heels 1982 Solo
HeelsABBA cover generic
Yes Medium Calm
Hole In Your Soul
1977 Dance Crew
HoleInABBA cover generic
No Medium Average
Honey, Honey
1974 Dance Crew
HoneyABBA cover generic
No Easy Calm
I'm A Marionette 1977 Duet
MariABBA cover generic
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
1975 Duet
IDoIDoABBA cover generic
If It Wasn't for the Nights 1979 Solo
NightsABBA cover generic
Knowing Me, Knowing You 1977 Dance Crew
KnowingABBA cover generic
Lay All Your Love On Me 1981 Solo
LayLoveABBA cover generic
Mamma Mia 1975 Dance Crew
MammaMiaABBA cover generic
Money, Money, Money 1976 Solo
MoneyMoneyABBA cover generic
People Need Love
1973 Dance Crew
PeopleNeedABBA cover generic
SOS 1975 Duet
SOSABBA cover generic
Summer Night City 1978 Solo
SummerABBA cover generic
Super Trouper 1980 Solo
SuperABBA cover generic
Take A Chance On Me 1978 Duet
TakeAChanceABBA cover generic
The Winner Takes It All 1980 Solo
WinnerABBA cover generic
Voulez-Vous 1979 Solo
VoulezABBA cover generic
Waterloo 1974 Dance Crew
WaterlooABBA cover generic
When I Kissed The Teacher 1976 Solo
WhenIKissedABBA cover generic


  • In the trailer, the coach from Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) performs unseen moves. This means that the choreography was going to be different.[1]
  • The Just Dance 2 Gold Move sound effect is used in this game.
    • Also, Gold Moves display "GOLD MOVE" in the score area (instead of "YEAH") when they are performed correctly.
  • In this game, Dance Crew routines do not show any pictograms, regardless of the coach the player selected.
  • Some songs from this game were found in the Just Dance Now files and Just Dance Unlimited files too. It is unknown if they will be released.
  • The graphics are similar to the Wii version of Michael Jackson: The Experience and the only differences are the font and the look of the menu.




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