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All of the games in the main series except Just Dance have alternate routines that can be unlocked or purchased in-game.

Types of Alternate Choreographies

  • Contest Winners: On Just Dance 2, Ubisoft had a contest allowing players to create their own choreography to When I Grow Up. The top 3 were allowed to come to Ubisoft and have their choreographies go through the process as regular choreographies. These can be found under "Extras".
  • Alternate choreographies: These are choreographies that are not on the main menu, and are simply a different dance to the same song with no theme or anything special about it.
  • Extreme versions: These are choreographies where the coach moves very quickly and does more complex moves. In Just Dance 3 the difficulty is 3 and the effort is 3; in Just Dance 4 the difficulty is 4; and in Just Dance 2014 the difficulty is Hardest.
  • Sweat versions: This is where the coach does moves that are meant for working up a sweat. There is one in the main game for Just Dance 3, and some DLC songs can be thought of as sweat versions, all by the Sweat Invaders. There are no sweat versions in Just Dance 4, but there are 10 in Just Dance 2014, one being DLC and another being a Ubisoft download.
  • Hold My Hand: This is a mode only available for Wii, Wii U, and PlayStation 3 where two players share a Wii remote or PlayStation move remote. There can be up to 5 players with 4 remotes. There's two in Just Dance 3 and one in Just Dance 4.
  • Line Dance: This is where three people do line dancing. All three people do the same moves in Just Dance 4, and it is treated as a Solo mode of sorts. It later made a reappearance in Just Dance 2016, but as a Trio routine.
  • With a/an _____: This is where a dancer dances with a certain object. Can be difficult for the Wii, Wii U, and PlayStation 3 because of the need for a remote. Sometimes the remote has to be treated as the object. Just Dance 4 has two of these and Just Dance 2014 has one.
  • Themed Alternates: These were introduced in Just Dance 2014 and have a specific theme to it.
  • On-Stage Mode: These are exclusive to Just Dance 2014 and have a lead dancer that lip-syncs the song and two back-up dancers. Lyrics appear in the top middle during normal gameplay (positioned normally in World Dance Floor). This was split off into Trio routines and Sing-Along modes in later installments.
  • Fanmade: Introduced in Just Dance Now, this is where someone makes their own choreography and sends it to Ubisoft. Unlike the Just Dance 2 contest winners this does not receive any special effects and the high score saves.
  • Sing-Along Mode: These were introduced in Just Dance 2015. The lyrics appear at the top center of the screen instead of the usual bottom left. The coaches of these routines can be seen lip-syncing to the song.
  • Just Dance VIP: This is where a celebrity or person relevant to the song dances the choreography in lieu of the regular dancer.
  • Community Remix: Same as Just Dance VIP but instead of a celebrity it is a combination of several different average players' videos.

Just Dance 2

Contest Winners

See also: When I Grow Up

Ubisoft had a contest allowing players to create their own choreography to When I Grow Up. The top 3 were allowed to come to Ubisoft and have their choreographies go through the same process as regular choreographies. These can be found under "Extras".

Song Name Country Gender Dancer(s)
When I Grow Up Sam France Male
SD2E41 bbf2e662 14
When I Grow Up Mandy Davies United Kingdom Female
When I Grow Up Liana Veda
(Top Culture)
United States Female

Just Dance 3


Extreme routines debuted here with a difficulty of 3 and an effort of 3. However, many songs such as Pump It have the same rating.

Song Gender Dancer
Barbra Streisand Male Barbraextremegift
  • It can be unlocked by pressing UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT at the title screen for Just Dance 3 (Note: This method will not work for the PlayStation 3, as it cannot be unlocked.)

Hold My Hand

Song Gender(s) Dancer(s)
Jamaican Dance (C) Male/Female
Giddy on Up (Giddy on Out) Female/Female
  • "(C)" indicates that this serves as the classic mode (replaced by a Mashup on Xbox 360).


See also: Just Sweat
There is only one sweat version in Just Dance 3.

Song Gender Dancer
I Was Made For Lovin’ You (U) Female
  • A "(U)" indicates this is unlocked via Uplay on Uplay consoles and through normal gameplay on the Wii.

Just Dance 4

Just Dance 4 has various extremes and alternates modes.

Extreme Versions

Song Gender Dancer(s)
Wild Wild West Male
Good Feeling Male
What Makes You Beautiful Female
Run The Show Female

Line Dance

Song Gender(s)


Jailhouse Rock Female/Male/Female
  • Note that there is only one pictogram instead of three and that there are no gold moves.
  • This is not available on the Wii.
  • This is treated as a Solo mode, since there are single-person pictograms.

Alternate Versions

There is nothing special about these. They are simply a different choreography.

Song Gender Dancer(s)
Call Me Maybe (U) Female
Call Me Maybe Alternate7
Can't Take My Eyes Off You Male
Can't Take My Eyes of yyYou Alternate
  • A "(U)" indicates this is unlocked via Uplay for Uplay consoles and via the Wheel of Prizes on the Wii.

With An Object

Song Gender Item Dancer(s)
Tribal Dance Male Katana
Umbrella Female Umbrella

Hold My Hand

Not available on the Xbox 360

Song Genders Dancer(s)
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love Male/Female/Male/Female/Male
  • Unlike Just Dance 3, the routine had multiple different coaches holding each other's hands, instead of just 2.

Just Dance 2014


Song Sweat Gender Dancer(s)
Kiss You Male
Kissyouswt cover generic
Just Dance (song) (DLC) Male
Justdanceswtdlc cover generic
Gentleman Female
Ghostbusters Female
Limbo Female
Limboswt cover generic
Troublemaker Male
Troublemakerswt cover generic
María Female
Mariaswt cover generic
Follow The Leader Male
Followtheleaderswt cover
I Kissed a Girl Female
Ikissedswt cover generic
It's You Female
Itsyouswt cover generic


Song  Gender Dancer(s)
Blame It on the Boogie (NW) Female
Blameitalt cover generic
Fine China Male
Finechinaalt cover generic
#thatPOWER Male
Thatpoweralt cover generic
Where Have You Been Female
Wherehaveyoualt cover generic

Pound The Alarm (DLC)

Poundthealarmaltdlc cover generic
Blurred Lines (DLC) Female
Blurredlinesaltdlc cover generic
  • A "(NW)" indicates this is not available on the Wii.
  • A "(DLC)" indicates this is DLC.


Song Genders Dancer(s)
Where Have You Been Male/Female/Male
Wherehaveyouosc cover generic
I Will Survive Male/Female/Male
Iwillsurviveosc cover generic
Careless Whisper Female/Male/Female
Careless Whisper On-Stage
Just Dance Female/Female/Female
Justdanceosc cover generic
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) Male/Female/Male
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) On-Stage
I Kissed a Girl Male/Female/Female
Ikissedosc cover generic
#thatPOWER (DLC) Male/Male/Male
ThatPOWER On-Stage
  • A "(DLC)" indicates this is DLC.

6 Player

Song Genders(s) Dancer(s)
Kiss You Female/Female/Female/Male/Male/Male
Kissyousix cover generic
  • Note: the six-player version is only on the Xbox One and is marked as the classic version. The 4-player version is marked as "Alternate".

With An Object

Song Mode Gender Item Dancer(s)
Rich Girl Solo Female Chair
Richgirlalt cover generic

Themed Alternates

Song Mode Gender(s) Theme Dancer(s)
Starships Duet Male/Female Charleston
Starshipsalt cover generic
Turn Up the Love Dance Crew Male/Male/Male/Male Sumo
Applause (DLC) Solo Female Official


  • A "(DLC)" indicates that it is a DLC.
  • Note: Applause has no theme; it is simply marked as "Alternate". The title, however, is "Applause (Official Choreo by Richy Jackson)".

Just Dance 2015

Themed Alternates

Song Mode Gender(s) Theme Dancer(s)
The Fox
(What Does The Fox Say?)
Duet Male/Male Campfire Dance
Thefoxalt cover generic
Diamonds Duet Female/Male Seated Dance
Diamondsalt cover generic
I Love It Duet Male/Male Guards Dance
ILoveItALT Cover Generic
Bad Romance Solo Male Official Choreo
Badromancealt cover generic
Walk This Way Solo Female Old School
Walk This Walk Old
It's My Birthday Solo Male Bollywood Dance
ItsMyBirthdayALT Cover Generic
Papaoutai (PAL) Solo Female African Dance
Papaoutaialt cover generic


Sweat mode was re-named "Fitness". It has the same characteristics as Just Dance 2014 sweat versions.

Song  Mode  Gender Dancer
Summer Solo Male
Summer Sweat


Sing-Along mode replaces On-Stage mode. It can simply be a different choreography with the lyrics in the top middle or it can be a Trio where the lead "sings" with and the others are back-up dancers.

Song Mode Gender(s) Dancer(s)
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (C) Duet Female/Male
Nomountain cover generic
Happy Trio Male/Male/Male
Let It Go (DLC) Solo Female
  • A "(C)" indicates that this is the classic mode.
  • A "(DLC)" indicates that this is a DLC

Just Dance VIP

Song Mode VIP Gender(s) Dancer(s)
Black Widow Solo SMOSH Male/Male
Till I Find You (N) Solo Austin Mahone Male
You're On My Mind Dance Crew JD Team Male/Female/Female/Male
Walk This Way (Old School) Solo Santa Claus Male
Happy Solo Richy Jackson Male
It's My Birthday Solo Mehdi Kerkouche Male
Love Me Again Solo UbiMouss Male
I Love It (C) Solo Katy Perry Female
  • An "(N)" indicates that this is only available in the NTSC region.
  • An "(C)" indicates that the mode was going to make an appearance, but it was later canceled.

Community Remix

  • A (X) indicates that the Community Remix has been removed from all consoles and it's unknown if it will show up again.

Community Remix is currently available for:

Song Artist Year
Happy Pharrell Williams 2013
Problem (X) Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea and Big Sean 2014
Birthday (X) Katy Perry 2013
Love Me Again John Newman 2013
XMas Tree (X) Bollywood Santa 2014
Diamonds (X) Rihanna 2012
Burn (X) Ellie Goulding 2013
Bad Romance (Official Choreo) (X) Lady Gaga 2009
Only You (And You Alone) (X) The Platters (Love Letter) 1954
The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) Ylvis 2013
Maps Maroon 5 2014
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) Dead or Alive 1984
Built For This Becky G 2013
Bad Romance Lady Gaga 2009
Addicted To You Avicii 2013
Summer Calvin Harris 2014
I Love It Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX 2012
Dark Horse Katy Perry 2013
Black Widow Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora 2014
Holding Out for a Hero Bonnie Tyler 1984

Just Dance 2016

Themed Alternates

Song Mode Gender(s) Theme Dancer(s)
All About That Bass Duet Male/Female Flower & Bee version
S8661649219792 1445343213
Animals Solo Male Extreme version
S8660624529347 1445343246

Born This Way(W/8)

Solo Male Nerd version
S8660659618983 1445343269
Circus Solo Female Extreme version
Cricus alt
Fancy Solo Female Indian Version
Fancy alt
Hey Mama Trio



Geisha version
Hey Mama Alternate Version
Hit The Road Jack Trio Male/Female/Male Line Dance version
Hit the road jack alt
I Gotta Feeling Duet Male/Female Classroom version
I gotta feeling alt
Rabiosa Solo Female Latin Fitness version
Rabiosa alt
This Is How We Do Solo Female Aerobics version
Thisishow alt
Teacher Duet Male/Male Car version
Teacher alt
Uptown Funk Trio Male/Male/Male Tuxedo version
Uptown Funk Alternate
Want To Want Me Duet Male/Female Couple Version
Want me to me alt
You're The One That I Want (C) Duet Female/Male Sing Along
Youre the one-0
Taste The Feeling (JDU) Solo Female Sweat/Alternate
  • A (C) Indicates that this is the classic routine
  • A (JDU) Indicates that this is a Just Dance Unlimited exclusive routine

Community Remix

Song Gender Dancer
Uptown Funk Various
Uptownfunkcmu cover phone
The Choice Is Yours (JDU) Various
TheChoiceCMU Cover Phone
All About That Bass (JDU) Various
I Gotta Feeling (JDU) Various
Hey Mama (JDU) Various
HeyMamaCMU Cover Phone
Ievan Polkka (JDU) Various
I'm An Albatraoz (JDU) Various
Animals (Extreme) (JDU) Various
Taste The Feeling (Alternate) (JDU) Various
Break Free (JDU) Various
BreakFreeDLCCMU Cover Generic
  • A (JDU) Indicates that this is a Just Dance Unlimited exclusive routine

Just Dance 2017

Song Mode Gender(s) Theme Dancer(s)
Cake By The Ocean Duet Female/Male Earphones Version
Cheap Thrills Duet Female/Male Bollywood Version
Chiwawa (JDU) (JD2016) Solo Female Remastered Version
Barbie cover generic
Cola Song Dance Crew Male/Female/Male/Female Candy Version
DADDY Duet Male/Male Father/Son Version
Don't Stop Me Now Solo Male Panda Version
El Tiki Trio Female/Male/Female Trio Version
Hips Don't Lie Duet Male/Male Sumo Version
Lean On Solo Female Scarf Version
Radical Duet Male/Male Helmet Version
Scream and Shout Solo Male Extreme Version
September Solo Male Disco Fitness Version
Sorry Solo Female Extreme Version
Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) Dance Crew Female/Female/Male/Male Family Battle Version
What Is Love Duet Male/Male Car Version
Worth It Dance Crew Female/Female/Female/Female Extreme Crew Version
Radical Solo Male TBA/Beta Alternate
Titanium Trio Male/Female/Male TBA/ Beta Alternate
185 008
  • A (JDU) Indicates that this is a Just Dance Unlimited exclusive routine.
  • A (JD2016) indicates that the classic routine of the song is from Just Dance 2016.

Community Remix

Song Gender Dancer
Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) Various
SingleLadiesCMU Cover Generic
Bailar Various
BailarCMU Cover Generic
Cheap Thrills Various
CheapThrillsCMU Cover Generic


Song Mode Gender Who's? Dancer(s)
Cake By The Ocean (JDU) Duet Male/Female Joyce and Emerah
CakeByTheOceanVIP Cover Generic
Oishii Oishii (JDU) Solo Male Favij
OishiiVIP Cover Generic
Hips Don’t Lie (JDU) Solo Female Sophie Milzink
  • A (JDU) indicates that this is a Just Dance Unlimited exclusive routine in certain countries.

Just Dance 2018

Song Mode Theme Dancer(s)
24K Magic Solo Extreme Version
24kalt cover generic
Another One Bites the Dust Solo Stunt Version
Anotheronealt cover generic
Automaton Solo Tomato Version
Automatonalt cover generic
Bubble Pop! Dance Crew Bubble Gum
Bubblepopalt cover generic
Chantaje Trio Subway Version
Chantajealt cover generic
Despacito Solo Extreme Version
Despacitoalt cover generic
Dharma Duet Fight Version
Dharmaalt cover generic
John Wayne Solo Extreme Version
Johnwalt cover generic
Kissing Strangers Duet Charleston Version
Kissingstrangersalt cover generic
Side To Side Solo Bicycle Version
Sidetoalt cover generic
Tumbum Solo Extreme Version
Tumbumalt cover generic
Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) Dance Crew Football Version
Wakawakaalt cover generic

Fanmade Routines

Song Mode Gender Who's? Dancer(s)
We No Speak Americano Duet Female/Male Natassia and Carl Harris
Turn Up the Love Solo Male Diegho San
Blurred Lines Duet Male/Female JUSTMAX
Stadium Flow Solo Male Allison Uzumaki
This Is How We Do Solo Male Diegho San
HandClap Solo Male Umuctan

Just Dance Now Community Remixes

Song Mode Gender Dancer
Sexy And I Know It Solo Various
Sexyandiknowitcmu updated
Crazy Christmas (C) Solo Various
  • A ''C'' indicates that the mode was going to make an appearance, but it was later canceled.

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