• TheJDFan19

    Hi guys, I noticed Youtube's captions are so cringy and I wanna share them with you cause why not :3

    If you don't get the idea, if you make an automatical captions in a youtube video, so Youtube make captions of what it hears... So Youtube misinterprets the lyrics.

    There's another one champion Santa
    I stare about to get that (Is)
    (Unknown captions) in the world right now
    Just touchdown in London

    But they give me your pan
    I'll put the money in your hand right now
    (Unknown captions)
    We just sold out all the floors see

    (Unknown captions)

    He said "Hey, Sister, it's really, really nice to meet you"
    I just met this 5 foot 7 guy who's I just tied
    I like the way you speak (Unknown captions)
    (Unknown captions)

    Woobler killing the mintues? you J.
    Everybody saying …

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  • MistyMelissa

    I’m Sick

    September 19, 2018 by MistyMelissa

    Hi... It’s your girl Misty *cough* Melissa here, I had to make this blog for a reason, I am not attention seeking, this is not click bait.

    So apparently yesterday I found out that I am really ill with a croaky voice and a cold, I even have air pressure on my ear, I am not feeling very well, I did take medicine and I’m approximately going to see a doctor tomorrow, I hope I get medicine or some medical advice....

    That’s all I have to say *cough* *cough*

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  • Francy07


    September 19, 2018 by Francy07

    Hello my name is francesca maria fratini. i'll never ask my age.

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  • JustDanceMaster2004

    The time has finally come, It's time for a farwell to JustDanceMaster2004. I had some very fun moments on this account but it's time to change. I am retiring this account because I have a brand new Wikia account named "Arianators and Katy Kats United" I have used in on the Spongebob Wiki and I will now be using it on the Just Dance Wiki too. Time for a fawell for JustDanceMaster2004. 

    NEW ACCOUNT: User: Arianators And Katy Kats United

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    It was a big week for hip-hop as several new Hip-Hop songs debut this week. Three of those were from the late Mac Miller who notched his first top-40 appearance as main artist with "Self Care" at #33. Other new songs include Machine Gun Kelly's Eminem diss track "Rap Devil" which comes in at #13 and Kanye West and Lil Pump's strange song "I Love It" at #6, which broke the record for highest YouTube debut for a hip hop video.

    Meanwhile drag icon and JD Wiki fan favorite Blair St. Clair debuts on the Dance/Electronic chart with "Call My Life" at #46 just as JD song "Toy" exits the chart from last week's position of #36. ↑ ↓

    RIP JD songs here.

    Song Artist Current Position Peak
    One Kiss 2

    Toy fell off the chart this week from a position of #36.…

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  • JDisbae

    uggh my mind - more coming soon 

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  • Minecraftthomasfan

    Hey Everyone This is a blog for Just Dance 2019 guesses 

    The pictures show some Unknown coaches and see if anyone Agrees or Disagrees. What is your Guys Opinion?

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  • TheElectraFroot

    for your thoughts

    September 16, 2018 by TheElectraFroot

    The following work touches on tough issues that may be hard to talk about. Therefore, these works of literature may be intense and frightening for some readers, young or older. If you are sensitive to intense topics, please stop reading and click to a different page. Just remember that you may get help. Resources are listed on the bottom of this blog.


    My anxiety hangs around

    Akin to the moon

    "Just breathe," says my mom

    "It'll be ok soon."

    But does it get better?

    Do you really think so?

    I hope you're not lying

    Please don't say no

    My heart is now beating

    This does not sound good

    My body doesn't feel

    As it always should

    The vision's distorted

    My lungs feel worse and wor…

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  • Ain'tMyFault

    It Finna Be Lit

    September 16, 2018 by Ain'tMyFault

    YALL STARIGHT PEOPLE> WIGETH IN FLIGHT AMI RITE sisturrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 

    I NEED BAE ""



    SO I won VMA yes?

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  • FluffyCream600

    Hey Everyone. I Created A Contest.

    If You Like Vocaloid Dance. You Gotta Make A Commercial For The Game. If It's Good. It'll Be Downloaded. If Its Bad. It'll Not Be Download. Contest Starting....................... NOW

    Powder = Good

    Flour = Bad

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  • FluffyCream600

    I QUIT

    September 15, 2018 by FluffyCream600




    So I Have To Take A Break From Wikia Until Someone Who Has It Sends It on Gmail

    Goodbye :(

                                                                                                                                                   - FluffyCream600

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  • Shouty The Unicorn

    Just Dance Party

    September 15, 2018 by Shouty The Unicorn

    Just Dance Party is A game Made By Shouty Studios

    Official realese dates are:

    10/9/18 (NSTC)

    10/11/18 (PAL)

    The Features Are Simlar To Just Dance Wii 2

    Song Artist Year Difficulty Dancer(s)
    Dame Tu Cosita El Chombo Ft. Cutty Ranks 2018 (original is from 2001) Hard

    Feel It Tempest Ft. Maya 1999 easy ♀️
    Pacman Dancing Bros 2018 (original is from 1980) Easy

    Middle of the night The Vamps Ft. Martin Jensen 2017 Medium ♂️/♀️/♂️
    Toy Netta 2018 Hard

    Sour Diesel Zayn 2018 Easy ♀️
    If You're Over Me Years And Years 2018 Hard ♀️/♂️/♀️
    Bang Bang Bang BIGBANG 2015 Medium

    Nine in the afternoon Panic At The Disco 2008 Easy

    Bboom Bboom Momoland 2017 Hard ♀️/♀️/♀️/♀️
    Fergalicious  Fergie Ft. WILL.I.AM 2006 Easy ♀️
    Move your feet Junior Senior 2002 Hard

    Automaton Jamiroquai 2…

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  • Esten Kei

    Big Brother JDwikia - Week 7

    September 15, 2018 by Esten Kei

    Last week, Erich21 won the place of the HOH for his first time and decided to nominate MikeyRocks33 and Imagoat as an act of revenge. After he also won the POV, he decided to use it on MikeyRocks33 who he replaced with JDMoran. Then, a 2 to 1 vote evicted Imagoat from the Big Brother house making him the summer's sixth evictee and the first member of the Big Brother jury.

    It's Esten Kei and welcome everybody to Big Brother JDwikia!


    So, again, all you have to do is dance to the song above and send your score to my e-mail. You'll have to take a pic of your TV on the results screen and then send it to me. Your score CANNOT be from your Hi-Scores. It must be a new one.

    The person with the highest score will automatically win the POV! The POV wil…

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  • MaximMurin15

    Made By me (MaximMurin15)

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  • SonrisitasPF

    This is a bit based on CwM Billboard blogs.

    In this blog, there will be the most viewed Music Videos/Audio Videos in Youtube of songs who are in Just Dance, credits to the user who uploaded the video (see video on the right)

    NOTE: I only added english songs, idk if i will add songs in other languages.

    Song Artist Year Game Place
    2014 ¿? #5
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  • TheElectraFroot

    As you may recall, I'm a boring person. On the outside, I don't look interesting. In fact, just today I spent 30 minutes out of 45 class minutes working on Science when literally everyone else was taking a break. Don't you think that I'm boring?

    Nope. I've got my fair share of interesting moments. This is just a few of them.

    I was in sixth grade, sitting in the far left side of the Social Studies room. He was sitting in the middle of the classroom, and we were doing nothing.

    At this time, the annual (i think) school dance was coming up. I was going, as was my friend. I was sitting at my desk, doing nothing, when someone (I'll call him Dallas) came up to me and asked me to go to the dance with him. Now before you guess what I said, let me just…

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  • Ain'tMyFault
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  • Ain'tMyFault

    I'm Back!

    September 14, 2018 by Ain'tMyFault

    Hi B*tches!

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  • Hugerascal

    When I first saw the teaser of OMG, I was questionable about it when I heard the song. Then the original gameplay of it came out, and I was shocked (in a good way). It was like if they took Boom Boom and Dark Horse and mixed it together and it made one great combination. Then after a couple months, It got a little boring cause I heard it so much.

    Then the Alternate came out, and OMG she is everything! She reinvented Scream & Shout again! The background is so good, then you mix it with the beautiful costume and a good choreo and mwah!.. You made me happy!

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    The charts freshened up a bit this week with new stuff all around. Eminem dropped a new surprise album which put 17 new entries on the Hot 100 with two in the top 10. He becomes the fifth artist debut two or more songs in the top 10 simultaneously after Ed Sheeran, Drake, J. Cole, and Travis Scott.

    Additionally we're seeing some new songs in the top 50. "Happier" by Marshmello and Bastille rises into the top 50 at #46 and "Trip" by Ella Mai rises to #32. 6ix9ine debuts atop the Hot Latin songs chart (the first to do so since Chantaje) with his new song "BEBE" ft. Anuel AA. The song opens at #30 on the Hot 100 and is actually pretty good for a 6ix9ine song.

    Last week's Hot Shot Debut, "IDOL" by BTS ft. Nicki Minaj drops a whopping 70 spot…

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  • TheJDFan19

    I made this blog so people will can to know the song who was revealed in E3, Gamescom, and etc. You can help me by commenting the blog :)

    • 24K Magic
    • Automaton
    • Bubble Pop!
    • Daddy Cool
    • Rockabye
    • Naughty Girl
    • Love Ward
    • Chantaje
    • The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody)
    • Make It Jingle
    • Side to Side

    • John Wayne
    • Kissing Strangers

    • Despacito
    • Blow Your Mind (Mwah)
    • Dharma
    • Blue (Da Ba Dee)
    • Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)
    • Beep Beep I’m A Sheep
    • Swish Swish

    • How Far I’ll Go

    • Bad Liar
    • Diggy
    • All You Gotta Do (Is Just Dance)

    • Got That
    • Another One Bites the Dust
    • Tumbum

    • Keep on Moving

    • Sayonara
    • Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
    • Instruction
    • Risky Business
    • Fight Club

    • Shape of You
    • In the Hall of the Pixel King
    • Carmen (Overture)
    • New Face
    • Boom Boom

    • Amazing Girl
    • Happy Farm
    • Fearless Pirate

    • Finesse (Remix)…

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  • Erich21

    JD2019 play order

    September 13, 2018 by Erich21

    hey this is my play order of songs rated from top fav to less fav


    Mad love

    bang bang bang



    bum bum tam tam



    mama mia


    shaky shaky

    new world

    fire on the floor

    im still standing

    work work

    sweet sensation



    rythm of the night

    a little party

    water me

    one kiss

    new world


    i feel it coming

    where are you now

    k now alts

    omg alt

    bum bum tam tam alt

    water me alt

    where are you now alt

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  • Sanjay Korrapati14

    Sadece Dans Seria

    September 13, 2018 by Sanjay Korrapati14

    • (İ) It shows English language
    • (E) Eurovision Song shows
    • (K) It is in Child Mode

    Song Artist Year Mode Dancer(s)
    Cevapsız Çınlama Emrah Karaduman & Aleyna Tilki 2016 Duet TBA
    Okyanus Derya Uluğ 2016 Solo TBA
    Shake It Off (İ) Taylor Swift 2014 Dance Crew TBA
    Miş Miş Simge 2015 Solo TBA
    Adeyyo Ece Seçkin 2016 Solo TBA
    Gıybet Serdar Ortaç 2016 Trio TBA
    The Hills (İ) The Weekend 2016 Solo TBA
    Good For You (İ) Selena Gomez 2015 Duet TBA
    Talk Dirty (İ) Jason Derulo 2013 Trio TBA
    Nane Limon Kabuğu (K) Barış Manco 1996 Solo TBA
    Deli Bile Hande Yener 2016 Duet TBA
    Yatcaz Kalkcaz Ordayım (K) Gülşen 2014 Duet TBA
    Çalkala Demet Akalın 2015 Dance Crews TBA
    Blank Space


    Taylor Swift 2014 Duet TBA
    Starboy (İ) The Weekend 2016 Solo TBA
    Yalla (İ) INNA 2015 Solo TBA
    Günah Benim Eypio & B…

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  • Max Sun 0622

    JD 3

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  • AidanMinerFan

    JD Avatar Giveaway

    September 11, 2018 by AidanMinerFan

    Hi I am going to do a giveaway of avatars Request like this Song: Text: Text Color: Happy requesting :D

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  • Prismcool

    Today is 9/11

    September 11, 2018 by Prismcool

    Hi guys! Today is 9/11. The day we’re the twin towers in New York was destroyed. I feel so bad for the twin towers. Welp, have a good day!

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  • Gaybagel23

    Custom Party Masters

    September 10, 2018 by Gaybagel23

    Song Artist Year Mode Dancer(s)

    Song Artist Year Mode Dancer(s)
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  • TheElectraFroot

    Some Actual Things

    September 9, 2018 by TheElectraFroot

    I'm back from my slumber.

    Okay. If you didn't know, I had some things happen to me while you guys were looking for new reveals. Here's what happened.

    In case you didn't know, baptism is a symbol in Christianity. It represents cleaning yourself of your sins. I had been thinking about this for a long time (six years), so I talked to my grandma and my pastor. On 2 September, I got baptized. 

    So yeah, recently.

    I feel fantastic about this.

    It's no secret that I like music. If you ever see me in the halls, you're gonna see me with earbuds. And now it's getting better. I started listening to Christina Grimmie, Lauren Daigle, the Broadway cast recording of Mean Girls, Marina, Lana, Ariana, Mandisa, etc. I especially love the song "The Game" by Christi…

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  • JackLSummer15

    READ THIS FIRST: The mashup is not real it is fake and people call it fanmade because I am making mashups look like the normal ones from the jd games since Ubi discontinued mashups on jd2018 and the later games.

    Check it out here

    [JD19 Mashup Demo]

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  • TheJDFan19

    They will be uploaded to my Youtube channel when they will be done :3

    A Little Party Never Killed Nobody has a fanmade Party Master Mode by TheJDFan19.

    • A Little Party Never Killed Nobody
    • Exclusive Moonwalk/African Searching/Flush Backwards/What Is It?
    • Jumping Duck/Skipping Bros/Cut And Pennywise/Show Off
    • Change This Channel/Cross It Up/Sexy Me/Electronic Picking
    • Ride a Horse/90s Jumps/Diamonds/Nerdy Shapes
    • Hop Attack/Pazzo Italiano/Fix These Pipes/Hustin’ Justin
    • And 1, And 2/Ladder Hands/Growing Up/It’s Time To Shine
    • Jumping Duck/Skipping Bros/Cut And Pennywise/Show Off
    • Drive Me Crazy/Agressive and Handsome/Clumsy Urban/Fosty Frosty
    • Change This Channel/Cross It Up/Sexy Me/Electronic Picking
    • La Puncher/Pick Me!
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    If you thought I wasn't doing these anymore you were wrong. But since it's, like, 1AM I'm gonna keep the news short.

    "In My Feelings" is still at number one and was named song of the summer. And this week's Hot Shot Debut is "IDOL" by BTS ft. Nicki Minaj. Yes, featuring Nicki Minaj. She's just everywhere now, she doesn't even need to make her own stuff anymore. That comes in at #11 making it the second-highest debut by a K-pop group (after Fake Love which came in at #10) and Nicki's 99th chart entry.

    In terms of JD songs there were drops all around and "Dame Tu Cosita" finally fell off the Latin chart due to an influx of new songs by Ozuna. "One Kiss" remains the only song on the Hot 100.

    ↑ ↓

    Song Artist Current Position Peak
    One Kiss

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  • JackLSummer15

    READ THIS FIRST: This is not real because I like making these blogs and make people find cool ideas if ubi could've done it but decided not too. Thanks for reading this and enjoy this blog. Even though these routines may be added to Just Dance Unlimited I'm doing the same kind of list as like JD2016 and JD2017.

    Song Artist Year Mode Icon Original Game
    All About Us Jordan Fisher 2016 Trio

    Ghost In The Keys Halloween Thrills 2016 Dance Crew

    Leila Cheb Salama 2016 Solo

    Tico-Tico No Fubá* Zequinha de Abreu
    (The Frankie Bostello Orchestra) 1917 Duet Read more >
  • Fradj

    Record yourself dancing to a preview of a JustDance2019 song and send the video to:!

    Yeah, it's that easy!

    A few days before the new game release, I'll publish on my channel a big medley of all your videos and some of you will win something cool!

    Ubisoft gave me many copies of the game and a lot of gadgets, and I wanna give-away some to you!

    I'm gonna give to 3 lucky winners:

    A copy of Just Dance 2018 for PS4 and super rare Just Dance tattoos!

    Another copy of Just Dance 2018 for PS4 and more super-rare Just Dance tattoos!!!

    An awesome, rare, swag, hot and fashionable Just Dance 2018 cap!!!

    Thanks a lot to Ubisoft Milan for this!

    Check out the trailer to know all the details and JUUUUUST...RECORD!


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  • MrCurlyAlex1

    Leaked song?

    September 7, 2018 by MrCurlyAlex1

    So, basically, a russian cover for the game has been found on multiple online stores. It has a little circle in the corner that says 'Popular song 'There is nothing better in the world' from Bremen's Musicians'. If you don't know, 'Bremen's Musicians' is a very popular russian/soviet cartoon that a lot of people remember as a part of their childhood. I'm really triggered as I'm a part of those people. What are your thoughts on this?

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  • JackLSummer15

    READ THIS FIRST: This is not real because I like making these blogs and make people find cool ideas if ubi could've done it but decided not too. Thanks for reading this and enjoy this blog. Even though these routines may be added to Just Dance Unlimited I'm doing the same kind of list as like JD2016 and JD2017.

    Song Artist Year Mode Icon Original Game

    Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini* Brian Hyland

    (The Sunlight Shakers)

    1950 Duet
    Just Dance 2018
    Sayonara Wanko Ni Mero Mero 2017 Solo

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  • JayPlays1

    Fanmade Mashup icons

    September 6, 2018 by JayPlays1

    Kinda self-explanatory, there's a whole gallery of 'em on my profile page.  Want one?  Ask, and let me know what color(s) you want and what dancers you want on it.


    Color: Blue


    1. Where Have You Been
    2. DARE
    3. Pump It
    4. Pon de Replay
    5. Step by Step (Remake)                                                                                                  End result:


    For certain coaches I have to use their remake because their original is too small

    It would be appreciated if you chose coaches that I can access on the Wiki (unless you want to grant me the challenge of cropping them)

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  • Saus the Seafish

    Requests: Open now!

    Hello! How are you doing?

    I’m going to be giving away profile pictures, and you can request how you want it in the comment section!

    • Give a hex code for the outline!
    • Give a hex code for the main color!
    • Give the routine you want for the picture (menu icon will be used), and what kind of menu icon! It can be any kind of menu icon, which means if you want a 1 icon for example, you are allowed to ask for that!
    • Give a title and how you want it divided in two!

    What are you waiting for, start requesting!

    Song: (song) (has to have been on Just dance)

    Icon: (type of icon) (only if there is more than 1 icon)

    Main color: (hex code)

    Outline color: (hex code)

    Top: (part of name) (all capital)

    Bottom: (other part of name) (all capital)

    Song: Bang Bang…

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  • JD4EVR

    There are several singers and bands that have been completely but should be brought back.


    Last Seen: JD4 (So What/Funhouse)

    Returning Song Of Choice: Beautiful Trauma/What About Us/Just Give Me A Reason (ft. Nate Ruess)

    Max Schneider

    Last Seen: JD2016 (Gibberish)

    Returning Song Of Choice: Lights Down Low (Gnash remix)


    Last Seen: JD2014 (C'mon)

    Returning Song Of Choice: Praying

    Avril Lavigne

    Last Seen: JD2014 (Rock 'N' Roll)

    Returning Song Of Choice: What The Hell/Smile

    Meghan Trainor

    Last Seen: JD2017/Unlimited (Me Too)

    Returning Song Of Choice: Lips Are Movin'/No Excuses

    One Direction

    Last Seen: JD2016 (No Control)

    Returning Song Of Choice: Right Now/Perfect/I Wish


    Last Seen: JD2015 (Diamonds)

    Returning Song Of Choice: We Found Love/Man Dow…

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  • FluffyCream600

    Here Are The Beta Elements On Vocaloid Dance (video game)

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  • Gaybagel23
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  • Esten Kei

    Welcome back to TGDG 4!

    So, after the looong wait, the anticipated 7th episode is finally here!

    It's final four and the stakes are higher than ever! For this episode and for the first time this cycle, there will be two challenges! Plus, this episode is all about teams and crews so bring it up!

    My final four, we wish you the bestest of luck! Now, without further ado, let's go on to our episode 7 challenges!


    Each episode, your creation will be graded on a scale of 1 to 10 by each judge. The add-up of all of the judges' scores will be your CH (Challenge) score. On each episode, there will also be a voting poll where the wiki public will get to vote for who they want to support. The votes you get will be converted in a 1 to 5 scale grade. This wi…

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  • Master Hydraffe

    We're back for this month's edition of Article of the Month! In case you weren't already familiar with the New Rules, the admins have been given the power to nominate. This was done with the intention of ensuring that whichever article goes on the homepage has been written to an acceptable standard, instead of an article that was nominated simply for recency.

    However, the rest of the voting procedure will continue as usual: The community will have 2 nominations, which they can use to vote on any of the articles the admins have nominated (it's a big bunch, so there are definitely options).

    Each user can give one nomination to one article, and they can do this twice. That user is expected to have been on this Wiki for 30 days or more, with at le…

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  • Shouty The Seafish

    Just Dance Revolution Is A game Made by itsabully1.1 studios

    It is set to realese on 10/09/18 In NSTC reigons

    And 10/11/18 in PAL reigons

    •  OK
    • Good
    • Perfect
    • Yeah

    Default names, as in names like Crazy, Jazzy, Baby, Happy.

    • Happy
    • Crazy
    • Jazzy
    • Funky
    • Sunny
    • Baby

    The lyrics gets highlighted by a glowing white orb that sits next to a lyric, after the lyric has been highlighted a star shoots out of the orb leaving a trail of stars. The next lyric then scrolls up after the top lyric has been highlighted.

    The karaoke feature is identical to Just Dance 2015’s karaoke feature, 

    This Game Has 40 Songs

    • (2019) means that a song is from Just Dance 2019
    • (*) an aterisk means that the song is covered
    • (NSTC) Means the song is in the nstc reigon
    • (PAL) means the song is in the pal rei…

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  • Gaybagel23

    | |- |Water Me |Lizzo |2017 |Solo |Easy | |}

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  • Sanjay Korrapati14

    Just Sing 2

    August 30, 2018 by Sanjay Korrapati14
    1. Despacito
    2. Sen Olsan Bari
    3. Finesse (Remix)
    4. Adeyyo
    5. Chantaje
    6. Girls Like You
    7. Havana
    8. Yanlış Cicek
    9. Prenses
    10. Echamula culpa
    11. New Rules
    12. One Kiss
    13. Cevapsız Cinlama
    14. Düm tek tek
    15. Bang
    16. Bang Bang
    17. Bang Bang Bang
    18. Swish Swish
    19. Bu Benim Öyküm
    20. Just Dance
    21. ThatPower
    22. Bangır Bangır
    23. I'm Still Standing
    24. Water Me
    25. Side to Side
    26. Sua Cura
    27. BonBon
    28. Du Du Du
    29. Solo
    30. Yolla
    31. Hips Don't Lie
    32. Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)
    33. I Like It 
    34. Iki Asik
    35. Hey Hey Hey
    36. This Is How We Do
    37. In My Feeling
    38. Çok Çok
    39. Beni Cok Sev
    40. Work Work
    41. Friends
    42. Bileklerime Kadar Acıyor
    43. Ewry way I can't
    44. Look What You Maybe Du
    45. Talk Diry
    46. Wild Thouth
    47. Where Have You Been
    48. Blue (Da Ba Dee)
    49. No Tears Let To Cry
    50. Dudak
    51. Sim Pijama
    52. Back To You
    53. Never Be The Same
    54. God's Plans
    55. Umbrella
    56. Lush Life
    57. Sıfır Tolerans
    58. Circus
    59. Last Friday Nigth
    60. End Game
    61. Dame Tu Cosita
    62. God İs a Women
    63. Delitie
    64. Scream & Shout
    65. Hoşuna…
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    With the release of Dancing Queen, it seems that a lot of beta songs are returning! In the last year, not only have we had the official release of Dancing Queen, but also In the Hall of the Pixel King and Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, albeit with completely new choreographies. In total, we have had seven songs return after being scrapped before, being the three mentioned above, along with Sax, We Can't Stop, Copacabana, and You Never Can Tell. That got me thinking about whether any other songs have chances. For this blog, I'll be giving my opinions on a percentage for probability of being officially released. Note that I am not going to cover Shake (since I believe it wasn't even planned for the game and was just in the files o…

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  • CosmicExplorer1234

    Rremember those Guess The Song contests people used to do all the time on here?

    This is one of 'em, but it is much better than the ones I have done in the past.

    Reason being: it's going to be a lot more complicated.

    There will be four sections: some songs you will have to guess by the lyric, some by a picture, and some by their dancer. Note that only songs on Just Dance games will be included in the last category.

    1 - Please don't flood the comment section with your guesses, that'll make the game less fair to other users. Don't comment on this more than once a day, unless I reply to you.

    2 - NO CHEATING! I don't think I need to explain this one :P

    3 - If you violate the rules, you won't be given any points.

    4 - Have fun!

    1st place - FalcoLombari99…

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  • JustDanceMaster2004

    I'm back

    August 28, 2018 by JustDanceMaster2004

    Hey everyone,

    So I have some amazing news!!!! In the celebration of Just Dance 2019, I have decided to make a comeback to the amazing Just Dance Wiki. Ever since I left, I have been thinking about y'all all this time. I want to thank JD4Survivor, Master Hydraffe, and so many more who helpt contributing to this wiki and I feel happy for them so much. I'm also going to annouce that this account will be RETIRING at the end of this year so I can make room for my current wikia account I currently use in the spongebob wikia. Im also pleased on what Ubisoft has been doing for us lately like adding Dancing Queen to Unlimited, and even making a #1 dance game I could even stan. Having the idea on coming back is so hard. I thought about it for days an…

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    RIP Nicki Minaj's Queen album. All of its singles just fell. They "flopped," as you all would say here, despite there being "bops" on the album. Note that I am not using quotation marks in a sarcastic way because "Chun-Li" is fire.

    Anyway, onto the news. Ariana Grande dropped her new album and it debuted atop the albums chart, becoming her third album to do so. With it, she charts nine songs on the Hot 100. Since "Bed" is still hanging onto the chart her total is brought up to 10 making her the fourth woman to simultaneously chart 10 or more songs on the Hot 100 after Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Cardi B (sorry Nicki). As expected, Ariana Grande also got the Hot Shot Debut this week with "Breathin" at #22. "God is a Woman" reaches the t…

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  • Max Sun 0622

    I know JD2016 is outdated a long time ago, but I’m still doing this.

    8: I’m An Albatraoz. Though one of my favourite songs, it was hard to get 5 stars. If you have an Xbox 360 like me, the sensor can’t detect you when you’re lying on the floor. So I can’t get the last gold move. Also, the song was quite short.

    7: Hangover (BaBaBa). Most. Annoying. Song. EVER!! It was also hard to dance to. I tried like 4 times to even get 4 stars! Then I finally got 5 stars.

    6: When The Rain Begins To Fall. Hard song. I tried like 6 times to get 5 stars.

    5: You’re The One That I Want. I tried 8 times.

    4: You Never Can Tell. I tried 12 times!! I found out that the man is easier to dance to.

    3: Irish Meadow Dance. What bugged me about this song is when you spin, n…

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