• Farazz

    Just Dance Deja Vu

    February 20, 2018 by Farazz

    (stuff is fanmade, obviously)

    "Just Dance Deja Vu" is the first game by Derpysoft or in the Just Dance Deja Vu series.

    1 track have been revealed
    Song Artist Year Mode Square
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  • Itsdomin

    I would like to introduce you to the Points Shop!

    What’s the Points Shop? Well, it’s a shop where you can spend points from competitions hosted by me for cool things like a profile picture, banner, etc.

    You can earn points by winning trophies in my competitions! I’ll be hosting many competitions on this wiki, so if you’re interested, be prepared! One you can enter right now is Dancer Duo! You can find it in my blog posts! Gold trophies give you 50 points, silver trophies give you 30 points, and a bronze trophy gives you 10 points! So, winning a trophy can be more than just a cool thing on your profile. Though, if you wish to purchase something, you must comment on my message wall what you want to purchase, how you’d like it customized, and y…

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  • Farazz

    About why I got blocked

    February 19, 2018 by Farazz

    Hello, I'm DerpTheMerp. Falco reported me for being underage, (and also Judah). I know I'm a sockpuppet, but I need to send out this message. You can block me, if you want. I don't mind. Anyways, goodbye (if i get blocked, lol)

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  • ParrotEyes

    I know that mikey honey talked about this but i want to explain more: There is a big issue in jdwiki chat on messanger, a lot of facebook accounts of our community are getting disabled, most of all the disabled accounts are from Yunyl. Just be beware and tell us if any account got disabled, send us proof and we will try to help you.


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  • Itsdomin

    Hey everyone!

    Sorry for this annoying post, but I was wondering how you add photos and stuff on your message wall page. I don’t see any edit button or anything. 


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  • Itsdomin

    I present to you...

    Dancer Duo is a teamwork based game. You and another player must make a fanmade photo of Just Dance! One person makes the coach and one person makes the background! You’ll be assigned a random person. Everyone will do the same song. Every game there will be a different song.

    Simple! Just comment that you want to join! There has to be at least ten players to start the game and at max 20 players. Once there are ten players, the game will start in a day, so join quickly if 10 players are already in! Once the players are in, the names will be put in a shuffler. This means that your partner will be selected randomly. Once your partner has been chosen, I’ll comment on your message wall who your partner is.

    Alright, you have your…

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  • MikeyRocks33

    Facebook Disabling Drama

    February 17, 2018 by MikeyRocks33

    Ok so as you guys know from previous messages on walls, everyone is freaking out over the possibility of having their accounts disabled on Facebook. A lot of users have been db'd in the last 24 hours, like JDisbae, Zodi, JohnJD, Sky and plenty more I can't name. I found out that I was also disabled around 30 minutes ago (from writing this post). The user that is targeting us is Yunyl. They're still angry over being under fire for sending a virus to us a couple months back, and they're trying to make us look bad, so they report us for doing so. It's honestly disgusting and I hope it stops soon. Stay safe.

    EDIT: Valentino's side YT channel also got taken down, according to Zodi. Damn.

    EDIT 2: omg slay i got my account back

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  • JDisbae

    Hey everyone! After last weeks shocking elimination with a bottom three- this competition proves that no one is safe. 

    This week we thought that we might spice up the cycle and do something a little bit different... And since this is the Just Dance Wiki, what better thing would there be to do than throw go the gym and participate in a dance class!

    Each episode, your creation will be graded on a scale of 1 to 10 by each judge. The add-up of all of the judges' scores will be your CH (Challenge) score. On each episode, there will also be a voting poll where the wiki public will get to vote for who they want to support. The votes you get will be converted in a 1 to 5 scale grade. This will be your CV ( Community Vote ) score. Each of your CH and…

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  • JustDanceTynkerMatty

    This blog will give you childhood memories. The information is copied from wikipedia

    Get ready...

    Color                       H    S     V    R     G    B    Hexademical                                      notes

    Red 346 96 93 237 10 63 #ED0A3F[1] Produced 1903–present.[2]
    Maroon 346 83 76 195 33 72 #C32148[1] Produced 1949–present. Known as "Dark Red", 1949–1958.[2]
    Scarlet 350 94 99 253 14 53 #FD0E35[1] Produced 1998–present. Known as "Torch Red", 1998.[2]
    Brick Red 352 77 78 198 45 66 #C62D42[1] Produced 1958–present.[2]
     English Vermilion 358 65 80 204 71 75 #CC474B[3] Also spelled "Vermillion." Produced 1903–1935.[2]
     Madder Lake 359 75 80 204 51 54 #CC3336[3] Produced 1903–1935.[2]
    Permanent Geranium Lake 0 80 88 225 44 44 #E12C2C[b] Produced 1903–circa 1910.[2]…

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  • JustMathDance

    TQG: Just Dance 2014

    February 17, 2018 by JustMathDance

    Hey y'all !!!! It's me again, back with another TQG giveaway blog, and following the order of the most voted themes on the poll, this time i'm doing a Just Dance 2014 themed sticker!!!

    I'm having some problems on uploading pictures on MessageWalls, so till i fix it (or try to fail xdd), be sure to check here on the blog if your sticker was done or not! Sorry =/

    As you saw, this time i'm doing a JD14 themed sticker, and y'all......this is my favorite sticker so far!!! I'm soo in love with the final result of this one!! my opinion it turned out pretty awesome!!!

    Well....i worked hard on this one so i hope it was worth all the work i had!!! :vv

    So....if you want one, please fill out these options:

    Song: (Choose any song from the series -Main…

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  • ChristinaGrimmieLove

    ... I don't know what to say to start off this blog lol

    How are you guys doing? This should be a rhetorical question. Anyway, I'm here because I chose to come back before March came along because... you be the judge of that, frienderino.

    Oh, yeah, frienderino's now in my vocabulary. 

    Anyway, I decided that, because Marina and the Diamonds decided to do the same thing, I would make a "ripoff" (society definition) of her blogs called "marinabook". Prepare yourselves, kids. I could be living a toxic life here.

    Back in December when I got my 2017 Unwrapped playlist, I saw some cringe in there. By that I mean that Marina and the Diamonds, Lorde, Lana Del Rey, and Halsey weren't anywhere to be found. After my Cringetime that lasted four seconds or s…

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  • An21

    No news

    February 17, 2018 by An21
    The game contains 40 tracks.
    Song Artist Year Mode Menu Square
    Blow Your Mind (Flex Secret Spider Edition) Dua Lipa 2016 Solo Read more >
  • KieRor098

    Just Dance Prism

    February 17, 2018 by KieRor098

    Just Dance Prism is the first game in the KieRor098 line. The game has no set release date. It is planned to have more than 40 tracks.

    • Just Dance Online An online dance mode is available free!
      • This is separate from the WDF.
    • World Dance Floor The WDF is returning, there will be an upgraded tournament system.
    • ??? Unknown system similar to Dance Lab.

    Name Guessed By Hint

    "Gonna laugh when you cry"

    By 4 artists, including Steve Aoki and Daddy Yankee,

    A Katy Perry song.

    Made by artists who were on Just Dance in games 2018 and 2016. Read more >
  • JustDancer12 JA

    Just Dance Disney Party 3 is coming on October 25 2018 it will have 35 Songs


    Artist TV Show/Film Year
    Fired Up Cast of ZOMBIES ZOMBIES 2018
    Someday Milo Manheim  and Meg Donnelly ZOMBIES 2018
    Ways To Be Wicked Cast Of Descendants 2 Descendants 2 2017

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  • Eijitheawesome

    Hello,  this is a new fan game called Just Dance Greatest Hits/Best Of 2 (totally not copying planedec50)! The game will feature 250 songs from the previous 9 games, some returning from Just Dance: Greatest Hits/Best Of, some from Japan exclusives, and 60 DLCs. Here is the list. (W.I.P)

    • "*" Song is covered
    • (RGHBOHD) Returning from Just Dance Greatest Hits/Best Of with an HD remake
    • (HD) Has an HD Remake
    • (S) Exclusive to Switch, but a DLC for the rest of the platforms
    • (SDLC) DLC for Nintendo Switch
    • (NX) This song is not on XBOX 360 or XBOX One

    Note: Britney Spears and Beyonce songs are no longer covered in this game, they use the original.

    Song Artist Year Mode Menu Square Original Game
    Part Of Me Katy Perry 2012 Solo
    Just Dance 4 (DLC)
    Swish Swish K…

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  • JustDancer12 JA

    Just Dance Interactive is a new game from joseph soft where modes like medley and just create plus party master

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  • DerpTheMerp

    Just Dance Deja Vu

    February 16, 2018 by DerpTheMerp

    (stuff is fanmade, obviously)

    "Just Dance Deja Vu" is the first game by Derpysoft or in the Just Dance Deja Vu series.

    1 track have been revealed
    Song Artist Year Mode Square

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  • Chemiql2

    Just Dance Spectrum

    February 16, 2018 by Chemiql2

    So with Just Dance Chemiql's era gone I guess, I'm unveiling a new project. It features 300 songs, but only 45 songs are revealed, and 44 have squares. Please suggest, but dont suggest Wubthereal Island bs. 

    • February 19th, 2018: Past the limit of 42.

    Song Artist Year Image Mode
    2U David Guetta ft. Justin Bieber 2017
    All Star (K) Smash Mouth 1999
    Body Loud Luxury ft. Brando 2017
    Boys Charli XCX 2017
    Breathe Jax Jones ft. Ina Wroldsen 2017
    Celebration (K) Kool & The Gang 1980
    Cold  Maroon 5 ft. Future 2017
    Echame La Culpa Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato 2017
    Feels Calvin Harris ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean 2017
    Filthy Justin Timberlake 2018
    Finesse Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B 2018
    Get Low Zedd ft. Liam Payne 2017
    Glass Joe's T…

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  • Trexy821

    Just Dance Icons

    February 16, 2018 by Trexy821

    btw this is fanmade

    ''Just Dance Icons" is the first game from the Just Dance Icons series. It features over 40 tracks from the 2000s to the 2010s. 

    5 tracks have been revealed
    Song Artist Year Mode Square
    Counting Stars OneRepublic 2013 Solo

    Paparazzi Lady Gaga 2008 Solo

    Scream Usher 2012 Solo

    The Real Slim Shady Eminem 2000 Solo

    Thnks Fr Th Mmrs Fall Out Boy 2007 Solo



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  • ZodiacGiraffe

    Just Dance Illusion 3

    February 16, 2018 by ZodiacGiraffe

    (Note that all this is fanmade lol)

    ''Just Dance Illusion 3" is the third game from the Just Dance Illusion 3 series. It features 40 tracks along with additional features. You can request this time due to the new era just starting!

    Seven tracks have been revealed
    Song Artist Year Mode Square

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  • JustDanceTynkerMatty


    February 15, 2018 by JustDanceTynkerMatty

    Today, I found out I had a "sinus infection". Luckily, a sinus infection dosen't last very long. I will still be active on this wiki.

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  • RandomJDFan25

    Hey Guys!

    Because of my Favorite Arcade Center removed the Arcade Machine where Customers could play Just Dance for Just ₱50 ($0.96 if you lived in USA), The only option i could have to play Just Dance is to play Just Dance Now. When i got the laptop at last, I have problems when it comes to Gameplay... Internet Connections and It's Nature. Just Dance Now uses extensively an internet connection to itself and when i played that... IT SUCKS! 

    I used Google Chrome to play the game at first but... i've got plenty of Problems when i played this and it never happens on either you... It Buffers like Just Dance Unlimited, and tries to be like Freeze Dance. It Freezes and buffers like that! And i was so dissapointed not just the Coins (which you got …

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  • DerpTheMerp

    please lol

    February 15, 2018 by DerpTheMerp

    ok so wig just click on me lol dont ask me how i got the images lol

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  • LemonMouthTheCat

    New pages?

    February 14, 2018 by LemonMouthTheCat

    I was wondering if I could make a page on the ratings, like X, OK, GOOD, PERFECT, etc. Anybody agree?

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  • RyanL181095
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  • Fkhan26

    Heres the charts for this week

    1.  Chiwawa (New)

    2. Feel it Still (Last week 2)

    3. Love Ward (New)

    4. Bubble Pop (New)

    5. Swish Swish (New)

    6.  Am I Wrong (New)

    7.  Error (New)

    8.  Don't Let me Down (New)

    9. PoPiPo (New)

    10. Thumbs (Last week 5)

    Comment your top 10 which will help me for next week

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  • Justdancingsam

    Just Dance: Fan Edition is a self-made game by justdancingsam, and is for Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

    The game is expected to release on July 9, 2018 in the United States, July 12, 2018 in Europe & Asia, and July 13, 2018 for the United Kingdom, Ireland and Austrailia.

    The game will contain 159 tracks, with songs returning from Just Dance 1-2018, and some new tracks in the game. It will also run on the Just Dance 2018 engine.


    • Mobile Device is compatible only for New-Gen, PC & Switch
    • Double Rumble from Just Dance 2018 returns on the Switch and Wii U, to play on Wii U, connect two Wiimotes, and then it'll work
    • Superstar (11,000) and Megastar (12,000) from Just Dance 2018 (With the former (Superstar) de…

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  • Bob2005

    Join now!

    See you there!

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  • KieRor098

    1337 edits wooo

    February 10, 2018 by KieRor098

    I have reached 1337 edits.

    I am leet.

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  • JustDanceTynkerMatty

    Hello, Matty here! This blog is about fanmade sqaures based off glitches (Satellite's glitch for example). This blog is unfinised. These sqaures are made with Adobe Photoshop Fix.

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  • Matusmati

    Design Studio - Episode 1

    February 8, 2018 by Matusmati

    Welcome everybody to the first episode of Design Studio!

    I’m so happy to bring this show back and I hope you are too :D

    I’m really sorry I wasn’t online lately, I bought a Wii U a few weeks ago and I’ve been playing a lot, so I kinda forgot about the wiki xD

    I don’t have any just dance game yet but well…

    So… let’s say hi to our 12 contestants:

    The creations will be rated by stars, the competitor with more stars in the episode wins and the one with less stars will be eliminated, simple as a twinkle

    Now that everyone is ready let’s start with the first challenge, take a seat.

    Your first challenge it’s easy, you have to do a coach for the song: “Vibe” by JoJo

    I started liking the song and it has some good vibes for just dance so why not giving it a g…

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  • Egon Eagle

    I have been watching Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, it is a very great CGI animated show. I came up an idea to request the theme song, it's great to. I Ladybug and Cat Noir as dancers.

    If you don't know about the show, here is a video, Wikipedia article and a wiki:

    • Wikipedia
    • Miraculous Ladybug Wiki
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  • DynamoDerp11

    Once upon a time, DynamoDerp11 wanted to make a blog post, so she decided to reuse this idea into a new blog!

    Hey guys! Welcome to Trivia That Ain't True 2!!!!! This thing was seriously popular when I first did it, so I'm doing it again! Anyway, this is a blog that I made to showcase fake trivia that I thought of. You can request a song if you'd like! Same rules as last time, except you can't request songs that have already been requested in the first one.

    Some of these might sound like total baloney, others are very believable.

    The coach was created from a recolor of Sugar Dance and unused concept art for HandClap.

    The dance is supposed to represent someone being brought out of doom and gloom into happiness and joyfulness.

    There will be new on…

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  • Fkhan26

    Just dance charts

    February 6, 2018 by Fkhan26

    Okay, so I'm gonna start something called the JD charts and they will be up every Tuesday. I'm gonna do the top 10 songs that everyone likes I'm gonna start like this. This is the current chart.

    1. Sax (New)

    2. Feel it Still (New)

    3. Mi Gente (New)

    4. Swish Swish (New)

    5.  Thumbs (New)

    6. Handclap (New)

    7. Lean On (New)

    8.  Fun (New)

    9. Where have you been (New)

    10. Kissing Strangers (New)

    Now comment your top 10 which will help me make next weeks chart

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  • Fkhan26

    Okay so Heres what I think 

    Sax Mi Gente Havana Wanko Ni Mero song Hatsune Miku song A Katy Perry song Meant to Be New Rules A Disney song

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  • Itsdomin

    Square Battles (1)

    February 5, 2018 by Itsdomin

    I’m cancelling this. I’ll try something new. This is old and probably won’t get any more attention and we needed way more players for Stay. I’ll try something else.

    Hey guys! I thought of making a new game I would do on this wiki! It’s called Square Battle! Here’s how it works

    All you have to do to enter is comment! Comment anything like “I wanna join” to be in it! Though, there will be a theme as well! I will put 2 songs that haven’t been in Just Dance yet (unless it’s a special!) and you have to say what you would prefer in your comment as well!

    I will then put all the people who entered one song and put them in a mixer. The same will happen for the other song. If you were picked, you will have a reply on your comment and a message on your …

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  • MistyMelissa

    More Worse

    February 5, 2018 by MistyMelissa

    Hello, Misty here again, this is serious, it's NOT clickbait, I'm not attention seeking either.

    Yesterday, i had a horrible headache, i was coughing and blowing my nose. My dad told me that i have a flu, my head is constantly killing me, it hurts so bad.

    That's all i have to say, i really need to go to hospital...

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  • WILD1234
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  • JustDanceTynkerMatty
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  • MemeMaster123

    Here Is My Art of No More Sad Songs By Little Mix!

    What Do You Think?

    Here The Menu (Thing) Result!:

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  • TheHashtagMan

    I'm TOO LATE to post this review because I was soooooo busy trying to get all the prizes in the gift machine (now im on 12 or something). But who cares if I..uploaded a review from a routine that's 4 months old.........?? Here's my review of the song.


    • The P1 looks good, although it bothered me that she didn't change places with other people, like P2.... but coolio. Not my jam, but it looks very good for something that isnt my jam!
    • If you dont wanna see a rant about the panda, skip this and go to the background section
    • The P2 at first, it's very cool, it could be P1's boyfriend but, stop theorising, its a dance game cmon!!. Anyway, the first coach looks just as good as the P1, when the chorus comes.....oh my god why does this panda ex…
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  • TheHashtagMan

    Got That

    February 4, 2018 by TheHashtagMan

    I think I am TOO LATE to post this review, but I was busy playing JD2018 when the full routine came out, now that four months have passed after the game's release........nobody would read this. But....well.


    • The Hair Is Colorful Color. (dont read that twice).
    • The suit is pretty basic but good looking. I don't have a lot to say since it is a pretty basic dancer.
    • IDK if the white thing in the chest of the dancer is shirt or her naked chest.....
    • (8/10)


    • It is very complex and colorful, very detailed for a song like this. Pretty overrrrrated (the extra rs is for an argentinian racist stereotype, im argentinian). Although the dancer's pictures in the bridge ruined it.
    • The team really detailed the whole background for this song. And le…

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  • TheHashtagMan

    Feel It Still Review

    February 4, 2018 by TheHashtagMan

    I love being a critic so.... this is a review of the new JDU routine, Feel It Still. I saw the Poll in the Home Page, and I wanted to give a better answer.

    You can see more of these review in my profile page. I will be posting these...whenever I want to. So you can tell me (in the comments pls) which JD song you want me to make a review of.

    WARNING: this might be a very unpopular opinion.


    • In my opinion, I don't think you would like it, so don't hate me if you don't, you may not agree, but.....the dancer in this choreography, standing in this background, in this song, is PHENOMENAL, IT IS AWESOME!!! The colors are spot on, it looks a little bit like the Sugar Dance coach but the colors were ugly in that dancer, this really looks good! It …

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  • JustDanceTynkerMatty

    I would like to introduce you to another blog. This is a blog of Funny Pauses.  Anyway let's go on. New pauses added preety often.

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  • JustDancer12 JA

    Heathers: The expirence is an upcoming game developed by josephsoft it has 40+ tracks like Big Fun , Meant to be and some surprises



    Dead Girl Walking Veronica and JD

    Dead Girl Walking (Reprise) Veronica and Cheerleader

    Big Fun Cast of Heathers The Musical

    Candy Store Heather C D and M

    Beautiful Westerburg High

    Seventeen (Reprise) Veronica,Heather M and Martha Dunnstock

    Kindergarten Boyfriend Martha Dunnstock

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  • Master Hydraffe

    We're back for this month's edition of Article of the Month! For the month of March 2018, we're going to try something new: The admins have been given the power to nominate. This was done with the intention of ensuring that whichever article goes on the homepage has been written to an acceptable standard, instead of an article that was nominated simply for recency.

    However, the rest of the voting procedure will continue as usual: The community will have 2 nominations, which they can use to vote on any of the articles the admins have nominated (it's a big bunch, so there are definitely options).

    Each user can give one nomination to one article, and they can do this twice. That user is expected to have been on this Wiki for 30 days or more, wit…

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  • JohnJD1302

    Oh you know, I'm just watching AVS' gameplay of "Walk Like an Egyptian" on Just Dance 2, like any other normal human being would amirite

    Then the comments section be like...

    F***ing weebs...

    And yes for the record I am slowly becoming one (help me)

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  • Inani2

    Do you have the power, the talent, the skill, and the strength to reign and hold the Golden Crown with your own bare hands? 

    Simple! Just like every other Just Dance gameshow or competition, you must battle to stay on the stage and rank up and appeal the viewers to win and show off and flaunt your editing skills or dancing-queen level moves. The challenges are very simple. But simple does not mean easy:

    • Create backgrounds or dancers to match a given song or theme
    • Dance songs and aim for high scores

    Yes, there is! Hand-edited by yours truly. Rewards come in various shapes and sizes, like immunity from being voted out, virtual trophies to brag about on your Profile or Message Wall, and many more.


    Above this text is the link that lead…

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  • Matusmati

    Design Studio - Home

    February 2, 2018 by Matusmati

    In this page you can see a list of all episodes and how the competition is going :D

    Episode 1 - Good Vibes

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  • Mico617

    Stuff I did the past month

    February 2, 2018 by Mico617

    The Picture Mod. I can't give this mod to other ppl 'cause I don't know how. I use dolphin emulator to do this.

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