• Heyowayo

    What can Just Dance 2018 use to improve?

    This NEEDS to come back.   

    It is basically creating mashups, it was so disapointing to see this gone.

    I want at least 12 songs to have this mode.

    The mode does not need any changes

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  • DynamoDerp11

    I need help.

    July 23, 2017 by DynamoDerp11

    So I was in the chat for Animal Crossing wiki, and for some weird reason I was blocked. I recalled my recent chats:

    • I didn't cuss or swear.
    • I didn't act rude. 
    • I didn't bully.
    • I am new to that wiki.

    I am now blocked on that wiki. This is hard because I have never been blocked before, so I don't know what to do. If you guys have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments. 

    Also, how long does the blocking last? 

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  • JustDanceMaster2004

    == I extracted the game files and i feel like uploading the background covers

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  • Prismcool

    Just dance emojis

    July 22, 2017 by Prismcool

    Okay, I'm doing this for no reason.

    So here is how you request:

    Emoji:😀 (Only Smileys!!!)

    The coach: Mr. Saxobeat

    Color Background: Lavender

    Okay, an example in the comments

    Now start requesting.


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  • Thicksimilian

    I've played every game in the series starting at Just Dance 4, and have followed the development of Just Dance 2016 and Just Dance 2017. Every time one or more songs are announced, my heart (usually) races with excitement. I also watched both Ubisoft E3 livestreams for the past two years, waiting in anticipation for the official reveal of the next JD game. As I looked over and listened to the song trailers for Just Dance 2018, there was one word that formed in my head.


    I'll explain my reasons why soon enough, but I want you to first understand that I'm not writing this with the message being 'this year is gonna suck.' Rather, I write this with the message being '(based on what I currently know,) they've done better in the pas…

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  • ZodiacGiraffe

    Welcome to my fourth giveaway! Just Dance 2018 is coming out soon and I want to give out designs that are similar to Just Dance 2018's are. You could choose either the banner design or the profile picture design. Now on to the two designs you can choose!


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  • RickPandaDancer2

    Hi everybody! What's up? Today, I'm here to show you guys a color palette made by me inspired on this picture:

    Hope you guys like it!

    Xoxo (I used the website Coolors)

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  • Ain'tMyFault

    Just Dance Awards

    July 20, 2017 by Ain'tMyFault

    Okay. Okay. I bet your tired of all these award shows. This is difrent though because it focuses on two things-Wiki and Game

    • Drama Kween
    • Best Admin
    • Best Blog Writer
    • Kindest User
    • Wrongfully Blocked User
    • Funniest User
    • Most Innapropriate User
    • Always On Chat Award
    • BFF-Two Inseperable Users

    • Most Cringe Dance
    • Best Alternative
    • Song I Most Wish Was On JD
    • Best Beta
    • Worst Outfit
    • Best Game

    (List The Catagories And Who You Want)

    People nominate and I pick the best and I catagory. Then I put the best 4 it a poll.

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  • Gaybagel23
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  • Prismcool


    July 20, 2017 by Prismcool

    Okay, I'm not going to be on in JDWiki for a while, why? Because I'm going to meet my dad in Texas.

    So I won't be around at 2:30 to 3:00 because we have to go to the airport.

    Well, I can be on chat sometimes, anyways, cya!

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  • KieRor098

    This is a place for the teasers, whether they be quotes from songs, artists for the songs, or polls for valid entries. Please refer to my previous blog post, with my original idea of the game for its suggestion rules.

    Note: Some teasers might be connected to each other.

    "Am I just afraid of loving? (Uh-huh!)"

    "Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry."

    "Brothers, sisters, everybody sing."

    "Here we are, don't turn away now."

    "Yellow diamonds in the sky."

    "He's a twelve on a ten point."

    "Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid."

    "I just heard you've found the one you've been looking, looking for."

    Ed Sheeran

    Ariana Grande

    Imagine Dragons

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  • TheChibiKing

    Do you remember this old blog I made in 2014 when I was still known as Dance4life628? Everything came just out of boredom and desire of making something fun, but it became surprisingly popular and beloved by the community. In memory of these old good times, I decided to revamp it and bring fun again!

    So...are you ready for this new edition? Let's start!

    For those who don't know, here are the rules:

    • There are 30 themed rounds, each one telling you which songs to choose (the number of routines to vote depends on the category itself). You must leave your vote in the comments section below.
    • You can vote only once. If you want to change your mind, only do it once.
    • There will be one week of time to leave your votes (from July 19th to 26th, 2017).
    • After t…

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  • MikeyRocks33

    My apology

    July 19, 2017 by MikeyRocks33

    Ok, I never thought I would say this in a million years, but I'm going to say it: I'm sorry.

    I am sorry if I have made others feel bad, and I am sorry if I have caused harm in the community. I'm just sorry. I'm not going to beat around the bush and just bluff everything that I'm going to say, so I am being genuine with all of you by simply apologising.

    Again, I am sorry if I have caused harm in this community. As some of you saw a couple weeks back, I had a massive fight between two parties that I will not mention. I said some bad things towards these people, and for that, I'm sorry. I'm also sorry to some of the users who I have been rude to during the past couple of weeks. I'm not going to use bs excuses, I'm simply going to say that I hav…

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  • CatWario3

    Here It Goes...

    July 19, 2017 by CatWario3

    Hi. It's me. Yeah. Its been over a year. In this tell all blog I'll prove to ya'll I'm a "Bad Liar" (By Selna Gomez)

    • DeepestDark
    • JDC
    • Freeformer
    • BFE

    This is all I wanted to say. Sorry for the pain Ive caused andthe lies Ive told. I am gay but that gets old.

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  • Yunyl

    Hello everyone! I am adding here songs that i want to be in JD. Please tell your idea too in comments.

    1- Red Flavor by Red Velvet

    Difficulty: Normal

    2- As If It's Your Last by BLACKPINK

    Difficulty: Hard


    3- Knock Knock by TWICE

    (9 Players Version) (Remote and Smartphone at the same time)  Difficulty: Easy  

    4- Dynamite by VIXX

    Difficulty: Normal     

     I will add more on here... Stay Tuned :)

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  • Queen Of Snakes


    Hello everyone, it is Queen of Snakes.  I was cast on the popular Wiki Game Show: Beat Yo Face twice.  The first time around I was messy.  I didn't do challenges, my looks weren't that great, and I wasn't very fierce.  This time around, I did every single challenge and I think my looks were a whole lot better.  I wanted to have a big redemption and I think I have achieved that.  

    Throughout the show, I have had many victories.  My first win was the hometown challenge.  Then, I won the Amazonian Goddess challenge and finally, I blew everyone away with my Just Dance Central impersonation during Snatch Game.  I carried my team to victory during the song challenge and finally, I was the first finalist to make it during the b…

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  • JustDanceMaster2004

    Information coming soon!

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  • JDLover12

    Hey everyone, it's ur gurl JDQween here. Throughout this competition, I've been in the safe zone all the time, some times I was in the bottom. But all of that is behind all of this, because I'm officially in the final 3. I'm actually shocked to make it this far, because I thought that I was a flop since Day 1. And I know lots of other queens think that too, like Maria La Rozza, for instance. Beat Yo Face has changed my entire life since I entered this competition, and I feel great that I made it to the final 3. I might have no wins, but that's ok. (inb4 I get a record for the first queen on BYF to make it to the final 3 with no wins) This competition has been fun and all, but now I need your help. Winning BYF would be such a great honor, a…

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  • Erich21

    Why I should win Beat Yo Face?

    Becase no one can win it besides me, duuh

    I got a brand new style, a fresh new look and I'm so ready to slay the runway so bad, that I'll make you wigs fly back to Victoria's Secret.

    What did the others got? Talent? Style? I'm not seeing it. Even my grandma can make better looks 1 day than y'all can in 1 week

    My looks are made out of effort, passion and a bit of gesture juice.

    I've been down, but I never gave up.Being in top 3 is something I have never dreamed of. 

    See y'all at my winner ceremony :*

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  • Ain'tMyFault

    Avatar Giveaway!

    July 18, 2017 by Ain'tMyFault

    There are two formats for this.

    JD Avatar:

    JD Song (Fanmades Work In This ONLY):

    Text Color:

    JD Dancer:



    Text Color:

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  • JDisbae
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  • Williythegamerdude

    Yeah, title is pretty much self explanatory. Here's the list!

    Can't Stop Dancing - Becky G

    Animals - Maroon 5

    Stitches - Shawn Mendes

    Lips are Moving - Meghan Trainor

    Drag Me Down - One Direction

    Yalla - INNA

    Hymn For The Weekend - Coldplay

    Work From Home - Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla $ign

    Down - Jay Sean ft. Little Wayne

    Black Magic - Little Mix

    Good Time - Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen

    Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves (most likely covered)

    Till the World Ends - Britney Spears

    Boombox - Laura Marano

    Cold Water - Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber and MO

    Counting Stars - OneRepublic

    Blood, Sweat and Tears - BTS

    Phoenix - Olivia Holt

    Alejandro - Lady Gaga

    No Money - Galantis

    Shower - Becky G

    You Should Be Dancing - Bee Gees (most likely covered)

    Sugar - Maroon…

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  • Queen Of Snakes

    My first Sticker Giveaway came out almost a year ago!

    So iconic

    I loved how they turned out and I had so much fun doing it, I decided to do it again!  

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  • Heyowayo

    There is an unknown dancer is the RADICAL mashup. She is a woman with black hair, a black bowtie, a white shirt, and dark red pants.

    Glove color, Gold.

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  • Queen Of Snakes


    July 16, 2017 by Queen Of Snakes
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  • Ain'tMyFault

    Whoo! It's 4 minutes to six and I'm killing it! Also put a song down in the comments no restrictions apply.

    Cant be unrealesed.

    So I'll put the voted songs in a table and put it with the supports and unsupports and then suptract the unsupports from the supports and then the top 10 will move on.

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  • KieRor098

    This idea is about the community's wantings. There will be voting for the next songs in the tracklist, sans the reveal tracklist. The name would probably be Just Dance: Fans. (also no extremely explicit songs/artists).

    That is my idea.

    (Oh, and the coach images will probably not be there since I don't have any photo editing programs or skills. I may get a good photo editor to help me with the images. If I do that, full credit to them for images.)

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    I'll upload the 2014 ones soon. Credit if used.

    I will upload the alternate versions soon.

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  • Queen Of Snakes

    The Just Dance Wiki Awards are coming....... but maybe not as soon as you think.  The past week I've been so stressed over this and devoted almost all of my time it's so unhealthy.  Me and Zodi have done so much and are under so much pressure.  I had to go to the doctor since I've been having such bad cramps lately and she said it was because of stress.  I wonder where that came from.  This might sound fake but I'm serious.  I am very sorry for the delay but I want to be happy and live my life.  They show might not come out until August or it might come out as planned.  I hope you guys can understand and we'll see you at the show. :)

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  • Rodrigo692

    I was watching the files of just dance wii u

    And there were files that ended in .ckd does anyone know how to open those files?

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  • GoAnimateYes CaillouNo

    hey guys :) i need the Just Dance Pictogram Blender Model, can anyone give me the download link of the Just Dance Pictogram model Please :)

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    Hi everyone, I'm JD4SURVIVOR. I am slightly praised for my fanmades on the Just Dance Forever Wiki. Examples of my fanmades:

    Today I am going to teach you how to create characters in Adobe Photoshop.

    There is a way for Windows and Mac to get Adobe Photoshop for free, no virus included. The video is completely safe because you are technically downloading what you need for a paid version, but you're replacing one file to make the trial last indefinitely. Video is here:

    This video was not made by me.

    Now here is a video of me making a fanmade for Feelings, which is up above. Try following what I do. I go slowly to make sure that it's easy to understand. I am using the same Photoshop that's available above.

    NOTE: I have a customized command for the…

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  • Irock102

    Hi everyone Irock here! Lets talk parks as many of you know Just Dance will have a theme park prescence at the new Dubai Park IMG Worlds of Lengends coming 2020! But I was wondering how will it be incorparated.

    The list:

    1. Just Dance in the middle of the park! could be where people could play the latest Just Dance game.

    2. Just Dance: store party! could be a shop with everything Just Dance!

    3. Just Dance interactive experience: you are in a theater with VR in an interactive place where the world of Just Dance comes to life!!

    4. Behind the scenes of Just Dance!: Go behind the scenes and learn how a Just Dance routine is made! 5. Just Dance Fashion Show: Look at some of the most incredible Just Dance costumes from routines in a Fashion show walk…

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  • American Lowlifes

    As I am back, I would like to start a Lana Del Rey related giveaway. Part of it is because Lana Del Rey will be releasing her fourth album in a week.

    For this giveaway, I'll be making artworks that are like the artworks of these.

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  • American Lowlifes

    Hi! I'm back.

    July 13, 2017 by American Lowlifes

    Surprise, b*tch!

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  • Gaybagel23

    Just Dance 2019

    July 12, 2017 by Gaybagel23

    Credits go to JD4SURVIVOR for the dancer coaches and Jdisbae for the squares, which i found on google and it led me to the users blog.

    Song Artist Year Mode Dancer(s)


    Song Artist Year Mode Theme Dancer(s)


    Song Artist Year Mode Dancer(s)


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  • Ain'tMyFault

    The game is set to contain 40 tracks. Currently, 8 tracks have been confirmed.
    Song Artist Year Mode Dancer(s)
    Feels Calvin Harris ft.Katy Perry 7 Pharell Wiliams  2017 Solo

    Swalla jason Derulo ft.Nicki Minaj 2017 Solo

    Total Eclipse Of The Heart Bonnie Tyler (Covered by The Girly Team) 1983 (Covered 2017) Duet

    Day Does Not Fall Jolin Tsai (Unknown) Duet

    Sugar Sugar The Archies (Covered by The Pals And Gals) 1969 (Covered 2017) Quatro

    Chum Drum Bedrum Vitas (Unknown) Trio

    Living In The Sunlight Tiny Tim 1968 Solo

    Anaconda Nicki Minaj 2014 Solo

    Alphabeet Boy"" Melanie Martinez 2015 Solo

    Closer The Chainsmokers 2016

    Lush Life Zara Larson 2015

    How Far I'll Go Disney's Moana 2016

    Despacito Luis Fonsi ft.Daddy Yankee 2017

    Ways To Be Wicked Disney's Descendants 2 20…

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  • Ain'tMyFault
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  • Thicksimilian

    It appears that someone has deleted the content of the page. I have no idea if this was supposed to happen and I just didn't get the memo or if this was somebody accidentally deleting it, but I would like to know what has happened because I really liked to see what others have added on to it.

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  • Pearl Louise

    I'm Pearl Louise and I have something to say. Fandoms.

    I think they are a great way to make friends and meet new people. I have made so many friends in the past through fandom I have been in, especially the Katy Perry fandom. How you doin? 

    Fandoms are also very supportive of ther fandoms in times of need. One example that comes to mind is when Ariana Grande fans were the target of an inhumane attack in Manchester. Seeing all the support that Arianators were getting from other fandoms was overwhelming.

    However, I have seen so many fandoms bullying other fandoms and telling them to go kill themselves. 

    Like what planet are you from? You are so messed up. I get that your angry. I get that you don't like them, but you have no right to tell anothe…

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  • JDMoran

    Modes Competitions!

    July 11, 2017 by JDMoran

    Hello Just Dance Wiki users!

    Today, I want to make a modes competition!

    At first, you need to put your favorite mode for it to compete.

    Seven modes will be choose for the competition, and you will be choose who is the winner! 

    The candidacy will end at 13.7.17. 

    Have a gooooooood day!

    Modes that have a chance:


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  • Someone10000

    Hey my ALL STARZ! Hope you all are doing great.

    Last time, we said goodbye to JD123456. It was a rough time for him and I guess for all of us too, his elimination I mean. Well, speaking of elimination, have I yet told you how the comeback will work? Well, let's just say that the eliminees' past CHs and CVs count. That's it for now. Let's leave the rest of the explaining for the actual moment. Now, on to this episode's challenge!

    Y'all already know, but let me say it again. Each episode, your creation will be graded on a scale of 1 to 10. This will be your CH ( Challenge ) score. On each episode, there will also be a voting poll where the wiki public will get to vote for who they want to support. The votes you get will be converted in a 1 to …

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  • HopelessFountainMonkey

    I was bored so this happened...

    It's the song Love Yourself by Justin Bieber.

    EDIT: HA I forgot to edit her skin.....I think I'll go fix that

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    Got bored, so I made these, I'll do more later.

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  • Stanley56

    I know you've been waiting...

    You've been like...

    And it's here!

    Well, you've received new avatars... But you were later asked to do something hard again! To create two versions of your coaches for "Ghost Town" by Adam Lambert. Hope your hearts aren't a ghost town yet.

    Guess who won???


    It came down to JD123456 and YoSoyAri this time, and JD123456 was eliminated.

    Stanley56: Wow! You’ve been eliminated from the show. How does it feel?

    JD123456: Pretty annoyed, but that's just how the game goes

    Stanley56: Yeah, life is not that easy. The number of players keeps diminishing, as we're slowly getting closer to the final! Do you think you deserved to go home?

    JD123456: No, but it's what happened

    Stanley56: Your replies are kind of making me …

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  • Ain'tMyFault
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  • MikeyRocks33

    Ok I'm bored so I just wanted to do this again:

    I can't be bothered explaining so an explanation is on that blog lololol. If you remember the game, then go ahead and post your opinions.

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  • DiegoJD

    Discord Server!!

    July 10, 2017 by DiegoJD

    Hey, everyone! Some friends and I opened a JD-related Discord Server where we can chill, talk about JD, hear music and more! And if you wanna get off the JD topic, we offer an off-topic channel so you can talk!

    Feel free to advertise your YouTube channel and your videos ONLY if they are family friendly and JD-related!

    If you wanna join here's the ID for the server: sFSB298

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  • Ain'tMyFault
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  • JDMoran


    July 9, 2017 by JDMoran

    Someone can write to me how to make sticker avatars with no white background? 

    Have a gooood day!

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