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  • StressedAmelia

    btw read the title. honestly i just write what i feel to calm me down.

    i just wanna be  a gon er  (lol top refrence) and just die. my life is really tough right now. 

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  • Pepper17

    I wanted to make a blog post for just dance unlimited song requests!   Here are the rules.

    1. remixes are allowed as long as they are censor swear words. (if any.)

    2.  any genre of music is allowed (except   reggae)

    3. original songs are a preference.

    4. they have to be danceable.

    Have fun requesting songs! 

    pepper 17

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  • JoseDiamandis

    So.... I have 2 years on this Wikia on February 24! :O And I decided to make a giveaway blog to celebrate. 

    You can request anything like this picture:

    • Dancer: 
    • Name:
    • I'll give you a random effect so it will look pretty.

    Yes I know this blog is short but I'm going to add more so please request.

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  • JustMathDance

    Prismatic Question Game

    February 22, 2017 by JustMathDance

    Hey there!! Welcome to another spin-off of the Three Question Game giveaway blog! Here you can get a cool sticker to put it on your profile page, message wall, and etc on this wikia =)

    Also yes, i'm already releasing another because......i couldn't wait more to release this one tbh XD

    Everytime the stickers get an update, and it's not going to be different as seen on the title of the blog!

    Y'all probably saw that our "JD Queen/Killer Queen" Katy Perry is finally back!! And she's with a new era, starting by Disco Balls, Hamsters, Amusement Parks, and that craziness from our queen that we sure know lol

    Since i did that Ariana Grande sticker, i wanted to do it with another singer, and Katy was picked =)

    In my opinion, i absolutelly LOVED the sticker!!…

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  • IFosterI

    Life story and crap.

    February 22, 2017 by IFosterI

    So, before I get into this, why the hell do all of you guys jump to conclusions so fast? I mean, you guys just assume that I'm 7-The-Great, even when people know full well that I'm male, and everybody somehow uses male pronouns for 7-The-Great when the person who knows her best is me; plus you guys also assume a lot of other things. Like how Oshee is 7-The-Great, and Abbey is a fake, because we all know that the real Oishii has one capitalized i at the beginning and one at the end. I mean, too late now. Your knees must be tired. From jumping to conclusions! Anyways.......Since I am fed up with all you guys with the drama between 7-The-Great, Oshee and me, I decided to tell you guys my life story. All in 3rd person narration, because I felt…

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  • Matusmati
    Welcome everybody to the second episode of this competition I like to call: Matusmati’s Design Studio!

    And now, the second challenge:

    Everybody looking at the big screen



    Wow! That song it’s insane! I really love it, now, you have to do a gameplay of that song

    The winner will get 12000 Points (Superstar)

    The Second Place will get 10000 Points (5 Stars)

    The Third Place 8000 points (4 Stars)

    The fourth 6000 points (3 Stars)

    The fifth 4000 (2 Stars)

    The sixth will get 2000 points (1 Star)

    And the rest will get 0 points and there will be one elimination



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  • Coolharry64

    It's back again! Sorry for my mistake. I wanted to update this because someone said i copied something. Let's get on with it.


    PamellaRibelro: no, someone else did.

    CellyBird: OK.

    TheFairyDina: Something's came through the post!

    DieghoSan: What is it?

    Moogly-H: Kevin, want to do a job?

    Kevindudas: No.

    Moogly-H: Alright.

    DieghoSan: I'll do it.

    DieghoSan does the job.

    DieghoSan: Done!

    Moogly-H: Thanks!

    A bell rings.

    DieghoSan: we need to go!

    Littlesiha: what's on the screen?

    Daniel calls in.

    Daniel: Hello!

    Daniel: the thing that came through the post was the school newspapers.

    TheFairyDina: where are they?

    Daniel: they're near the entrance.

    TheFairyDina: i'll get them as soon as possible.

    Daniel: OK!


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  • JustDanceMaster2004

    Just Dabce 2017

    February 22, 2017 by JustDanceMaster2004

    Just Dabce is a game like just dance but you have to dab.

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  • Gaybagel23

    Shake It Off

    Can't Remember To Forget You

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  • Gaybagel23

    My Just Dance Gameplays

    February 22, 2017 by Gaybagel23
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  • JustDanceMaster2004

    First of all. Someone on this wikia gave a link to PS cs6. I dont remember his name right now but thank you

    To celebrate, I made a pictogram dab

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  • Gersommarchena123

    Fanmade Pictograms

    February 20, 2017 by Gersommarchena123

    Hey everyone, I just want to show you guys my Just Dance Fanmade Pictograms. please comment and tell me what do you think about them? Here they are:

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  • StressedAmelia

    my hair+talent show

    February 20, 2017 by StressedAmelia

    so hey 

    my last blog i said i was getting my hair dyed and i was going to a talent show. 

    i got my hair dyed, its really pretty!

    also for the talent show at the end of the song numb, a bunch of the bullies from my school started boo-ing.

    now at school they are saying my hair is "gay". i just wanna die. but just an update for you 

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  • Cosmic Poppy

    • JDisbae
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  • JDLover12
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  • JustDanceMaster2004

    Coach: Good Feeling Extreme

    Hair Color: Brown

    Skin Color: White

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  • ZodiacGiraffe

    Welcome to the Motion Store! There will be a currency starting in Episode 3 that will allow you to buy items from the Motion Store. You (including VIPs) are limited in buying 2 items a day. Players with VIP passes will have the chance to get anything they want with no pay.

    VIP Pass

    100 mojo

    Gives you a chance to buy anything you want for free

    Change Avatar

    10 mojo

    Lets you be able to change avatar

    Double The Points

    50 mojo

    Gives you a chance to double your score for an episode

    Cheat Sheet

    40 mojo

    Be able to find out other contestants score to improve your scores

    More to be in stock!

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  • ZodiacGiraffe

    Dance Motion - Home

    February 20, 2017 by ZodiacGiraffe

    Welcome to the Hompage of Dance Motion hosted by ZodiacGiraffe and JDLover12! The game is basically based around dancing while completing many challanges. There would be time you played a WDF type of style, or a 1v1 against somebody. Anyway the show has many aspects which makes the show more exciting.


    Episode 1 - Explosive Start

       Episode 2 - WDF Mode (Song Vote)

    Episode 3 - TBA

    Episode 4 - TBA

    Episode 5 - TBA

    Episode 6 - TBA

    Episode 7 - TBA

    Episode 8 - TBA

    Episode 9 - TBA

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  • Gaybagel23

    Just Dance Minecraft Skins

    February 20, 2017 by Gaybagel23

    Are you a fan of minecraft and Just dance? NOW THEY COME TOGETHER! This blog is full of Just Dance inspired Minecraft skins.

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  • IFosterI


    February 20, 2017 by IFosterI

    Ugh. I'm too lazy to do the next episode of Behind the Scenes. A new episode would come out soon. 

    So, you probably clikced this because you thought I was going to be a racist s*ut, and rant about China or something, butt, nope! I mean, it might not be the best country to live in, but they got it lucky for Just Dance games. 

    I mean, for one, they have 2015 China, with hella awesome songs, most specifically Little Apple and Us Under the Sunshine. Then there's Vitality School. Just Dance Vitality School.......

    Now, there are a lot of good songs that China has produced. Or maybe Ubisoft has a good taste in Chinese music.......

    We would literally never know. Unless if I email them.......anyone know their email?

    List of songs that are good (Or maybe…

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  • Queen Of Snakes

    "Photoshop" Giveaway

    February 20, 2017 by Queen Of Snakes

    Do you want a random, disturbing picture of anything?  Well, this is the giveaway for you!

    • What you want edited (anything)
    • What you want to do with it
    • Anything special

    I'm too poor to get photoshop and I'm too innocent and pure to get an illegal copy so I'm using Pixlr.  

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  • Gaybagel23

    舞力全开:活力派 2.0

    Android: July 12, 2017(China)

    July 24, 2017(USA,UK Korea)

    Apple: July 12, 2017(WorldWide)

    Windows Phone: August 1, 2018

    System(s): iOS, Android
    Developed by: Ubisoft Paris, Gaybagel23 
    Published by: Ubisoft Shanghai
    Genre(s): Dancing, Rhythm
    Preceded by: 舞力全开:活力派

    • Just Dance TV - an interactive Just Dance TV show which will air in China.
    • Community Remixes
    • Dance Quests
    • DLC
    • VIP

    • An asterisk (*) indicates that this song is covered in-game.
    • A (VIP) indicates that the song requires a VIP pass in order to play the song.
    • A (NOW) indicates that the song is available to be played in-game.
    • A (DLC) indicates that the song must be downloaded for  ¥ 27.40/ $3.99
    • A (RNT) indicates that the song can be 'rented' for 50 Mojo/¥1.99/$ 0.29 for 1 Hour

    Currently o…

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  • SatoTheDancer101

    I'm happy that we finally got a new Just Dance World Cup champion! I didn't want the same person to win the next few world cups since it would be boring and rather annoying (sorry not sorry Diegho)... Anyways, congrats to Technoth for winning the Just Dance World Cup 2016/2017! :D

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  • JDLover12

    Never Forget 2/19/17

    February 19, 2017 by JDLover12

    Never forget, you will be missed.

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  • BubbleBobbleWibble

    Poppy: Poppy is packing up.

    Greg: Great.

    Poppy: Poppy is wondering who you are.

    Greg: You made me internet famous.

    Poppy: Wow. I made someone famous. I am double famous.

    Greg: That's not how it works.

    Poppy: Hold on a second. They are calling.

    Greg: Who's they?

    Poppy: Buy Poppy's new Money Perfume! It'll make you smell like a rich person. Like me.

    Greg: What?!

    Poppy: What just happened there. I was blacked out. I like it when my phone shoots smoke.

    Greg: Okay. But why is their a bed there and why is their a suitcase on the bed?

    Poppy: I'm going to Japan.

    Greg: And why am I here?!

    Poppy: Cause you're important.

    Greg: Whatever.


    Charlotte: Hello little squirrel.

    Squirrel: Squirrel!

    Charlotte: Good idea. I should poison Poppy's perfume with toxic ch…

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  • Queen Of Snakes

    Explaining Things

    February 19, 2017 by Queen Of Snakes

    Hello everyone!  It is Bboy3165!  Idfk what happened to my old account but I got locked out and the reset your password button wasn't working.  Then I got an email saying my account would be deactivated and I just don't care about Bboy3165 anymore.  I don't want any weird things going on with it.  Ok, that's it.

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  • BubbleBobbleWibble

    It's an actuall thing I'm making.

    The Poppy Show: 1.Poppy Is Packin Up: Poppy packs up to get ready for a trip to Japan. Meanwhile, Charlotte get's her revenge.

    2.Charlotte's Revenge On Poppy: Charlotte kidnaps Poppy and sells her soul.

    3.Greg Is More Internet Famous Than Poppy: Poppy feels jealous when the people she helped beacons Famous beacons more famous then her.

    4.Poppy Presents The Poppy Show: Poppy gets her own show.

    5.Play With Poppy: Poppy sues the Poppy line of dolls.

    6.Poppy Does Time Travel: Poppy time travels and meets the devil. Meanwhile Greg eats a chicken sandwich.

    7.Poppy Is A Vocaloid: Poppy goes to Japan again and gets obsessed with Matsune Hiku.

    8.Poppy Gets Popped: Poppy beacomes a bubble and gets popped.

    9.Poppy Gets Popped…

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  • JustDanceMaster2004

    Download here:

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  • JustMathDance

    Dangerous Question Game

    February 18, 2017 by JustMathDance

    Hey guys! It's JMD here, and welcome to another Three Qu.....what?!

    Yes, you didn't read it wrong, and no, it's not another thing lol

    Well.....some of you probably know/saw that Ariana Grande finally started with her Dangerous Woman Tour concerts, which is awesome!! So knowing this, and me being an Arianator, i got inspired with her album, her songs, her newest tour, and decided to make a TQG based on the Dangerous Woman era!

    I'm honestly in love with this version of the TQG sticker, and i really hope y'all like it too =D

    Obs: this is a normal sticker like the others i made, i really didn't do it specially for the Arianators here, i just got inspired to do it, so if u aren't an Arianator, or if you don't like all her songs, or idk (lol), you can sti…

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  • Matusmati

    Welcome everybody to the first episode of this competition I like to call: Matusmati’s Design Studio!

    Well now I will put the first challenge on the big screen:

    Everybody looking at the big screen



    Well, I really love that song and I would like to see which idea you have for it if it was on JD, so your challenge it’s creating a square for the song!

    The winner will get 12000 Points (Superstar)

    The Second Place will get 10000 Points (5 Stars)

    The Third Place 8000 points (4 Stars)

    The fourth 6000 points (3 Stars)

    The fifth 4000 (2 Stars)

    The sixth will get 2000 points (1 Star)

    And the rest will get 0 points and there will …

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  • XironeEmerald
    1. Seven Nation Army- The White Stripes
    2. Side To Side- Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj
    3. Stereo Hearts- Gym Class Heroes ft Adam Levine
    4. Mama Said- The Shirelles
    5. Bring Me To Life- Evenescence
    6. Sound Of Silence- Disturbed
    7. STARSTRUKK- 3OH!3 ft Katy Perry
    8. Cut The Cord- The Living Tombstone ft EileMonty
    9. Heathens- TwentyOne Pilots
    10. Lordly- Feder ft Alex Aiono
    11. Rockabye- Clean Bandit ft Sean Paul and Ann Marie
    12. Axel F- Crazy Frog
    13. Rollin (Air Raid Vehicle)- Limp Bizkit
    14. Bye Bye Bye- N'Sync
    15. Heartbreaker- Pat Benetar
    16. 1985- Bowling For Soup
    17. King For A Day- Green Day
    18. Cold Water- Justin Bieber, Major Laser, and MO
    19. Disko Boy- Shantel
    20. Some Shakira Song
    21. El Perdon- Nicki Jam ft Enrique Iglacious
    22. Bad Man- Pitbull, Mark Ronson, and Joe Perry
    23. Love In An Elevator- Aerosmith
    24. Everytime We Touch- C…
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  • Someone10000

    Hello everyone!!! :D

    It's me, Someone10000 and I have a very special announcement to make! My gameshow, "The DanceFloor Race", is getting a NEW CYCLE!!! :D


    It's a brand new one which means that a new casting session has to be held. Well, if you're looking for that, scroll down and APPLY NOW! ;)

    You know how the show goes, right? Well, if not, here u go! :

    This show's type is based on dancing skills. Each episode, the racers ( contestants ) will have to dance to a specific song. Then, the dancer that had the best score will be rewarded, yet the one that had the worst, will sadly get eliminated. This will go on until we end up with a winner! In a nutshell, the winner of the show is the best JDancer among the ones competing ( If you wanna see an…

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  • BubbleBobbleWibble

    I'm trying to start a chat party. If you see this blog can you go to chat. [[1]](Link To Chat)

    Has become a meme. But it makes ME triggered. I know people told not to use images but I must for this purpose. Also I'll credit you if you identify the image.

    These aren't made by me so tell me who's they are!

    What if Poppy is a character created by (Whoever Came Up With Poppy (im 2 lazy too look it up)). Like an American Hatsune miku. That means she could be on Just Dance. But that's besides the point. In the song above it says she's an "internet queen". If your a queen you have to live in the kingdom you govern. Which mean she lives on the internet. And Hatsune Miku is popular on the internet. So BOOM! Poppy Is A Vocaloid theory confirmed!

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  • HeypplsOfficial

    i'm not dead

    February 18, 2017 by HeypplsOfficial

    ok guys this is literally the longest I've been inactive but that was because my internet went out. I am cancelling golden platform but you can stay connected with me on my social medias:

    • Instagram: @partnerbubbles
    • Twitter: @partnerbubbles
    • YouTube: Mellisa
    • E-Mail:
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  • IFosterI

    So, this is a new series I'm doing, called, "Behind the Scenes", and it's basically the lives of Just Dance characters living in Ubisoft Studios and crap. I hope you guys would like it. Maybe. And yes, this is kinda considered "fanfiction".

    DISCLAIMER: This is mostly PG, but there are bad words, and slight adult themes. But be grateful I'm not making the characters have s*x.

    UPDATE: Sorry this is shorter than normal, but this is an important chapter. This series will have an end in like, 3 more episodes, not including this one. So, expect 3 more episodes, then it's over. I might make a spinoff. 

    I walked dowstairs with Albatraoz by my side, and at the bottom of the stairs, I found I Kissed A Girl.


    "You". She said. "You replaced me."

    "What …

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  • Gaybagel23

    Just Dance Now Unlocks

    February 17, 2017 by Gaybagel23
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  • Gaybagel23

    Just Dance Now: Gaybagel23 Editon is a mobile app developed and released by Ubisoft in partnership with Gaybagel23 and is part of the Just Dance franchise. It is the third such app to be released after the original Just Dance Now .The app was officially released on July 12, 2017 for the US, July 20, 2017 for Japan, July 23, 2017 for China and July 30, 2017 for the rest of the world.

    Download the app for free (Just Dance Now: Gaybagel23 Edition) and have a connectable screen like a TV or desktop that connects to the internet. Use your screen and go to and connect to your device or account. Then using your phone, connect to a song server or a server with amounts of people. It does not require a gaming system or…

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  • IFosterI

    Glitch paradise.

    February 15, 2017 by IFosterI

    So, I actually wasn't intending on making this, but, here I am, sharing my screenshots with the world.......

     Share your glitches with the world here, and maybe you'll get featured on here.

    Yes, I know that the third one is a joke.

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  • StressedAmelia

    talent show

    February 15, 2017 by StressedAmelia

    ok so i have a talent show im doing the song numb by marina and the diamonds. i know how to play the piano and for the rest i'm just gonna get an insturmental.

    so i wanna dye my hair before it. my mom said i could but i dont know what color.

    pink , blue , or purple ?

    votes for pink: 3

    votes for blue: 5

    votes for purple: 0

    those pictures are examples of what it will look like if it goes right

    also this seems fake af ik but i promise its real


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  • StressedAmelia

    my wrist

    February 15, 2017 by StressedAmelia

    i broke it today lol. stanley56 was on chat with me when it happened. lol

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  • StressedAmelia


    February 15, 2017 by StressedAmelia

    does anybody know how to make them on my profile? because i wanna make ones like (ik ik he is blocked but im using him fo example) Cat Wario . 

    btw i think they are called templates, im not 100% sure though

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  • MarinaGotDiamonds

    my dream last night

    February 15, 2017 by MarinaGotDiamonds

    i should just get a dream jornaul but instead i'm gonna use this ok. lol. 

    so last night my dream was i met dan and phil. i don't even watch them that much lol. i mean i kinda do, dan's diss track to himself was funny af, but anyways. so they were filming a video in my brothers room (he's not home right now because he's at a boarding school) so i tried talking to them because in my dream i was a huge fan of them (wat), so then everytime i tried to talk to them, they would say "we are still filming, the video is a suprise so can you please go?" or something like that. then when they finished it my sister woke me up. 

    ok thanks if you read this 

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  • Gaybagel23

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  • ZodiacGiraffe
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  • IFosterI

    So, this is a new series I'm doing, called, "Behind the Scenes", and it's basically the lives of Just Dance characters living in Ubisoft Studios and crap. I hope you guys would like it. Maybe. And yes, this is kinda considered "fanfiction".

    DISCLAIMER: This is mostly PG, but there are bad words, and slight adult themes. But be grateful I'm not making the characters have s*x.

    I sat down at the same table LIKE I WOULD did, and she stared at me. I looked down at my food, and saw that it was a bland chicken patty on a whole wheat bun. Oh, goodie. 

    "Why do you like this food so much?" LIKE I WOULD asked.

    I shrugged, and watched Albatraoz sit next to me. 

    "So, guys. I think Katy Perry is a stalker." She said.

    LIKE I WOULD and I stared at her, and she …

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  • Gaybagel23

    Fanmade Mashups!

    February 14, 2017 by Gaybagel23

    I make custom mashups to ANY song so i thought some people would like to have some made!

    1. Provide a song,a mashup color(i have blue red and yellow), and a theme for your mashup!

    Up to 2 request per person per week

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  • Glitterglam326

    Where Have I Been?

    February 14, 2017 by Glitterglam326

    Hi guys! Im back! So you may have been wondering "Where is glitterglam326?" Well I have gone on a little break for a month and I decided to drop back to JDwiki to see how everyong is doing! And sorry for month late replies I haven't been on. I was so busy with Super Smash Bros lately and decided to play that. It was a BLAST of fun. But then something bad happened. My wii u wasn't reading ANY of my disks. NOT EVEN JUST DANCE. SO I CAN'T PLAY ;-; Well, I have JDNow But NO VIP. So I'm here, chilling, waiting for Valentine's day to roll in :3 So yeah. Hope you peeps are happy I'm back to see all of you. See you around the wiki! :D


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  • Matusmati



    Episode 1 

    Episode 2 

    Episode 3 

    Episode 4 

    Episode 5 

    Episode 6 

    Episode 7 

    Episode 8 

    Episode 9 

    Episode 10 


    First of all I know that I didn’t said the prizes for the first place of the competition and that’s because I really didn’t know what to do! IDK how to do a trophy or avatars so…my idea was this



    So please, go and comment which prize you want for the competition please! :D

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  • BubbleBobbleWibble

    So I'm making a game show. There will be 2 types of applications.


    One last part is too make a remake square for any Just Dance song. 16 spots are available

    Crituqe 3 of the artworks. 2 will be chosen.

    • Name Will Be Just Dance WERK
    • Features Art and Dancing
    • 16 Contestants
    • 3 Judges (Including Me)
    • 8 Episodes
    • Really Fun
    • Starts Next Saturday
    • Email Me At
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  • Gaybagel23

    Just Dance Parody Edition

    February 13, 2017 by Gaybagel23


    The internet is full of parodies! Some of the originals are on Just Dance!


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