Throughout the series, Ubisoft had announced songs for games that were confirmed to be brand exclusives. Brand exclusives started during the Just Dance 2 era and ceased to exist after Just Dance 2014.

Below is a list of songs that are brand exclusives.

Just Dance 2

Just Dance 3

  • Target (US)/Zellers (Canada): (These exclusives are only available for the NTSC regions and only for the Xbox 360 in the PAL region)
  • Best Buy: (This exclusives are only available for the NTSC regions and only for the Special Edition of the game for the PAL region)

Just Dance 4

  • Cheetos: (This exclusive was only available for the NTSC regions)
    • Brand New Start (No longer obtainable after promotion has ended)
    • You Make Me Feel... (This song is a DLC for the PAL region, and became a DLC for the NTSC region after the promotion ended)

Just Dance 2014

  • PopChips: (This exclusive redeemable song is only for the NTSC region and is a DLC for all regions.)
  • Garnier Fructis CA: (This exclusive redeemable song was only for the NTSC versions of the game for Canada, but eventually became unlockable through UPlay for the United States of America for some time)


  • Most of the brand exclusives can be found as a DLC or on a spin-off Just Dance game like Just Dance: Greatest Hits/Best Of.
  • The average of brand exclusives in the series is 2 Brand Exclusives.
  • In every game at least 1 song is made available for the PAL region as a DLC or a spin-off.
  • All the brand exclusives are all only for the NTSC, this might be the reason why the NTSC region exclusive songs are all made as DLCs for the PAL region while the NTSC didn't get any of the PAL region exclusives prior to Just Dance 2015.
  • PAL versions do not have a redeem button.
  • Just Dance 2015 had a version exclusive to Target that came with a Wii Remote Plus.


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