Jd2016 chiwawa gameplay screenshot
Game(s) Just Dance 2016 (Classic and Mashup only)
Just Dance Now
Just Dance 2017 (Switch)
舞力全开:活力派 (Classic only)
Just Dance Unlimited
Just Dance 2018 (Kids Mode) (Alternate only)
Artist Wanko Ni Mero Mero
(vocals by Reni Mimura)
From the
Year 2015[1]
Release Date(s) Classic
October 22, 2015 (NOW)
March 3, 2017 (Switch)
March 9,2017 (JDU)
January 26, 2017 (JDU)
February 2, 2017 (NOW)
No. of Gold Moves 3 (Classic)
4 (Remastered Version)
2 (Mashup)
No. of Shake Moves
Dancer Gender(s) (Classic)
(Remastered Version)
Mashup Geeks (W/8)
Alternate Routines Remastered Version, by Barbie
Dance Mode Solo
Menu Color(s) 2017
Classic (Switch)
1A: Celery
1B: Dark Olive Green
2A: Lilac-Pink
2B: Lavender
Classic (JDU 2017)
1A: Malibu
1B: Sky Blue
2A: Pink
2B: Light Fuchsia
Remastered Version
1A: Bright Malibu
1B: Science Blue
2A: Deep Cotton Candy
2B: Rose
Pictogram Color Hollywood Cerise (Classic)
Lipstick (Remastered Version)
Glove Color Electric Violet (Classic)
Vivid Violet (Remastered Version)
Lyrics Color Purpleish Blue (Classic)[2]
Ultramarine (Mashup)
Deep Malibu

(Remastered Version)

Pictogram Count 138 (Classic)
93 (Remastered Version)
120 (Mashup)
Total Calories
Burnable (kCal)
19 (All Versions)
Duration 2:51 (Classic)
2:52 (Mashup)
Code Name Chiwawa (Classic)
Barbie (Remastered Version)
Preview Audio
Choreographed By Mehdi Kerkouche (Classic)
Performed By Aurélie Sériné (Both Versions)[3]

"Chiwawa" by Wanko Ni Mero Mero is featured on Just Dance 2016, Just Dance Now, Just Dance 2017 (for the Nintendo Switch), Just Dance Unlimited, 舞力全开:活力派 (Classic only) and Just Dance 2018 (in Kids Mode) (Alternate only).

Appearance of the Dancer



The dancer is a woman with pink hair. She wears some cube and oval headbands, a yellow shirt with some chihuahua plush heads along with a square-pattern skirt that is shaped similar to a Rubik's cube, some yellow and red spotted legging socks, and some black high heels with leg straps. At some points of the routine, the coach turns black and white. The dancer appears to be a paper cutout, as she seemingly peels off of the background revealing her to be flat and completely white at the back.

Barbie Version

Barbie coach 1
The coach is a female that looks like Barbie. She has blond hair tied in a long ponytail with a pink headless cap, a pink crop top with the word Barbie written on it in several places, a golden necklace, a violet fingerless glove, purple tight pants and a pair of pink sneakers.



The background switches between pink, blue, orange and green, with flowers, hearts and sandwich ingredients in a monochromatic color scheme in the background. The word "Chiwawa" appears sometimes when it is said. Multiple Chihuahuas appear in most of the backgrounds. At the beginning there are red, yellow, pink and purple flowers and the dancer appears to be walking a Chihuahua. It changes to a background with Chihuahuas and dog bowls in the background. The Chihuahuas sit down and touch their noses with their tongues at certain points. Near the beginning of the verses the background switches between a background with pipes with the dancer in a monochromatic color scheme coming out of them and cups with Chihuahuas coming out of them. Very random and usually animal-related objects appear during the chorus, such as hotdogs, carrots, rabbits and a gumball machine with dog toys dropping out of it. It appears that one of the Chihuahuas has cucumbers over its eyes and is singing into a microphone. At the beginning of the second verse and the bridge there are cats coming out of a photocopier; The second time they are coming out in sandwiches. There are also bowls of noodles flying around; at one point the dancer in a monochromatic color scheme is riding on them. The last time she rides on them her face is replaced by I Gotta Feeling's. Near the end the background also contains dog bones as well as hearts and stars also in a monochromatic color scheme. The entire environment appears to be made of paper. At the beginning and end there is also a Chihuahua wearing glasses that have the coach from Built For This on one of the lenses.

Remastered by Barbie Version

The background is a dollhouse based on a Malibu Dreamhouse play-set from Barbie: Life In The Dreamhouse. At the start, a chiwawa pops out of a TV and appears several times during the routine. The coach teleports herself with a flash effect to various rooms of the house, such as a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom, with furniture that shakes to the beat of the song. Before the chorus starts, the coach is teleported to a moving lift that carries her up to the roof, and then she dances in front of a background that is mostly recycled from the Classic routine, but it also contains new elements, such as floating tea set items.

In the bridge, the house becomes smaller and the coach dances near it, with lots of cartoony cats around her.

At the end of the song, the coach is in front of the house and, after the final Gold Move, she is seen riding a car with a chihuahua sitting on her left.


Chiwawa has a Mashup with the theme Geeks, which can be unlocked with 1000 Mojo Coins (or 20 Mojo Coins for the Wii). It features nerdy dancers. It is exclusive to Wii/eighth generation consoles.


Gold Moves


There are 3 Gold Moves in this routine:
Gold Move 1: Lift your right arm and right leg up, making a cute pose.
Gold Move 2: Make a peace sign with your right hand.
Gold Move 3: Put both hands on your mouth, as if you're sneezing. This is the final move of the routine.

Remastered Version

There are 4 Gold Moves in the Remastered Version:
Gold Move 1: Throw your right arm to the right as if you were going to punch someone.
Gold Moves 2 and 3: Make a half moon with your right arm, and at the same time throw it up.
Gold Move 4: Perform a dab move by raising your right arm to your face and your left arm outwards. This is the final move of the routine.


There are 2 Gold Moves in the Mashup:
Gold Move 1: Bend over and scoop your arms. (Born This Way [Nerd Version]).
Gold Move 2:  Raise both of your hands up toward the sky. This is the last move of the Mashup. (You Make Me Feel...).

Appearances in Mashups

Chiwawa appears in the following Mashups:


Appearances in Playlists

Chiwawa appears in the following Playlists:


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Just Dance Unlimited

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Remastered Version

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Just Dance Unlimited

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Chiwawa appears in Party Master Modes. Here are the captions attributed to her dance moves:


  • Cat Whiskers
  • Chiwawa
  • Little Bunny

Dance Quests


  • Lightning
  • Strong Woman (2017)


  • Chiwawa is the first song by Wanko Ni Mero Mero. It is followed by Oishii Oishii and Sayonara.
  • There was a beta move according to the Behind-the-Scenes video.
  • If you look closely, you can see the dancer lip-syncing during the entire song.
  • On the PAL cover, her glove is purple, her hair is shorter, her shirt is pink, and her buns are missing.
  • The dancer is featured on the PAL and NTSC box art.
  • The translation of "Wanko Ni Mero Mero" from Japanese to English is "Madly in Love With the Doggy".
  • Besides the sentence "The dog accidentally [gibberish]..." in Japanese, "I want a chiwawa" being spelled out in English, the word "Sorry!", "Let's go one more time!" and "Achoo!" at the end of the bridge, the song consists entirely of gibberish and Japanese onomatopoeia.
  • The audio was first released on the German Amazon website.[4]
  • This song's official release date was on September 29, 2015, which makes it the latest released song to be featured in Just Dance Now.
  • This is the fifth song to be made by Ubisoft and to have a music video, after Jamaican Dance, Dance All Nite, Miss Understood, Feel So Right and succeeded by Stadium Flow, Run the Night and Je sais pas danser.
  • "Chiwawa" is an original song created by Ubisoft in collaboration with soundtrack composer Tom Salta and Japanese singer Reni Mimura.[5]
  • The coaches from Built For This and I Gotta Feeling make a cameo appearance in the background.
  • In the Behind-the-Scenes footage, the chihuahuas in the background were actually photo shot from a real chihuahua which was put on the green screen.
  • In the car routine of Teacher, this song can be heard in the beginning for about a second.
  • In the credits it says "Anonymous cats and dogs" and "No animal were harmed in the making".[7]
  • This coach appears in the icon of World Video Challenge along with C3 from Uptown Funk.
    • They both appeared in the beta version of the Dance Quest icon earlier.
  • At BGS (Brasil Game Show) 2015, a Community Remix for this song was seen in the menu. However, when the game was released, Uptown Funk’s Community Remix was included instead.
  • From March 23, 2016 to March 25, 2016, Chiwawa was free on Just Dance Now to celebrate "National Puppy Day".
  • In the Behind the Scenes video of the routine, Mehdi and Aurélie can be seen performing a move that is not present in the actual routine.[8]
  • On the album coach for I Gotta Feeling Showtime, the animals that appear in this song's background are detailed differently.
    • Also, a coach can be seen in the Showtime video itself. [9]
  • This is the second song in the series to feature a coach with a paper-like outline, after No Control, and later being followed by Don’t Stop Me Now (both versions).
    • The Alternate of Don't Stop Me Now recycles the outline style from this coach.
  • As seen on the PAL boxart, on the Just Dance website, and on the Youtube thumbnails the coach was going to have beta outlines. On the PAL boxart its yellow, on the website its purple and on the thumbnails its a white outline without the paper effect.
  • The song was played during the play-off of the Just Dance World Cup 2015.[10]
  • In an episode of Ray Donovan (Season 4), the routine along with Stadium Flow makes an appearance.[11]
  • This dance is referenced in the beginning of I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll.
  • The skirt of this dancer is worn by Natoo in the music video of Je Sais Pas Danser.
  • The coach's skirt appears in the background of Youth Training Manual.
  • The dance can be seen in Barbie: Video Game Hero.
  • According to a Just Dance Lesson made by Aurélie Sériné, the chiwawa that appears in the background of both routines is called Winky.
  • The Wii U/PC version and the Xbox One/PS4 version of the alternate used to have some differences for a short period of time:
    • In the former, the dollhouse is seen as a plain purple silhouette, while the Xbox One/PS4 version applies some shading effects on it.
    • The Wii U/PC background is plain blue and its pattern has many B's for Barbie, while the Xbox One/PS4 background has a gradient and has a pattern with chihuahua heads and the Barbie logo.
    • The chihuahua dog that sometimes pops up in the Xbox One/PS4 version is totally absent in the Wii U/PC version.
    • The background in the chorus is entirely recycled from the Classic routine on Wii U/PC, but it has some additional elements on PS4/Xbox One.
    • The Xbox One/PS4 version has some additional animations.
    • The cutscene where the coach rides a pink coupé with a chiwawa sitting on her left is not featured in the Wii U/PC version, although the car and the barking chiwawa can still be heard.
      • As of January 30, 2017, the video on Wii U and PC has been replaced with the one being used on the Xbox One and PS4.
  • The remastered alternate for the song is likely due to the song and routine being used in Barbie Video Game Hero. Dance battle of chiwawa is the last level that Barbie needs to play in order to beat the virus.
  • When the Remastered Version was first added to Just Dance Unlimited along with Don’t Worry, the routines did not have the "NEW" indicators, and the routines were only accessible through the Recommended section.
    • These errors have not yet been fixed for the Remastered Version, though it has been for Don't Worry.
  • The Alternate is free on Just Dance Unlimited, just like Taste The Feeling's alternate was.
  • The Alternate routine is the fourth in the series whose code name is not (SongName)ALT. It is preceeded by the three Contest Winners from When I Grow Up, which are named contest1, contest2 and contest3 in the files.
  • Swish Swish's P2 reuses the puppy heads from the Classic coach's outfit.
  • A different preview for the Alternate routine is featured on the official Barbie YouTube channel. It features the end of the song and has a different interface than other songs' previews. The lyrics are visible and there are only four players instead of six. In addition, instead of the "players" scoring randomly, they score only GOOD and YEAH, and they all score the exact same amount of points, although only "Happy" has the crown.
  • In the gameplay for the Alternate, the pictograms have completely changed assets: the end of the slide has a different beat effect, and the pictograms pulse to the beat of the song and flash white before fading off; plus, the Gold Move pictograms (except for the last one) have an animated glow behind their torso.
  • This song can be played offline on the Nintendo Switch (not including the Alternate Version).
  • On 舞力全开:活力派, the artist name appears as 喝醉的小狗, which translates to "Drunk Puppy" instead of "Madly in Love With the Doggy".


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4 Walls快乐崇拜宝贝女孩祖克宝贝Bad GirlBang Bang BangBar Bar Bar买!买!买!小鸡小鸡吉娃娃小丑倍儿爽最炫民族风牛仔很忙疯狂圣诞达贡巴随河而去酒歌曼波来了英雄的瑟塔基舞曲公公偏头痛无可比拟的感觉狂热足球Gee咆哮火锅爽第五号匈牙利舞曲爱尔兰草甸舞曲伊西多拉你好!曼波!当我抱你时功夫精舞门你的弟弟疯了小苹果失恋阵线联盟火热辣妈明白小姐麦格希的谎言大美丽氮气机器人Play 我呸搞笑南瓜教授爱有引力魅力无限心灵探索光波超人嗨翻今夜夏日甜心盛夏好声音爆破大师月亮代表我的心扭一扭,摇一摇有事吗...为什么《威廉·退尔》序曲圣诞树你在我心中青春修炼手册
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Baby GirlBaby ZoukBoomChiwawaCrazy ChristmasDagombaDown By The RiversideDrop the MamboEpic SirtakiFeel So RightFutebol CrazyHungarian Dance No. 5Irish Meadow DanceIsidoraJambo MamboKatti KalandalKool KontactKurio ko uddah le janaMamasitaMiss UnderstoodMugsy BaloneyNitro BotProfessor PumplestickleSo GlamorousSoul Searchin’SpectronizerStadium FlowThe Master BlasterTwist and Shake ItWhy Oh WhyWilliam Tell OvertureXMas TreeYou’re On My Mind
All About UsBailarBangBonbonCake By The OceanCan’t Feel My FaceCarnaval BoomCheap ThrillsCola SongDon’t Stop Me NowDon’t Wanna KnowDragostea Din TeiEl TikiGhost In The KeysGrooveHips Don’t LieI Love Rock ‘N’ RollInto YouLa BicicletaLast ChristmasLean OnLeilaLike I WouldLittle SwingOishii OishiiPoPiPo卡拉永远OKRadicalRun the NightScream & ShoutSeptemberSingle Ladies (Put a Ring on It)SorryTe DominarTico-Tico No Fubá腿之歌TitaniumWatch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)What Is LoveWherever I GoWorth It

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