Dance Crews (alternatively known as Quartets) are a feature that has appeared in every game in the series since Just Dance 3.


Dance Crews are a feature which debuted in Just Dance 3 and appeared in every subsequent game. Each Dance Crew routine features at least four playable coaches (six in the XBOX One version of Kiss You).

Just Dance 3

Dance Crews debuted in this installment. They feature four playable coaches and the pictograms come from the right and disappear in the center. 


Baby One More Time gameplay

Dance Crews in Just Dance 3:

Just Dance Wii 2

Just Dance Wii 2 uses the same mechanics as Just Dance 3.


Rising Sun gameplay

There are five songs with Dance Crews in Just Dance Wii 2, they are:

Just Dance 4

The pictograms have improved and they disappear at the side of the screen.


Crucified gameplay

Dance Crews in Just Dance 4:

Just Dance 2014

The pictograms have improved.


Ghostbusters gameplay

Dance Crews in Just Dance 2014:

Just Dance Wii U

This game follows Just Dance 2014’s mechanics. Of all the games to have Dance Crews, this one has the fewest, with four.

Lovemachine gameplay

Love Machine gameplay

Dance Crews in Just Dance Wii U:

Just Dance 2015

The pictograms look to be slightly improved. There is also one Dance Crew Mashup.


Dance Crews in Just Dance 2015:

Just Dance 2016


This Is How We Do gameplay

Dance Crews in Just Dance 2016:

Just Dance 2017


Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) gameplay

Dance Crews in Just Dance 2017:

Alternate Routines

Just Dance 2018

Dance Crews in Just Dance 2018:
Swishswish gameplay

Swish Swish gameplay

Alternate Routines



  • Just Dance 4, Just Dance 2014, and Just Dance 2015 feature the most Dance Crews, with nine each.
  • Kiss You is the first and currently only downloadable Dance Crew (even though it is recycled). It is also the only 6-person Dance Crew.
  • On the Xbox One from Just Dance 2014 onward, most routines allow for six players to play at once. This is not the case for dance crews, as six cannot be divided evenly by four.
  • Just Dance 2016 allows players on 8th-Generation consoles to obtain the use of smartphones and the Just Dance Controller App for scoring, a feature that allows up to six players, even for Dance Crews. This is not the case for the Xbox One’s Kinect.
  • Starting with Just Dance 2016, with the use of a smartphone or a Wii/Move remote on the Wii U and PlayStation 4, multiple players can select a singular dancer. Previously, only one player was admitted to each available dancer.
  • Although Just Dance Wii U has fewer Dance Crews than Just Dance Wii 2, Just Dance Wii 2 has more Dance Crews that are exclusive to the Japanese series.
  • On Just Dance 3, the scores and player names for Dance Crews are displayed at the top of the screen, unlike other modes where they're displayed on the sides.



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