"El Sabor Del Ritmo" is a Double Rumble routine available in Just Dance 2018 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Appearance of the Dancer

Switchmariachi coach 1

The dancer is a man dressed like a Mexican cowboy. He has a black moustache, and wears a black and purple sombrero, a black jacket and black pants, and a pink bowtie and cloth around his hips. He also has a triangle; in one hand he is holding the stick to play it with, and in the other hand, he is holding the instrument.


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  • El Sabor Del Ritmo translates to "the taste of the rhythm".
  • El Sabor Del Ritmo is the first routine which uses instruments in the dance.
  • This is the only Double Rumble routine to have vocals in the song.



Just Dance 2018 - El Sabor Del Ritmo Double Rumble02:50

Just Dance 2018 - El Sabor Del Ritmo Double Rumble


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