As with several other games, the Just Dance series is no exception to having its own Easter Eggs. Here, you can browse through all the Easter eggs which Ubisoft has so kindly put in the Just Dance series.

What defines an Easter Egg?

An Easter Egg could be anything - something that unlocks additional content, "cameos" from dancers outside from their own song; really anything that can be considered "secret" or "bonus" content. They could even be beta elements (although this page should be left for the best of beta elements as there are already pages for that). Also, see songs with the title in the background for more Easter Eggs.

Just Dance 2

Just Dance: Summer Party/Extra Songs

Just Dance Kids 2

Just Dance Wii

  • By playing all the songs in Just Dance Wii, Just Mario is unlocked. A 1-UP sound can be heard when unlocking it.
  • The Beta silhouette of When I Grow Up appears in the Multiplayer menu of Just Dance Wii, although the song is not in the game.

Just Dance 3

Just Dance: Greatest Hits

Just Dance Wii 2

Just Dance 4

Just Dance 2014

Just Dance Kids 2014

Just Dance Wii U

Just Dance Now

Just Dance 2015

Just Dance 2016


Just Dance 2017

Just Dance Machine

Many backgrounds, clothes and samples from other routines of the series are re-used in some Just Dance Machine routines.


Just Dance 2018


The stickers have references to other dancers as shown here.

Just Dance 2019


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