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Gold Move
Description A special dance move which
offers extra points.
First appeared Just Dance 2
All Appearances All games (except for Just Dance)

A Gold Move is a special dance move that gives a huge amount of points if done correctly. When it is obtained the player will get a YEAH!.

Gold Moves were first introduced in Just Dance 2, replacing Shake Moves in Just Dance, and has appeared in every game to date, even in spinoffs such as Just Dance Kids and the Japan-exclusive Just Dance Wii games. Unlike Shake Moves, Gold Moves appear in every song. So far, the songs tied with the greatest number of Gold Moves in the franchise are Proud Mary and Ninja Re Bang Bang. On average, Gold Moves offer 200-300 points.

In every game, Gold Moves change sound effects and the pictogram design (exept in "Just Dance Kids" where the sound effects aren't changed). The pictograms for the moves are displayed as completely golden in Solo routines, however, in Duets and Dance Crews, the pictograms have their respective color, but they're shining golden. The gold moves in some songs are outlined in red, and keep their normal pictogram color (only for Duets, Trios, and Dance Crews), which is the case for Dark Horse, Danse, Macarena, Maria (Sweat), Could You Be Loved, Candy, Speedy Gonzales, and Hey Mama. In other songs, they can be outlined in pink (Don't Worry Be Happy) or even in black and golden (In the Summertime).

Gold Moves in duets and Dance Crews are often obtained by all the players simultaneously but not always. They can also be obtained separately or in a "wave," example: Player 1 gets their Gold Move first and directly after Player 2 gets theirs. Starting from Just Dance 3 , if a Gold Move is performed correctly, the Wii-Mote and PlayStation Move will vibrate. The Wii-Mote and PlayStation Move will also make a sound if correctly received, barring Just Dance 4. In Just Dance 4 dance crews, when gold moves are performed in a row, the pitch gets higher. In Just Dance Now and Just Dance Controller, the phone will make a sound if the player does a Gold Move correctly.

In the Just Dance Kids games, the Gold Move pictograms have the same colour as the normal pictograms but they have a gold surrounding them.

In ABBA: You Can Dance, the circles that contain the Gold Move pictograms are golden.


  • Some songs from Just Dance reappeared in later games with gold moves added to the routine, replacing Shake Moves.
  • In Miss Understood’s Mashup, there is a hidden Gold Move in the extreme version of Wild Wild West’s part. It appears without effects and pictograms.
  • When Barbra Streisand appears with the first Gold Move in Just Dance 2014 Mashups, it appears without the Gold Move pictogram, but the move is still treated and counted as a Gold Move.
  • For songs that are shorter and/or have a small amount of counted moves, the Gold Moves with be worth many more points than usual. For example, Tetris’s Gold Move is worth about 770 points.
  • In Just Dance 2, Just Dance 3 and Just Dance Wii, the golden shade of the Solo Gold Move pictograms depends on the colour of the normal ones: for example, Toxic has lilac pictograms and its Gold Move one is in a lighter shade of yellow; on the opposite, Let's Go To The Mall has dark purple pictograms and its Gold Moves ones are in a very dark shade.
  • Even failed Gold Moves can give you some points.
  • In Just Dance Kids, there are no special effects during a gold move.
  • In Just Dance 2017, the effect is similar to the updated Just Dance Now effect. However, this new effect appears only on 8th generation consoles; the older ones keep the Just Dance 2016 effect.

Conventional Pictograms

Just Dance 2

Just Dance Wii

Just Dance 3

Just Dance Wii 2

Just Dance 4

Just Dance 2014

Just Dance Wii U

Just Dance 2015

Just Dance 2016

Yo-kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Edition

Just Dance Now (Chinese Version)

Just Dance 2017

Specially Colored Pictograms

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Gold Move Effects

Sound Effects


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