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Mi Gente - Just Dance 2018

Mi Gente - Just Dance 2018

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Random Fact

I Get Around makes a reappearance in Rock n’ Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain)'s Puppet Master Mode, with a redder shirt and slighty different moves.
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  • JustDanceTynkerMatty

    Relastic Squares

    February 22, 2018 by JustDanceTynkerMatty

    Hello guys! This blog is about edited versions of squares made with Enlight. I can't put any sqaures on this blog for some reason.

    Read more >
  • TheElectraFroot

    "Living with identities that do not belong to me"

    With this first quote, I'd like to announce that I have changed my name. I'm no longer "ChristinaGrimmieLove". I am now "TheElectraFroot"

    Why did I make the change? Because...

    1. I have finally stepped out of my Christina Grimmie era. You know how in 2013…
    Read more >
  • Farazz

    Just Dance Deja Vu

    February 20, 2018 by Farazz

    (stuff is fanmade, obviously)

    "Just Dance Deja Vu" is the first game by Derpysoft or in the Just Dance Deja Vu series.

    1 track have been revealed
    Song Artist Year Mode Square
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