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Just Dance 2018 Official Gamescom Song Reveals02:03

Just Dance 2018 Official Gamescom Song Reveals

Article of the Month
The Article of the Month for September 2017 is Footloose!

Footloose by Kenny Loggins is featured in Just Dance Kids 2014 and Just Dance 2018, where the song is covered by The Just Dance Kids and Top Culture respectively.

In its Kids iteration, the routine is shown in a Mashup-style with various dancers from songs from the game switching between one another.

In the 2018 version, the routine employs an office theme with the dancer performing vivaciously with several backup dancers dancing on office desks.

Thanks for voting! See you back again next month!

Countdown to Just Dance 2018!
Countdown to Brasil Game Show 2017!
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Poll of the Day
Which is your favorite September 13, 2017 reveal?

The poll was created at 14:34 on September 14, 2017, and so far 155 people voted.
Random Fact

I Get Around makes a reappearance in Rock n’ Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain)'s Puppet Master Mode, with a redder shirt and slighty different moves.
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  • Thicksimilian

    (insert more meme-ness here)

    Hoo boy, Just Dance seems to have been active this month. I'm happy.

    Also, yadda yadda scoring system yadda yadda my opinions. You know the drill by now.


    8. Bad Liar - Selena Gomez

    Boring. Just plain boring. Which is an absolutely horrible position to be in for a routi…

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  • Yandere Budo

    Just Dance With Themes

    September 20, 2017 by Yandere Budo

    Created by BudoSoft
    Realeased October 31
    Availible For Wii Xbox 360 and One WiiU And PS3 and PS4
    Description: Have you wondered what Just Dance+Other things would be now you can with JUST DANCE THEMES jam out to songs live Hatsune Miku Under The Water Wrecking Ball in My Little Pony with Make Your Own…

    Read more >
  • Yandere Budo

    Hi Its Yandere Budo ( Formely Gaming Dude 1234 ) i made a new account because GamingDude1234 was old unuseful and Bad im Back and Ready to SHINE

    heres an unrealeased square for I Want It All

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