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Thie subpage lists the known beta elements of Just Dance.


The game's features were very different in the beta version:

  1. The scoring system was less detailed.
  2. The pictograms were unfinished.
  3. Originally, the coaches' facial features were a lot more visible.
  4. "X" and "OK" were slightly different.
  5. Lyrics were going to have fading effect between two lines

Songs and Routines

Can't Get You Outta My Head

Just Dance Beta Dancer (Can't Get You Out of My Head)

Beta dancer

Cotton Eye Joe

  • There is a beta picture that shows a slightly different background without the sheriff stars, and the dancer's face is more visible.


  • As seen on a few pictures, Fame is strongly different. She's not wearing the orange outfit seen in the final game, instead, she's wearing a golden hat, a golden top with an F on it for "Fame," golden shorts and golden shoes. Oddly, she's dancing in front of the Womanizer background. This might have been originally for the Fame choreography. This picture also showed that the lyrics-feature was different and more detailed. This picture as well shows that there was originally a perfect rating.


  • This song has a beta pictogram.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

  • The background was a red wall with hot-pink spotted lights.

I Get Around

  • The coach's face was going to be more visible, like some of the other songs in the game.
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Jerk It Out

  • The dancer originally had a lighter colour scheme. The beta dancer can still be seen on the menu icon.
    • Also, in the Beta version, the background was slightly darker.

Pump Up the Jam

  • The dancer was much brighter and lines in the background were bigger. This picture also showed that the lyrics-feature was different and more detailed, just like Fame.
Pump up the jam beta

Surfin’ Bird

  • There is a picture of the dance with a different background. It was a pixelated long black road.
Just dance 6


  • This song was going to use Girls Just Want To Have Fun's background.

Who Let the Dogs Out?

  • This dancer had a lighter colour palette. Later remakes are based on this beta.

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