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  • The original name of the game was allegedly Just Dance 5, as there are some placeholder images with "JD5" on them, and the main folder for the game is titled "jd5".
    • Additionally, on a website for a game conference, the game logo that was supposed to say "Just Dance 2014" was shown as "Just Dance 5" instead.


  • The game was originally supposed to have a demo, as there is an unused Extras square with the words "Not available in demo version" that can be found in the files of Just Dance Wii U.

Visual Effects

  • The game featured the same Gold Move sound and menu music as Just Dance 4.
  • The feedback icons received better animation in the final game. As seen in early previews for the game, the scoring text was completely still instead of "bouncing" like in the final game.
  • The obtained stars and Wiimote calibrations (Wii and Wii U versions only) did not originally "dance" in rhythm to the music.
  • Originally, the scoring would have featured a black bar between the player name and the actual scoring. This design idea ended up being used in Just Dance 2016, Just Dance 2017 and Just Dance 2018, albeit with multi-colored bars.
  • One of the default player names were going to be "Chipsy", as seen in an early screenshot.
  • Initially the star bar was different, it was with 2D bigger bars one above the other. They can be seen in the short gameplay thumbnail of Danse (Pop version).
  • The color of the World Dance Floor was in a darker shade of purple.
  • Mojo coins had many different designs. 
  • Party Master Mode was originally going to have a different design, and some different captions for dance moves.
    • Note also that one of the captions was for the Alternate version of Call Me Maybe, which never appears in Mashups or Party Masters.
    • There was also a "Strike The Pose" button, like in Just Dance 4 Puppet Masters.
  • The original Mojo Coins were supposed to have different colors.
  • As already mentioned above, an unused Extras square can be found in the files of Just Dance Wii U.

Unknown Dancers

  • A male dancer in a red splatter suit with spikes and yellow shoes appears on the PAL boxart, on the UK website, and on the Soundless Quiz, but not in the game. Some people have unofficially dubbed him as a dancer for Treasure by Bruno Mars. In a picture there is the duet partner that confirm that its in beta version and its a duet song in JD2014. He also looks similar to the male dancer from Candy, and has been suspected to be a beta dancer for that.
  • A dancer with a disco ball head appears in Mash-Ups and makes a minor appearance in Gentleman but is not seen with his own dance routine in the game. He is however an avatar that is available for purchase, and the most expensive thing to buy in the whole game for 500 Mojo coins. Some people unofficial dubbed him as the dancer for Just Dance by Lady Gaga as a Sweat or Extreme version. This was proven wrong later, due to the February DLC, the Sweat Version of the song, which showed a completely different coach. This assumption is probably based on the fact that the mirror ball is a recurring theme in the music video.
    • The dancer's pictogram color is usually light blue, but, in the C'mon Sweat Mashup, this same dancer has two differently colored pictograms, the first one is light blue and the second one is light green for unknown reasons. Another strange thing is that, in all the Mashups, there's always a disco ball in the middle of the background: this may refer to this unknown dancer.
    • In the game files, the song code name is simply "discoballman2".
      • He makes a cameo in the background of Happy, but with a magenta outfit instead of the blue and red one. A similar dancer is seen in the routine of Je sais pas danser with a blue shirt and pants.
      • He also appears in Just Dance 2015 and later with a magenta hat, when there is a new Community Remix contest.
      • He also makes a cameo in the Just Dance Harlem Shake.[1]
  • A male dancer wearing a hat with spikes, a blue jacket, a black vest, blue jeans, black shoes, and a black glove appears in the background of the Just Dance 2014 Website[2]. Like the red suited dancer, he doesn't appear in the game. He looks similar to the dancer from The Other Side, and has been suggested to be for an alternate mode for that song. However, Ubisoft confirmed he was a promotional figure, not an actual dancer.
  • An unknown female coach appears in the background of Blurred Lines; after exploring the files, it has been proven that she was meant to be for Man Down by Rihanna.
  • In the Announcement trailer, a male dancer with a yellow outfit black glove red headband appears very briefly-almost to the point where you can't see it-in the trailer. The same goes for a male dancer similar in appearance to Should I Stay Or Should I Go. The dancers appear at the same moment, around 0:54.
    • They do also make an appearance in front of the Green Screen on a computer (to the far right) in the Harlem Shake video[3] made by the Just Dance team and uploaded to their official YouTube account. This could imply that the two dancers were going to be in a Duet routine or a Battle between most likely unused songs. Some people have unofficially dubbed them as the dancers for Beat It by Michael Jackson or Paradise by Coldplay.


Game Features

  • As already said above, Just Dance DJ was going to be featured in the game, but it was inexplicably removed.
  • Medleys were going to reappear in the game.[citation needed]


Alfonso Signorini (Eroe Nazionale)

  • The song has various Beta pictograms.

All I Want for Christmas Is You

  • Some files for All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey were found in the files of the game. The dancer makes an appearance in Just Dance 2015 and Just Dance 2016 Mashups and Party Master Mode.

American Girl

  • American Girl was supposed to have a sky blue glowy outline instead of a thick blue and white solid outline. This is visible in some Beta screenshots and in the menu icon.

Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In

  • The hug wasn't counted as a Gold Move in the preview.[5]
  • In some preview pictures, the routine has uncoloured pictograms (green for P1 and red for P2, the default pictogram colours)


  • Just like Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In, in some pictures the pictograms have default colours.
  • As seen on the NTSC cover, P1 was originally going to have a slightly different color scheme.

Can’t Hold Us

  • Can't Hold Us has some Beta pictograms.


  • Candy has a Beta pictogram.

Careless Whisper

  • There was a beta version of the On-Stage Mode, where in the announcement trailer, the On-Stage version of Careless Whisper can briefly be seen at 1:20, the dancers' color schemes are strongly different; the lead dancer is wearing a red jacket instead of a yellow one, and the backup dancers are dressed in darker pink. The most curious thing is that after 8 seconds, they appear again with the color scheme in the final version.
  • On an image showing all of the avatars that are on Just Dance 2014 (see in Gallery), a beta version of Careless Whisper’s avatar can be seen on there, and the avatar has a different type of sunglasses.


  • Copacabana by Barry Manilow (covered in-game) was supposed to be on the game.[6] [7] It was cut due to unknown reasons. However, this song is now officially in Just Dance 2016.

Danse (Pop Version)

  • The coach looks different in its concept art: she has longer hair and lacked her jacket.


  • With the use of a hacked Wii, instead of We Can't Stop appearing in the shop, there is a song called Dummy;if the player downloaded it, they would only get an empty dancer square. This was removed later on.

Feel So Right

  • The red highlights on the coach’s outfit were originally going to be blue instead of red, and her glove and her shoes were more ochre than gold. This Beta color scheme is seen in Blurred Lines’s background.

Feel This Moment

  • In the Just Dance Now files, there are 2 beta pictograms which are in different colors.
  • As seen in the background of Blurred Lines, the coach’s shirt was violet and bottle green instead of purple and navy blue, and her pants were aquamarine instead of silver.

Flashdance... What A Feeling

  • The song has an unused Gold Move and 2 Beta pictograms. One of them shows that Gold Move 3 was not supposed to be a Gold Move.

Follow The Leader

  • The song has 8 Beta pictograms. Some have different colors, possibly meaning the coach wasn't going to change color schemes during the routine.


  • The song has a Beta pictogram.

Get Lucky

  • An unknown avatar can be found in the avatar shop in Just Dance 2015. It was later discovered that this was an unreleased DLC alternate version of Get Lucky.


  • P4 from Ghostbusters was meant to be in a darker shade of green, as seen in an early screenshot.

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)

  • The Classic routine has some unused pictograms.

I Kissed a Girl

  • The song's Gold Moves weren't counted as Gold Moves.

I Need Your Love

  • The song had a different menu icon, which can be seen in the Shop.
    • The coach also seems to miss her glove on this icon.
  • Two beta pictograms for the song can be found in the Just Dance Now files.

In The Summertime

  • P2, P3, and P4 were originally going to have different colored gloves, as seen when selecting your dancer in the dancer selection screen for the song and on the song's square; P2's glove was going to be yellow, P3's glove was going to be red, and P4's glove was going to be light pink.
  • All of the coaches originally had green outlines instead of pink outlines, as seen in a screenshot.

It's You

  • It's You had a different Mashup icon, which has been found in the files. The background is blue with three black silhouettes, and it shows the Sweat coach instead of the Classic one.

I Will Survive

  • The routine originally had a different menu icon, as seen in an early screenshot.
    • Also, in the same screenshot, it is seen that the dancer was supposed to have a purple glove instead of a cyan one.

Just Dance

  • In an early avatar, it was shown that the dancer originally had longer hair and had no ponytail.


  • Limbo has a total of 25 Beta pictograms.
  • In a Beta picture showing all avatars from Just Dance 2014, P1's avatar didn't have its collar nor its tie.

Love Boat

  • Love Boat was going to have a different choreography, as shown in the Just Dance Now files.

Man Down

  • As already mentioned above, Man Down by Rihanna was meant to be part of Just Dance 2014, however it was removed due to unknown reasons. The dancer makes an appearance in Blurred Lines’ background.

Nitro Bot/Robot Rock

  • Nitro Bot’s routine was originally Daft Punk's Robot Rock. This is proven by the code name of the routine, which is "RobotRock", and by the fact that it matches the unused song perfectly.
    • There is also an unseen Gold Move in the routine. 

Pound The Alarm

  • Gold Moves 2, 4 and 5 weren´t supposed to be Gold Moves.
  • The Extreme Version has two Beta squares. One of them is found in a tutorial video for downloading DLCs on Just Dance 2014 for Wii U and the other is found on the PAL version's instruction manual for downloading DLCs.
  • On the menu icon, P2's leotard is yellow and blue instead of yellow and dark purple.


  • The song has an unused pictogram.

Rock N Roll

  • Basing off an early screenshot, the coach's outline was pink and glowy instead of white and thick before the routine release. This is also the case with the menu assets.
    • Another promotional screenshot shows her with a thicker version of the Beta outline.

Safe And Sound

  • The fifth dancer originally had longer hair.
  • There are some beta pictures where C1 performs the second move differently.


  • The song has a Beta pictogram.

The Other Side

  • Gold Move 2 wasn't meant to be a Gold Move. The song has also two Beta pictograms.


  • P1 was going to have blonde hair, but it was changed to black in the final game; this Beta element can be seen in a concept art.


  • The Classic coach originally had a slightly different color scheme, according to a few promotional images.
  • There are some Beta pictograms for the Classic routine.

We Can't Stop

  • We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus was released on November 26 in the shop by accident, but it got removed short after. It is now a DLC for Just Dance 2015, although the dancer's color scheme and the background are changed.
    • With the use of a hacked Wii, instead of We Can't Stop appearing in the shop, there is a song called Dummy;if the player downloaded it, they would only get an empty dancer square. This was removed later on.


  • In the song's Just Dance Now files, it can be seen that none of the Gold Moves were originally meant to be Gold Moves.
  • There is a Beta pictogram that resembles the three Gold Move pictograms from Rich Girl and is uncolored.