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Addicted To You

  • Addicted To You has two unused pictograms, which are purple instead of orange due to being based on the coach's appearance behind the scenes.[1]


  • P1's dress was purple and P2's shirt was lemon green for a period of time (as well as their pictograms), but they respectively changed to red and light yellow on the final game.

Bang Bang 

  • The Just Dance Now files for Bang Bang contain two placeholder pictograms.
  • The coaches from Bang Bang had more visible facial features than in the final version.


  • In the beta version of Birthday, the copies of the coach in the background weren't green or 3D. They were also wearing boots in a different color than the dancer.
  • Birthday seems to have lots of changed features. In a picture, her outline is orange instead of light blue. In a preview video, the arrows for the pictograms are fuchsia instead of red, and in the Just Dance Awards picture, her outline is faded instead of being thick.
  • In the Just Dance Now files, there are also unfinished pictograms taken from the Behind-The-Scenes footage.

Black Widow

  • In a beta gameplay of Black Widow, the coach makes one of the poses that she does when she turns red; however, in that picture, she is still blue.

Break Free

  • Break Free has a Beta pictogram that sometimes appears in the Just Dance Now version.

Built For This

  • Built For This had green shoes and a different colored belt, as shown in the Beta preview. This beta version appears in Party Master modes in Just Dance 2015 and 2016, and in Uptown Funk's background and Mashup, as well as in Cheap Thrills' Mashup.

Dancing Queen

  • Dancing Queen was mentioned by Ubisoft, but was not added to the game. However, files have been found in the archives of the game.
    • An avatar for P2 appears in the Just Dance Now files.

Dark Horse

  • Dark Horse has 4 beta pictograms. They show the moves done in the chorus.


  • According to a showreel uploaded on Vimeo, the coach was meant to have a greenish glow.

Don’t Worry Be Happy

  • P2 of Don't Worry Be Happy was supposed to have a different pose in the coach selection menu.

Get Low

  • First, the Get Low dancers had regular white skin, but then it was changed to black. This beta element can be seen in the "Customize your Dancer Card!" icon, where P1's avatar is depicted with white skin.


  • Happy has an unused pictogram.
  • The gospel singers in the background were going to appear as yellow slihouettes, according to a beta picture.
  • A Beta menu icon can be seen in a promotional picture for Just Dance Now.

I Love It

  • I Love It originally had a different color scheme, as seen on the NTSC cover for the game.

I Luh Ya Papi

  • The backup dancers in I Luh Ya Papi were in full opacity.
  • The blue parts of the coach's outfit were initially more pointed to green, as shown in Hips Don't Lie's mashup

It's My Birthday

  • The dancers from It's My Birthday originally had different colored clothes, and the pictograms had their default colours (green for P1, red for P2 and magenta for P3) in the preview.

Kiss Kiss

  • Kiss Kiss can be found in the NTSC files of the game.
  • The game files contain a Mashup for Kiss Kiss; the theme is Cowboy, and the icon dancer is Waking Up in Vegas.

Let It Go

  • The Sing-Along version of Let It Go had a different menu icon, as seen in the shop.

Love Is All

  • Love Is All (P1) was supposed to have a blue dress but in the final game, her dress is pink. This beta element can be seen while downloading a DLC and in many promotional pictures.


  • In the menu icon of Macarena, the orange-dyed part of P4’s hair is more brown than orange. Also, P3's hair is lighter.


  • Maps has 4 beta pictograms (including a placeholder one, which also appears in the files for Addicted To You, Dare and Stuck On A Feeling) along with an unused Gold Move.

Me And My Broken Heart

  • A Beta color scheme is used in the menu assets for the Mashup of Problem: P1's pants are blue instead of orange and P2's collar is blue instead of red.
    • In the actual gameplay, the original colors are kept.

Movement is Happiness (Find Your Thing)

  • This routine has two Beta pictograms.


  • Problem’s glove was neon green for a period of time, but was changed to purple in the final game.
    • Also, the pictograms in the preview have orange arrows (despite the glove being neon green).


  • A woman with brown curly hair, red jacket, yellow shirt underneath, purple skirt with yellow dots, red leggins and brown heels appears in Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’s Mashup. The game files prove this coach was supposed to be for Respect by Aretha Franklin.

Speedy Gonzales

  • Speedy Gonzales has 7 unfinished pictograms.


  • In early screenshots, the pictograms for Summer had their default colours (green with red arrows).
  • The Fitness coach was supposed to have a light blue outline instead of a lime green one. This beta mask appears in Mashups and Party Master Modes.

The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)

  • In the beta version, The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) was just called "The Fox".
  • The lyric colour was red. It was changed to orange in the final game.

You Never Can Tell

  • You Never Can Tell by Chuck Berry was supposed to appear in the game too, but only its files are there. This song ended up appearing in Just Dance 2016, covered by A. Caveman and The Backseats with a remade version.
    • The Just Dance 2015 version's cover appears while downloading a DLC or while uploading an Autodance, and partially in the Playlist menu icon.

You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)

  • You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) had different colored shades (silver and gold instead of sky blue and silver). This Beta element can be seen in the menu assets for the routine.
    • These files were updated around April 2015 in the Just Dance Now archives, removing the Beta element an editing the menu icon.

You're On My Mind

  • According to a video on Just Dance's YouTube channel, the background was more animated (for example, during Gold Move 2, a part of the background would speed up).

Unused Mashups

Unknown Dancers

  • An unknown avatar can be found in the avatar shop. This turned out that this could have been an unreleased alternate of Get Lucky from Just Dance 2014 as a DLC due to RADICAL's Mashup files.

Game Features

  • In a video showcasing the gameplay of Burn on the PlayStation 4, many glitches are apparent. It may mean that the use of the interface was based on the Xbox 360's final production.
  • The avatars weren't going to have the sticker appearance, but it was added in the final version.
  • The effect before the scoring system was equal to Just Dance 2014. Then it was changed, as shown in the full gameplays of 4x4, Macarena, Problem and Built For This: it has an effect similar to Just Dance 4, with squares "closing" the dance and showing the text "Just Dance 2015," but the scoring graphical effects still remain the same.
  • The menu was less animated and the menu icon of Holding Out for a Hero was different, and the icon for the Party Master Mode was different as well.
  • The X, OK, GOOD and PERFECT have a bounce effect in Beta versions (like in Just Dance 2014) but it changed in the final version of the game. The Gold Move effect was the same as Just Dance 2014 too as well as the Menu transitions and Menu BGM tracks.
  • It was possible to use some preset nicknames for P1 that have been taken out of the game, like "Nintendo_E3," "Gamescom" and "Mii."
  • Party Master Modes were initially seen alone in the menu (right after the playlist icon); in the final version, they appear in a separated section.
    • Their icons were totally different as well: they only consisted of the word "PARTY MASTER" written over a Wii U gamepad emblem on a purple background.
  • The Mojo Coins had a different design.
  • The menu looks a bit darker and the icons were less animated.
  • The playlist icon was a bit different in the version from E3 2014: the beta square of You Can Never Tell was seen on it, however in the final version only a very small part of the square is seen.
  • The song icons were originally going to have the glass effect, like all of the icons in Just Dance 2014, but the effect was removed for some unknown reasons.
  • A different design to the Autodance icon can be seen in the E3 trailer of the game.
  • The Ubisoft logo animation movie from Just Dance 4 is used and shortened.

Community Remix

  • Community Remix was originally called "Dance Mix" and it had the Just Dance 2014 interface.

Party Master Mode

  • Party Master Mode was supposed to return on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, as its files were found in the Xbox 360 files of the game.

On-Stage Mode

  • According to the Just Dance game site, On-Stage Mode was going to return to the game, but it was not present in the final game.


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