Jd15 china
Released: Xbox One
CNMay 20th, 2015
PlayStation 4
CNAugust 25th, 2015
System(s): Xbox One & PS4
Developed by: Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft Pune, Ubisoft Reflections, Ubisoft Romania, Ubisoft Milan, Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft Montreal
Published by: Ubisoft
Genre(s): Motion Gaming
Succeeded by: 舞力全开:活力派

舞力全开2015 is a game in the Just Dance series. It is a Chinese version of Just Dance 2015, and is exclusive to the Xbox One and PS4, akin to the Japanese Just Dance games for the Wii and Wii U.


The Chinese version of Just Dance 2015 shares similar features with its western counterpart. Here is a list of the features:


  • 一般 (OK) - roughly translates to average in English
  • 优秀 (Good) - roughly translates to excellent in English
  • 完美 (Perfect) - direct translation
  • 耶! (Yeah) - roughly translates to yay! in English

Default Names

Default names, as in names like Crazy, Jazzy, Baby, Happy.

  • 甜心 (Sweetheart) [Happy]
  • 文艺青年 (Youthful) [Crazy]
  • 狂人 (Crazy) - direct translation [Jazzy]
  • 潮人 (Trendy) [Funky]
  • 宝贝儿 (Darling) - supposed to be Baby [Sunny]
  • 小清新 (Different) [Baby]


The lyrics gets highlighted by a glowing white orb that sits next to a lyric, after the lyric has been highlighted a star shoots out of the orb leaving a trail of stars. The next lyric then scrolls up after the top lyric has been highlighted.


The karaoke feature is identical to Just Dance 2015’s karaoke feature, but with scoring in Mandarin.

Dance Now

The Dance Now tag on the routine selection screen is translated as 开始跳舞, which means Start Dancing.

Track List

The game features 40 tracks from Just Dance 2015 and four exclusive Chinese songs.

  • "*" = Covered
  • "SL" = Indicates that this song is a "Sing Along" routine.
  • "2014" = This song is also featured on Just Dance 2014.
  • "K"= This song is also featured on Just Dance Kids.
  • "K2" = This song is also featured on Just Dance Kids 2.
  • "NOW" = This song is also featured on Just Dance Now.
  • "XNOW" = This song was on Just Dance Now, but has since been removed.
  • "2016U" =This song is also featured on Just Dance 2016 as a Uplay unlockable.
  • "JDU" = This song is also featured on Just Dance Unlimited.
  • "R" = This song was going to be featured in the game, but it was later removed due to a copyright issue.
  • The song list is ordered in its original order from its western counterpart with the exception of songs from the Chinese version that are placed on the top of the list.
Song Artist Year Mode Dancer(s)
High Light High Life
(娱乐天空) (R)
Eason Chan (陈奕迅) 2014 Solo Highlightchn
Dancing Diva*
Jolin Tsai (蔡依林)
(The Girly Team)
2006 Solo Dancingdivachn
Us Under The Sunshine
Wanting Qu (曲婉婷) 2013 Dance Crew UnderTheSunshineCHN
Little Apple
Chopsticks Brothers 2014 Duet
Problem Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea and Big Sean 2014 Solo
Pharrell Williams 2013 Solo
The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) Ylvis 2013 Trio
TheFox Cover Generic
Love Me Again John Newman 2013 Solo
LoveMeAgain Cover Generic
Dark Horse Katy Perry 2013 Trio
Love Is All*
Roger Glover and the Butterfly Ball
(The Sunlight Shakers)
1974 Duet
Me And My Broken Heart Rixton 2014 Duet
BrokenHeart Cover Generic
I Love It Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX 2012 Solo
Tetris* (JDU) Hirokazu Tanaka (Dancing Bros.) 1989 Dance Crew
Tetris Cover Generic
Walk This Way
Run DMC & Aerosmith 1986 Dance Crew
Let It Go (随它吧) (Mandarin Version)* (JDU) (NOW) Hu Wei Na (胡伟娜)
(Disney's Frozen) (Disney's 冰雪奇缘)
2013 Duet
Built For This
Becky G 2013 Solo
Bailando Enrique Iglesias ft. Descemer Bueno and Gente de Zona 2014 Duet
Bailando cover generic
Calvin Harris 2014 Solo
Don't Worry Be Happy* (NOW) (JDU) Bobby McFerrin
(The Bench Men)
1988 Trio
Macarena* (K) Los Del Rio
(The Girly Team)
1995 Dance Crew
Black Widow Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora 2014 Solo
Received m mid 1411874177664 1bbca0b76da0343387 0
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (SL) Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell 1967 Duet
NoMountain Cover Generic
Get Low Dillon Francis ft.
DJ Snake
2014 Duet
Getlow cover generic
Bang Bang
Jessie J ft. Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj 2014 Dance Crew
Fatima* (XNOW) Cheb Salama 2014 Solo
Fatima HD
Holding Out for a Hero
Bonnie Tyler 1984 Solo
Katy Perry 2013 Solo
Only You (And You Alone)* The Platters
(Love Letter)
1956 Duet
OnlyYou Cover Generic
Diamonds Rihanna 2012 Solo
Diamonds now
She Looks So Perfect 5 Seconds Of Summer 2014 Dance Crew
Soperfect cover generic
Xmas Tree
(NOW) (2016U)
Bollywood Santa 2014 Duet
Best Song Ever One Direction 2013 Dance Crew
Bestsongever cover generic
Bad Romance
Lady Gaga 2009 Trio
Never Can Say Goodbye
Gloria Gaynor 1974 Solo
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) Dead or Alive 1985 Solo
4x4 Miley Cyrus 2013 Dance Crew
4x4 Cover Generic
Epic Sirtaki* (NOW) (2016U) Cast of Zorba the Greek
(The Bouzouki's)
1964 Trio
It’s My Birthday Ft. Cody Wise 2014 Trio
ItsMyBirthday Cover Generic
Burn Ellie Goulding 2013 Solo
Burn cover generic
Mahna Mahna* (K2) Piero Umiliani
(Frankie Bostello)
1968 Trio
Mahna Cover Generic
Speedy Gonzales* David Dante
(Los Pimientos Locos)
1961 Duet
Maroon 5 2014 Solo
You’re On My Mind
(NOW) (2016U)
Imposs ft.
J. Perry
2014 Dance Crew (Mashup)
Addicted To You Avicii ft.
Audra Mae
2013 Solo
Nitro Bot
(2014) (NOW) (JDU)
Sentai Express 2013 Duet

Removed Songs

Song Artist Year Mode Dancer(s)
High Light High Life
(娱乐天空) (R)
Eason Chan (陈奕迅) 2014 Solo Highlightchn


  • The alternate routines from the western version of Just Dance 2015 are present in this game.
  • All four Chinese exclusives can be found in the files for Just Dance Now.
  • In the PS4 version of the game, the songs in the menu are sorted differently than in the Xbox One version.
  • Any mashups that were monthly or Ubisoft Club unlockables in the western counterpart are unlocked at the start of the game.
  • Despite being on the cover, Break Free is not on the game.
  • 舞力全开2015 was packaged along and sold together with 舞力全开2017 as a bundle.

Beta Elements

For a full list of 舞力全开2015’s beta elements, see Just Dance 2015 (Chinese Version)/Beta Elements.




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