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  • Based off an early screenshot and early trailers, Battle Mode originally had Gold Moves. It is unknown why they were removed for the regular game.
  • The Battle Mode’s Beta design had no graph of life, time, rounds, or rates.
    • The player’s victory was based off how many points they scored.
  • In the beta version of the game, there are no star bars in Puppet Master Mode, as seen in a gameplay.
  • The Gold Move effect from Just Dance 3 and Just Dance Wii 2, as well as its sound, was used with the sound effect from this game.
  • Medleys were supposed to return, as proven in the game files.
  • An unused Battle routine can be seen in a picture of the Wheel of Gift featured in the instructon booklet. The Unused battle appears to be Wild Wild West vs. I Like It.


  • The menu had a different score (in blue), but it changed for unknown reasons.
  • The Mojo icon in the menu looked different in the early versions of the game.
  • The original menu scrolls faster than the official menu. 
  • In many previews of the game, the pictogram slider was originally going to have a triangle at the end that would flash to the beat. However, in the final version of the game, this was changed to a rectangular spotlight. The spotlight fully covers a pictogram when it zooms in and fades away.
  • After the menu was changed, in one particular picture, it shows the Never Gonna Give You Up vs Moves Like Jagger battle on the right of the Classic Never Gonna Give You Up routine. Disturbia, in this picture, was on the right of Never Gonna Give You Up vs Moves Like Jagger. This may be another screenshot from E3 2012.
  • The score text ("PERFECT", "GOOD", etc.) was larger than the version in the official game, the animation lasted longer, and the crown looked different than the final release.
  • The stars had a different design, as they were a bit yellower than the final design .
    • Another design depicts them in a whiter colour and with overlap.
  • On the Xbox 360 version, the players' silhouettes on the left of the feedback icons glowed and lacked the rectangular frame seen in the final version.
  • In Just Sweat, the clock that counts down the minutes and seconds was up and not down.
  • In the beta version, players could change their avatars while the routine was loading.
  • The Puppet Master background is different than the final version.
  • In the beta version, the intro before the game starts is different. It says "DANCE" with another effect.
  • The cursor from Just Dance 3 was going to be used, but was later changed.
  • The rectangular item that shows the next move in Puppet Masters is different.
  • In the trailer for Puppet Master Modes, the next move in line had a purple outline.
  • The lyrics weren't going to be highlighted, as you can see in some Beta videos (particularly in the "Be The Puppet Master" video).
  • In the Just Dance 4 E3 Video introducing the Puppet Master Mode feature, We No Speak Americano had red pictograms despite the dancer’s outfit being magenta.
  • Sweat workout results screen were supposed to be in a brighter color scheme.
  • Puppet Masters initially had Gold Moves, but they were removed in the final version.

Songs and Dancers

(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life

  • (I've Had) The Time Of My Life has pictograms that are blue and yellow instead of yellow and red.
  • There is also an unused Gold Move and three unused pictograms.

Ain’t No Other Man

  • Ain’t No Other Man was likely supposed to be available on all consoles, due to files of in the Wii archives.
    • The Mashup is also in the PS3 and Wii archives.
  • In the cover of some NTSC copies, the coach has a golden hat instead of a navy one.
  • There is an unused pictogram in the Just Dance Now files.
  • A different menu icon can be seen in a picture of the Wheel of Gift in the instruction booklet.

Aserejé (The Ketchup Song)

  • In the Friends icon of the JDTV menu, the coaches have black hair and differently coloured gloves: P1's is yellow instead of lime green, and P2's is purple instead of lilac.

Baby Girl

  • The Just Dance 4 remake of Baby Girl has two Beta pictograms and two Beta Gold Moves.

Beauty And A Beat

  • Beauty And A Beat was going to have a red glove, but was changed to yellow in the final version of the game.

Beware of the Boys (Mundian To Bach Ke)

  • The coaches for Beware of the Boys (Mundian To Bach Ke) originally had a light blue outline instead of a green one, and their gloves had slightly lighter colours. Additionally, the graffiti in the background was more zoomed in and had some differences in the design.
  • The song has a Beta pictogram.

Call Me Maybe

Cercavo Amore

  • As seen in a behind-the-scenes image and in a beta screenshot, the coach from Cercavo Amore originally had a longer glove.

Crazy Little Thing

  • Crazy Little Thing originally had a red glove, as seen in the gameplay footage. Also, her dress was more pink than red.


Diggin’ in the Dirt


  • The hair for the coach of Disturbia in the cover of the PAL version is completely pink, while the actual hair is navy blue and pink.
  • Also in the cover, the face has a lightning bolt painted on her eye rather than a triangle.
  • The coach is seen performing different dance moves in a showreel, as seen here. It is unknown why the routine was changed.
  • The routine has two Beta pictograms.

Gangnam Style

Good Feeling

  • There is a preview video showing Good Feeling, where the coach only shows the 3rd Dancer Type taking over the 1st and 2nd Types.
  • A Beta Picture of Good Feeling shows a pictogram of the 1st Dancer Type that is dark blue with magenta arrows instead of magenta with yellow arrows.
  • In another beta phase, his pants were going to be dark blue.
  • The routine also has some Beta pictograms.
  • In the Just Dance 4 trailer with Flo Rida, in the Wii U Gamepad, there are different colors.

Heavy Cross

  • Heavy Cross has some Beta pictograms. Strangely, they are red instead of indigo.

Hit ’Em Up Style (Oops!)

  • As seen in a promotional picture for Just Dance Now, Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!) originally had a different square; the background seen in it was colored blue instead of yellow.
  • During production, the routine had a different background, which resembled the inside of a limousine. It was later replaced because the producers preferred something simpler.[1][2]

Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

  • Istanbul (Not Constantinople) was planned to have a Mashup, which appears within the game files, but not in the game. The reasons why this one was scrapped are also unknown.

Jailhouse Rock

  • The Jailhouse Rock coaches had different colour schemes (except for P3): this is proven by a Beta pictogram in the Just Dance Now files.

Let Me Feel Ya

  • Let Me Feel Ya by Anja was meant to be featured in the game, but it was later replaced by Brand New Start.

Livin' la Vida Loca

Love You Like A Love Song


Mas Que Nada

Mr. Saxobeat

  • On the left side of the PAL Cover, a beta version of Mr. Saxobeat can be seen.
  • A picture of the coach in a different color scheme is part of the poses from Strike The Pose! in Puppet Masters.

Moves Like Jagger

  • The coach for Moves Like Jagger was supposed to wear only one outfit for the whole routine: this is proven by the Just Dance Now files, where there are red pictograms even for moves performed by the other version of the coaches.
  • In a showreel, the title appears in several colours whenever Moves like Jagger is sung.
  • In the game trailer, the 3rd coach has a purple outline.
  • On the NTSC cover, C4 is seen with a different color palette.
  • C3 appears with an altered color scheme in Puppet Master Modes as a "Strike The Pose!" picture.
  • In another showreel, You can see C1 doing a beta choreography.

Oh No!

  • There was a beta picture of Oh No!, where there were display stands for heels and purses, hanging pants, paper ball and string lights, and without the mannequin backup dancers.

On the Floor

  • On the Floor had red pictograms instead of black pictograms.

One Thing

  • One Thing has a Beta pictogram and two pictograms of the Gold Move in different colours.

Oops!...I Did It Again

  • In Puppet Master Mode, P2 makes an appearance as a "Strike The Pose!" picture, but her color scheme is a bit different: her hair and shoes are brown instead of purple, and her glove is magenta instead of yellow-orange.

Rock Lobster

Rock n’ Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain)

  • Rock n’ Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain) has two Beta pictograms.
  • In a showreel, the routine is seen with a different background.
  • On his "Strike The Pose!" appearance in Puppet Master mode, the coach wears an orange glove instead of a yellow one.

Sexy And I Know It

  • The album coach for Sexy And I Know It can be found in Wii U files, along with .tdt files that compose the album coach picture, meaning the song was meant to be in the game.

So Good

  • So Good by B.o.B. was meant to be released as a DLC in April 2013; however, the game developers did not add the choreography for unknown reasons. All the files for the routine were uploaded in the Just Dance Now archives during 2014.
    • The menu assets were replaced during 2015.
  • According to the script used in the Mashup of Ghost In The Keys, the files contain a Beta pictogram.

So Glamorous

So What

  • So What has two Beta pictograms: one represents an actual move of the routine in a less accurate way, and the second is a stylised head that sticks its tongue.

Super Bass


  • Superstition was intended to have a Mashup and a Puppet Master Mode, which were cancelled before the game release. They can still be found in the game files.

The Final Countdown

  • In the preview gameplay, the pictograms were red and blue instead of fuchsia and brown.
  • In the menu assets, the coaches are seen with a red outline.
  • As seen in a promotional screenshot, the background was somewhat simpler than the final version: the scenery was zoomed in, the light chunks were bigger and emanated light rays, the spotlights and the flame effect were faded and the blue smoke was absent.


  • On the box art, the coach has purple hair.
  • The song was intended to have a Mashup, which was cancelled in the end. It can still be found in the game files.

Want U Back

What Makes You Beautiful

  • P3 from What Makes You Beautiful was going to have a different color scheme (green instead of red), but was changed in the final version.

You're the First, the Last, My Everything

  • As shown in the menu icon,  the gloves were differently coloured: P1 and P2's gloves were both yellow, P3's was orange and P4's was purple.
  • In the Just Dance Now files, there is a Beta pictogram, which is grey for P3 (instead of purple).
  • A different menu icon can be seen in a picture of the Wheel of Gift in the instruction booklet.


  • In early versions, avatars simply consisted of a rectangular picture showing the coach's face.
  • If you look in the "Wheel of Gifts" section of the manual, you can see an unknown avatar behind the menu icon of the Extreme version of Wild Wild West. Looking at the form of it, it seems to resemble an astronaut. When the game was released, the only astronaut dancer at the time was in Pump Up The Volume, so it is likely that Pump Up The Volume was originally going to have an avatar available for Just Dance 4.
    • It seems to have no face and a small, full body, which is possibly why it was removed, as avatars in the final game only features dancer's heads.


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