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Below is a list of the achievements which can be unlocked in Just Dance 4.

Xbox Achievements

A list of unlockable achievements on Xbox 360 for Just Dance 4.[1]

Achievement Requirements Award Badge
First Dance Complete your First Song 10 Xbox award coin
First Dance achievement
3 Star Performance Get 3 Stars on a Song 15 Xbox award coin
3 Star Performance achievement
Highway to the Stars Get 3 Stars on 5 Songs 20 Xbox award coin
Highway to the Stars achievement
5 Star Performance Get 5 Stars on a Song 20 Xbox award coin
5 Star Performance achievement
Rising Star Get 5 Stars on 5 Songs 30 Xbox award coin
Rising Star 4 achievement

Secret Achievements

Achievement Requirements Award Badge
Spin me Right Round Spin the Carousel at its Maximum Speed 5 Xbox award coin
Spin me Right Round achievement
Look Ma, Both Hands! Use Each hand at least Once to Navigate the Menus 5 Xbox award coin
Look Ma, Both Hands! achievement


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