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"Russian Folk" is a Just Dance Machine routine available in Just Dance 2017. This routine can also be found in the files in Just Dance 2018s Dance Lab.

Appearance of the Dancer

The coach is a man, who wears a faint orange furry hat, a furry coat over a magenta T-shirt, a cobalt blue glove, a pair of dark orange pants and a pair of yellow and white shoes.


The background is a snowy square with the Kremlin in the background, and some spotlights.

Routine Description

There are only 3 moves in this routine.

Lean right your whole body and step on the left heel - Cross your arms near your breast - Lean left your whole body and step on the right heel.


  • The background is recycled from Moskau.
  • The routine's music name is 'Kalinka'.
  • This routine can be found in the game files of Just Dance 2018.[citation needed]




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