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  • Most Popular in the beta was called "Popular Songs".
  • In the files for the game, it can be seen that there are a lot of unused sections. Here is the list of all of the currently unused sections:
    • Sorted by Artist
    • Party Songs
    • Slow Songs
    • Happy Songs
    • Sweet Songs
    • Easter Songs
    • Summer Songs
    • Winter Songs
    • Autumn Songs
    • Spring Songs
    • Christmas Songs
    • Hanukkah Songs
    • Ramadan Songs
    • Couples
    • Family Songs
    • Oldies But Goodies
    • Sixties Songs
    • Seventies Songs
    • Eighties Songs
    • Nineties Songs
    • Sing-a-Long
    • Chorus Songs
    • Just Sweat
    • Greatest Hits
    • Kids
    • Latino
    • Hollywood
    • Around The World
    • Pop
    • R&B Vibes
    • Electro Sounds
    • Just 80's
    • Extreme
    • Easy
    • Pop Hits
    • Disco Classics
    • Caliente
    • Just Dance 1
    • Just Dance 2
    • Just Dance 3
    • Just Dance 4
    • Just Dance 2014
    • Just Dance 2015


  • In the files of the app, there are some progression textures which can be found in the "drawable-hdpi-v4" folder. The said textures bears a strong resemblance to the song levels (which gives Mojo Coins and avatars in-game), as there are some images named "progress_current_(1 to 3)/progress_done.png", which can possibly mean that the textures were for an early version of the song level feature.
  • Also, there are some other textures that includes "quest" in their filenames. These, of course, are unused as well.

Avatars and Interface

  • While the app was still in beta, the game was going to use the avatars from Just Dance 2014; however, when the app was officially released, they were replaced with Just Dance 2015's avatars.
  • In the beta version of the menu, there was a line of text under the "PLAY" button reading: "View all songs" and tapping on it would bring up the tracklist. However, ever since the official release, the line of text was removed and there is now a pink corner at the top-left corner of the screen showing the amount of songs there are in the game, and a line of text on there reads: "VIEW SONG LIST".
  • In the beta version of the menu, one of the unknown dancers for Just Dance 2014 (the one with the red, white, and blue spiky jacket) and the dancer for Starships appeared at the sides of the screen. However, ever since the release, they got replaced by the coach from You Make Me Feel... and P1 from Turn Up the Love.
  • According to the teaser that plays in the menu of the June 2017 update, the menu icons didn't have the white border with curved angles that is used in the final version.



  • As seen in the server files, the coach seems to be more similar to his original status.

All About That Bass

  • All About That Bass had a different cover in its first release in the files.

Better When I’m Dancin’

  • The coach coach is different in Just Dance Now. Her hair is in a darker shade of blue.
  • Additionally, the purple flowers that at one point appear in the background of the Just Dance Unlimited version are replaced by butterflies.

Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)

  • There are 3 placeholders in the files.

Body Movin’

  • Body Movin’ had more visible facial features (akin to Call Me), but it got changed too.

Blurred Lines

  • The fanmade square was not supposed to have a border.

Call Me

  • Call Me was originally going to have dark blue lipstick and dark blue background (instead of pink). However, this has been changed.


  • A Beta cover, using the album coach pose instead of the one from the menu icon, was found in the game files.


  • In it's first versions, E.T. had dark purple pictograms and light green arrows (from the original version). But, since the URL number 20150408_1230, it now comes with light purple pictograms and yellow arrows in the files. However, the menu image stays the same.
  • The song also had an originally different menu cover, where the coach was placed on the left and not in the middle.


  • In the files, there is a Beta half coach picture that shows her with a less visible face and her legs accidentally fading out, revealing part of the chroma key.
    • There is also a Beta cover, in which the background is more zoomed in and the coach is slightly rotated.

Gangnam Style

  • There was a photo showing the gameplay, but the dancers, the background, the pictograms and the avatars were inverted in colour. The photo was on the official website for Just Dance, but it was later changed.

Heart of Glass

  • Heart of Glass was originally going to use the square found in the Just Dance: Greatest Hits files, but the background and coach were updated so this changed.

Hot n Cold

  • As seen in the files, Hot N Cold was more similar to the original version, since the coach had red hair, red gloves and a more reddish dress; it was changed after some time.

I Get Around

  • In its first release, I Get Around didn't have Gold Moves, but, since the URL number 20150422_1529, it does.

Kids in America

  • The remake was meant to have almost completely different graphics, having darker colors and cheering sounds at the beginning instead of a ringing bell; an improved version was released in an unknown date.

Kiss You

  • The Six Players version used to be seen on the main screen, with a Beta interface and pictograms with default colours.


  • The cover of Maneater was going to use the coach's pose from Just Dance 4; it is replaced by the menu icon pose in the final version.


  • In the menu image of Oath, P2 had more visible facial features, and her glove was pink and badly textured. As of 20150115_1722, the image has been updated so that the facial features are no longer visible and the glove is blue (as it does in-game).

Price Tag

  • In its early state, the remake was supposed to give the coach more visible facial features and a purple outline instead of a light blue one.


  • If you explore the files through the bundles' archive, you can notice that the coaches' outline was originally dark purple and in full opacity instead of fuchsia and faded. Also, in a beta square and cover, the coaches look poorly extracted, as they have a white outline with some bits cut out.


  • Rasputin initially used the remake that appears in the icon of the Never Can Say Goodbye Mashup for some reason; it was replaced later.

Safe And Sound

  • Safe and Sound was going to use its original icon, as seen in the server files.

Scream & Shout

  • According to an advertisement, Scream & Shout was going to be part of the New Year's Playlist. Additionally, the song's codename does not even appear in the game database, along with its alternate routine.

Smile (Улыбайся)

  • Smile (Улыбайся) originally had a different code name in the files; instead of "Ulibayssia", it was "Smile".

So Good

  • So Good had a different menu square, which features the coach in a different position. Since the URL number 20150513_1617, it has been updated.


  • In the Beta version of the remake, there are four extra seconds before the routine ends. This additional time was later removed.[1]

Step By Step

  • This song has an unused pictogram, exclusively for the remake.

That’s the Way (I Like It)

  • The coach was intended to appear with a different colour scheme (dark fuchsia and light blue instead of golden and brown). The background was also in a lighter shade.


  • An unused pictogram was created for the remake for TiK ToK.


  • Until the URL number 20150325_1222, Toxic was supposed to appear in the app without any edit; however, the files were removed and re-added in the URL number 20150422_1529, with a different icon and some remade pictograms.

We Can’t Stop

  • Much like Smile, the code name was different: it was WeCantStop at first, but then the DLC suffix was added like all the others DLC from Just Dance 2014.

Video Killed The Radio Star

  • Video Killed The Radio Star was supposed to appear in the app without any edit; however, the files were removed and re-added in the URL number 20150928_1740, with a different icon.

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