Leek spin gif in hd by life scape-d5hshqr This section may have unconfirmed "leeks". You can help by citing it!

Songs and Routines

Maru! Maru! Mori! Mori!

  • The menu icon of Maru! Maru! Mori! Mori! has got a snowy mountain in the background, which doesn't appear in the actual routine.

Mickey Mouse March (Family Flipbook Version)

  • Mickey Mouse March (Family Flipbook Version) had three beta elements, as seen in an image: the coach is wearing an orange glove on her left hand, she has more bracelets, her shoes are purple instead of wine red, and her outline was orange instead of light blue.
    • In the same photo, the HUD from Just Dance 3 is being used, as it's in English instead of Japanese.

Unused Songs

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