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Just Dance Wii U
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Released: JPApril 3, 2014
System(s): Wii U
Developed by: Ubisoft Paris
Published by: Nintendo
Genre(s): Rhythm, Dancing
Rating(s): CERO A
Preceded by: Just Dance Wii 2
Succeeded by: Yo-kai Watch Dance:
Just Dance Special Edition

Just Dance Wii U (also known as ジャストダンスWii U) is a Japanese game which was released on April 3, 2014 in Japan. It is the sequel to Just Dance Wii 2 and is exclusive to the Wii U.   


Just Dance Wii U runs on Just Dance 2014’s properties and skips Just Dance 4’s properties. 

Changes or Differences

  • Mashups aren't present as well as extreme and alternate versions and Party Master modes as shown on the trailer, but mojo coins are present.
  • Similar to previous Japanese titles, DLC is not present.
  • The "Perfect's, Good's And Ok's" show up larger and much brighter.
  • Similar to previous Japanese titles, Uplay is not present.
  • Motion and Mic accuracy are fixed.
  • The dancers appear farther to the screen.
  • The JD Coins are displayed on the screen as "JD". In Just Dance 2014, they are Mojo Coins and are displayed as "M".
  • The menu has been changed to show two songs when entering the menu.
  • Different sound effects are added when choosing and scrolling.

Track listing

The tracklist contains 35 tracks

Song Artist Difficulty Year Mode Dancer(s)
Follow Me E-Girls Hard 2012 Solo
Followme cover generic
Koi Suru Fortune Cookie
AKB48 Easy 2013 Duet
Fortunecookie cover generic
Flying Get
AKB48 Medium 2010 Dance Crew
Flyingget cover generic
I Wish For You EXILE Hard 2010 Duet
Iwishforyou cover generic
Kiss Datte Hidarikiki
SKE48 Hard 2012 Solo
Kisshidori cover generic
Sansei Kawaii!
SKE48 Hard 2012 Solo
Sanseikawai cover generic
Electric Boy
KARA Medium 2012 Solo
Electricboy cover generic
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Easy 2011 Solo
Tsukematsukeru cover generic
Ninja Re Bang Bang
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Hard 2013 Solo
Ninjaribangbang cover generic
Dance de Bakōn!
°C-ute Medium 2010 Solo
Dancedebakoon cover generic
Dance My Generation Golden Bomber Easy 2013 Solo
Dancemygeneration cover generic
Golden Bomber Easy 2009 Dance Crew
Memeshikute cover generic
EZ DO DANCE TRF Medium 1993 Duet
Ezdodance cover generic
Gakuen Tengoku
Dream5 Medium 2011 Duet
Gakuentengoku cover generic
Acerola Taiso no Uta
Humbert Humbert Easy 2010 Duet
Acerolaexercise cover generic
FANTASTIC BABY (Japanese Version) BIGBANG Hard 2013 Solo
Fantasticbaby cover generic
Love Machine
Morning Musume Medium 1999 Dance Crew
Lovemachine cover generic
Ikuze! Kaitō Shōjo
Momoiro Clover Z Hard 2010 Duet
Kaitoshojo cover generic
Mite Mite☆Kochichi
Momoiro Clover Z Medium 2012 Solo
Mitemite cover generic
Tell Your World livetune ft. Hatsune Miku Easy 2012 Solo
Tellyourworld cover generic
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
ABBA Easy 1979 Solo
Can't Take My Eyes Off You (JD4)/(NOW)/(JDU) Boys Town Gang Easy 1982 Duet
The Final Countdown
Europe Medium [Hard] 1985 Duet
Careless Whisper
George Michael Medium [Hard] 1985 Duet
I Will Survive
Gloria Gaynor Easy 1978 Solo
Part Of Me
Katy Perry Medium [Hard] 2012 Solo
Lady Gaga Medium 2013 Solo
Just Dance
Lady Gaga ft. Colby O'Donis Medium [Hard] 2008 Solo
Sexy And I Know It
LMFAO Medium 2011 Solo
Sexy and i know it jdn
Moves Like Jagger
Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera Medium 2011 Solo
What Makes You Beautiful (JD4) One Direction Easy 2011 Dance Crew
Gangnam Style
PSY Hard 2012 Duet
PSY Medium 2013 Solo
Gentleman jdn
Livin' la Vida Loca (JD4) Ricky Martin Easy [Hard] 1999 Solo
Stevie Wonder Medium [Easy] 1972 Solo


  • In the trailer, Applause is called The Applause. This was later fixed on the official release.
  • This is the first Just Dance game to not be available on the Wii. It is followed by Just Dance 2015 China.
  • This, in contrast to Just Dance Wii 2, has more debuting artists than returning artists, totaling up to nine.
  • The only Western song on this game that had its difficulty raised is Superstition. Any others that had their difficulties altered had it lowered down.
  • Some avatars are different than the European ones: for example, Dagomba has a smily mask instead of the "expressionless" one, Moves Like Jagger (C1) has no tie, Moves Like Jagger (C3) and has a jacket, and Land Of 1000 Dances doesn't wear the orange tie that the original one has.
  • In a few songs, there is an error in some lyric lines where the line doesn't get fully highlighted.
  • When a song has yet to be played, the "NEW" icon will be in English rather than Japanese.

Beta Elements

For a full list of Just Dance Wii U’s beta elements, see Just Dance Wii U/Beta Elements.


  • Koi Suru Fortune Cookie
  • Flying Get
  • Tsukematsukeru
  • Acerola Taiso no Uta



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