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Game(s) Just Dance 2014
Artist Daddy Yankee
Year 2012
Difficulty Hard (Classic)
Easy (Sweat)
No. of Gold Moves 3 (Classic & Sweat)
2 (Mash-up)
No. of Shake Moves
Dancer Gender(s) Male/Female (Classic)
Female (Sweat)
Alternate versions
Mode Duet (Classic)
Solo (Sweat & Mash-up)
Pictogram Color Yellow/Green (Classic)
Green (Sweat)
Glove Color Red/Pink (Classic)
Yellow (Sweat)
Lyrics Color Green (Classic)
Orange (Sweat & Mash-up)

"Limbo" by Daddy Yankee is featured on Just Dance 2014.



  • Glasses 
  • Yellow shirt
  • Black pants and tie
  • Orange braces


  • Glasses
  • Green tank-top
  • Yellow skirt
  • Short orange tie
  • Brown belt



The background is set in an office. When the song starts, the sky turns into a gradient of yellow, and the solid-colored buildings move to the dance.

After the sun sets in the background, the windows of the office turn into lights of red, yellow, and green. They turn transparent again to reveal the green scenery.

Gold Moves

Classic Mode

The classic version has 3 gold moves.
1, 2, & 3: Put your arms out and bend them in half slightly to get that move.

Sweat Version

The sweat version also has 3 gold moves.
1, 2, & 3: Wave your arms while hopping on one foot.


The mash-up has 2 gold moves.
1 & 2: Put your arms out (Done with the dancer from Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny))

Alternative Routines

Sweat Version - Purchasable for 10 Mojocoins, this dancer has a green and yellow sort of shirt, yellow shorts, green socks, and yellow shoes. She dances zumba.

Mash-Up - This dance's mashup can only be unlocked in January. Like all other monthly mash-ups, it is free. Here are the dancers:


  • While the 2nd player is leaning back, her underwear can be seen.
  • The opening to the dance is quite suggestive; the male takes off his jacket and the girl removes their shoes, making some fans think they were taking their clothes off.
  • There is a Sweat routine which costs 5 mojo coins.
  • There is a Dance Mash-Up for this song which can only be unlocked in January.
  • For some reason, Just Dance pauses and/or fast-forwards this song's Sweat Version in mash-ups in Xbox 360.
  • Even if P2 wears yellow glasses, her avatar's are blue.
  • Near the end of the routine the male dancer twerks on the female dancer.
  • The song won in Just Dance Awards on official Facebook page in category "Duo Of The Year."
  • This is the third Spanish song in the series.
  • In the Classic dance, the "limbo pole" is created by the other player while the limbo-ing dancer does the limbo below the shaking hands of the limbo pole player.
    • In the Sweat version, the dancer does her own limbo with an imaginary limbo pole.
  • The avatar for P1 has a blue shirt but in the game, he has a yellow shirt.



Choreography - 5* Stars-141467228104:00

Choreography - 5* Stars-1414672281

Just Dance 2014 Wii U Gameplay - Daddy Yankee Limbo04:23

Just Dance 2014 Wii U Gameplay - Daddy Yankee Limbo


Just Dance 2014 - Limbo (Dance Mash-Up) - Alternative Mode Choreography - 5* Stars03:59

Just Dance 2014 - Limbo (Dance Mash-Up) - Alternative Mode Choreography - 5* Stars

The Mashup

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