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Mugsy Baloney
Game(s) Just Dance 2
Just Dance 3 (DLC)
Just Dance: Best Of
Artist Charleston
Year 1924
Difficulty 3/3 (Hard)
Effort 2/3 (Medium)
No. of Gold Moves 5
No. of Shake Moves
Dancer Gender(s) Female/Male (♀/♂)
Alternate versions
Mode Duet
Pictogram Color Cherry Pink/Royal Blue
Glove Color Royal Blue/Pink
Lyrics Color

"Mugsy Baloney" by Charleston is featured on Just Dance 2, Just Dance 3 (as a DLC) and Just Dance: Best Of.


The background is on a stage with a shiny floor and light reflectors on it.


Both look like characters from 20s.


  • Female
  • Short pink hair
  • A purple feather in her head
  • Orange left glove and accesories
  • A pink charleston dress
  • Melon shoes.


  • Male
  • Dark orange and purple hat
  • A purple shirt
  • Pink suspenders and a stripped pink tie
  • Melon pants
  • White and purple shoes.

Gold Moves

The gold moves are different in the versions; in JD2 they are 4 but in JD3 they are 5.

  1. Open quickly your hands (only for P1).
  2. The same as N.1
  3. Point to the other with the right arm above the other (only for P1 and only in JD3).
  4. Point to the other like to show him (only for P1 and only in JD3).
  5. Point to the right (only for P2 and only in JD3).


  • This is one of the Charleston songs that involves no singing.
  • Characters fade in and out at beginning and ending.
  • This is the second oldest song in the series. The oldest song is "Hungarian Dance No. 5 ", beating this song by 44 years.
  • This isn't an actual Charleston dance, due to Charleston never repeating the same moves over and over again.
  • At the start (Xbox Version only) there is a spotlight moving.
  • The floor reflection on Just Dance 3 is darker than Just Dance 2.
  • In Just Dance 3 there is a little more details especially on the left and right edges.In Just Dance 3 the place has more light while in Just Dance 2 the background is a bit dark.
  • At some points of the choreography, it looks like the programmer recorded it at high speed due to the fact that the coaches move really fast.
  • The background looks like the same as Dynamite.
  • If you look closely, you can notice the girl's dress is very glitchy and doesn't have a persistent colour: in fact it makes little flashes and sometimes it looks magenta and red with fading effect but other times it looks completely magenta.
  • The song could be created by Ubisoft because there are no results on YouTube besides Just Dance, but some people say it isn't. There is also a video that shows an almost similar choreo for this song that has nothing to do with Just Dance, but it's been recorded on December 2nd 2012, so maybe they took inspiration from JD.
  • It looks like title and author have been interchanged accidentally, because if the song is real, the artist should be "Mugsy Baloney" and not "Charleston".
  • This is one of the songs that haven't lyrics but are instrumental.


Mugsy Baloney - Charleston 1ºA02:27

Mugsy Baloney - Charleston 1ºA

Just Dance Best Of Mugsy Baloney - Charleston02:32

Just Dance Best Of Mugsy Baloney - Charleston

"Mugsy Baloney" Gameplay in Just Dance 3 and Just Dance: Greatest Hits

Just Dance 2 Gameplay - Mugsy Baloney00:35

Just Dance 2 Gameplay - Mugsy Baloney

"Mugsy Baloney" Gameplay in Just Dance 2

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