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This is a list of NTSC region exclusive tracks in the Just Dance series. The NTSC region is North America, Central America, the majority of South America, Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines.

Just Dance 2 NTSC Region Exclusives

Just Dance 4 NTSC Region Exclusives

  • Good Girl by Carrie Underwood (DLC for PAL)
  • Brand New Start by Anja (Cheetos code; codes are for the NTSC region only)
  • You Make Me Feel... by Cobra Starship ft. Sabi (Cheetos Code; DLC for both regions and on Just Dance Unlimited)

Just Dance 2014 NTSC Region Exclusives

  • The Other Side by Jason Derulo (DLC for PAL and Just Dance Unlimited)
  • Dançando by Ivete Sangalo (DLC for PAL)
  • Waking Up in Vegas By Katy Perry (Code is region locked in NTSC Consoles and used from Popchips codes; this was however later released as a DLC. Its also on Just Dance Unlimited)
  • Safe And Sound By Capital Cites (NTSC region locked and Fructis exclusive. Its also on Just Dance Unlimited)

Just Dance 2015 NTSC Region Exclusives

  • Till I Find You by Austin Mahone (DLC for PAL and on Just Dance Unlimited)



  • Many of these became DLCs for the PAL region, but not every PAL exclusive became DLC for NTSC; only Make The Party (Don't Stop) and the Classic Mode of Papaoutai did.
  • Although people on both PAL and NTSC have both similar exclusive songs, players still fight on reasons why PAL exclusive songs haven't been DLC (for the NTSC region).
  • When Ubisoft releases DLC's, Europe gets it 2–4 hours earlier than North and South America. This is due to timezone differences.
  • Brand New Start, You Make Me Feel, Waking Up In Vegas and Safe and Sound are unlocked with codes, but the PAL Region does not have a "Redeem Code" button so they cannot participate in these promotions.
  • The redeem code buttons are closed to the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U (only during Just Dance 4), even if they're NTSC coded.
  • While some Asian countries are NTSC countries (such as the Philippines), PAL coded consoles and games are more likely to be available than those coded as NTSC.

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