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On-Stage Mode is a mode introduced in Just Dance 2014. They did not return in Just Dance 2015 but returned in the form of Trios. Some of the On-Stage routines later made an appearance on Just Dance Unlimited, but the mode has been renamed to Sing-Along.

Just Dance 2014

It is a new mode in Just Dance 2014 where a trio of dancers dance on stage. There's the lead dancer and two backup dancers. There are two free spots for the lead dancers and one free spot for each of the backup dancers, except on the Xbox One where there's two free spots each because it can support six players. There are seven On-Stage modes in Just Dance 2014, one of them being a DLC.

On-Stage Modes:


  • The backup dancers usually look similar to each other.
  • The lead dancers usually look like whoever sang the song.
  • Most of the On-Stage Modes are a female lead dancer and male backup dancers. Out of seven on Just Dance 2014, there are three of those.
  • Careless Whisper and #thatPOWER’s On-Stage Modes are the only ones that have a male lead dancer.
  • I Kissed a Girl’s on stage mode is the only one where the backup dancers are of different genders.
  • Just Dance and #thatPOWER’s On-Stage Modes are the only ones where all three dancers are of the same gender.
  • María, Rich Girl, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (which has an actual On-Stage Mode), Applause (Alternate), Oh No!, Junto a Ti and Te Dominar resemble On-Stage modes.
  • The lead dancer lip syncs the song.
  • The lyrics are on the top (unless when playing it online, then it's on the bottom left like usual).
  • When using a Wii, the player can't go home on the console's main menu while playing an on-stage mode.
  • Applause has an alternate mode with the on-stage background, and the dancer lip syncs the song, but it's still not an actual on-stage mode.
  • The dancers of an on-stage mode always hold or touch each other one way or another. Usually it's all three dancers doing this, but there's times where the lead dancer does that to each of the backup dancers one at a time.
  • As seen on the official website, the mode was originally going to return in Just Dance 2015; however, it didn't appear in the final cut.
  • As already mentioned above, the mode has been renamed to Sing-Along on Just Dance Unlimited.


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