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Screenshot PumpIt Wii 02
Pump It
Game(s) Just Dance 3
Artist The Black Eyed Peas
Year 2006
Difficulty 3/3 (Hard)
Effort 3+/3 (Ultra Exhausting)
No. of Gold Moves 3
No. of Shake Moves
Dancer Gender(s) Male
Alternate versions
Mode Solo
Pictogram Color Purple
Glove Color Light Blue
Lyrics Color

Pump It by The Black Eyed Peas is featured on Just Dance 3. It also appears on The Black Eyed Peas Experience, a spinoff of the Just Dance series.


  • Black hair
  • Black and purple shirt with red and orange stripes
  • Black pants
  • Purple and teal shoes
  • Orange key chain
  • Purple outline


Black walls that change to purple and move around. Red crystals pump out of the ground and break constantly. The dancer flies through blue lines and gold broken glass.

Gold moves

  • 1st: Throwing your arms forward.
  • 2nd: Pointing to your right.
  • 3rd: Record scratch.


This song has a mashup which is available on all consoles, but on Xbox is unlocked via U-play.

Dancers(No Repeats):


  • Stir It Up
  • Grap It
  • Jump This Way


  • The coach for this song is Mehdi Kerkouche, who also choreographed I Don't Feel Like Dancin', Troublemaker, Don't You Worry Child and the 3rd player of Walk This Way.
  • The guy in this looks like Michael Jackson and Billie Joe Armstrong.
  • The guy appears on the front covers of both regions of Just Dance 3, with his outfit in different colours, and 2 gloves instead of 1.
  • A lot is censored from this song. Words that are censored are "Nig**s," "S**t," "A*s," "Joint," and "Da*n" when it's constantly said. This song is currently the most censored in the entire game series.
    • S**t, a*s, joint and da*n are not censored on the Black Eyed Peas Experince.
  • This dancer is used in the following Mashups:



Just Dance 3 - Pump It - 5* Stars03:55

Just Dance 3 - Pump It - 5* Stars

The Black Eyed Peas - Pump It03:46

The Black Eyed Peas - Pump It

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