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Sexy And I Know It
Game(s) Just Dance 2014 (DLC)
Just Dance Wii U
Just Dance Now
Artist LMFAO
Year 2011
Difficulty Medium
No. of Gold Moves 2
No. of Shake Moves
Dancer Gender(s) Male
Alternate versions
Mode Solo
Pictogram Color Blue
Glove Color Red
Lyrics Color Dark Blue

Sexy And I Know It is by LMFAO which is a DLC on Just Dance 2014 and Just Dance Wii U.


The background looks like a gym, with weights and bench press machines. However, when the entire environment is taken into consideration, the background may actually be the basement of an apartment (because of the Dad/Mom sign). There are also other random things around, including a TV and boxes. There's also posters on the wall. The floor has blue, green, yellow, and orange vertical stripes with stars and the floor lights up at some points when the room dims, at one point dimming completely.



  • The dancer is male.
  • His hair is orange and spiked upward.
  • He's wearing a green leotard which exposes part of his chest.
  • Blue leggings
  • Red sneakers
  • Pink sunglasses.
  • The outfit inverts colours at times, flashing.

Gold Moves

1st: Put your arms out while still slightly bent. Done during "And I still get service,WATCH!."

2nd: Point to the left. Done during "yeah yeah."


  • This is the 2nd LMFAO song in the game series, the first being Party Rock Anthem from Just Dance 3.
  • "Da*n," "Pimp," and "Pants" (only the second and third time said) are censored. Oddly though "cheeks" isn't censored because the singer referring to his butt. Also, "pants" can still be heard.
  • "Pants" is not censored in the store preview.
  • One of the posters on the wall is the 2nd dancer from The Final Countdown on Just Dance 4.
    • Coincidentally, The Final Countdown and this song are both on Just Dance Wii U.
  • The dancer looks like the one from Pump Up the Jam and The Power, and the 2nd dancer from No Limit and Tribal Dance.
  • This song is on Just Dance Wii U.
  • The dancer starts off by turning on a camera. He turns it off at the end, which makes the dance take the appearance of a home video.
  • This along with many other songs (Rich Girl, Nitro Bot) are the 2nd songs by the same artists. The 1st songs of the named artists are featured in Just Dance 3 and are Spectronizer, What You Waiting For, and Party Rock Anthem.
  • In random times in the background the T.V. would turn on showing previous dancers and the dancer with purple hair.
    • In one single scene, the coach for this very song flashed for a second.
  • For the first gold move it actually is the move before the gold pictogram.
  • Just like We Can't Stop, many people joked that he was twerking. However, unlike We Can't Stop, Sexy And I Know It might have really intended to do it.
  • In the lyrics, when "Like Bruce Lee I got the glow" is said, the lyrics say it's "Bruce Leroy."
  • This song, along with Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In, 99 Luftballons, and Istanbul (Not Constantinople), are free on Just Dance Now.
  • By the right side of the room is a huge box with a big 'action figure' of the coach.


Just Dance 2014 - Sexy And I Know It - 5* Stars (DLC)03:41

Just Dance 2014 - Sexy And I Know It - 5* Stars (DLC)

Just Dance Wii U LMFAO - Sexy and i Know It03:54

Just Dance Wii U LMFAO - Sexy and i Know It

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