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Sexy And I Know It
Game(s) Just Dance 2014 (DLC)
Just Dance Wii U
Just Dance Now
Artist LMFAO
Year 2011
Difficulty Medium
No. of Gold Moves 2
No. of Shake Moves
Dancer Gender(s) Male
Alternate versions
Mode Solo
Pictogram Color Blue
Glove Color Red
Lyrics Color Dark Blue

Sexy And I Know It is by LMFAO which is a DLC on Just Dance 2014 and Just Dance Wii U.


The background looks like a gym, with weights and bench press machines. There's also other random things around, including a TV and boxes. There's also posters on the wall. The floor is blue, green, yellow, and orange vertical stripes with stars and the floor lights up.



  • The dancer is a male.
  • His hair is orange and upwards.
  • He's wearing a green leotard
  • Blue leggings
  • Red sneakers.
  • Pink sunglasses.
  • The outfit inverts colours at times, flashing.

Gold Moves

1st: Put your arms out while still slightly bent. Done during "And I still get service,WATCH!."

2nd: Point to the left. Done during "yeah yeah."


  • This is the 2nd LMFAO song in the game series, the first being Party Rock Anthem from Just Dance 3.
  • "Da*n," "Pimp," and "Pants" (only the second and third time said) are censored. Oddly though "cheeks" isn't censored because the singer referring to his butt. Also, "pants" can still be heard.
  • "Pants" is not censored in the store preview.
  • One of the posters on the wall is the 2nd dancer from The Final Countdown on Just Dance 4.
  • Ironically, The Final Countdown and this song are both on Just Dance Wii U
  • The dancer looks like the one from Pump Up the Jam and The Power, and the 2nd dancer from No Limit and Tribal Dance.
  • This song is on Just Dance Wii U.
  • The dancer starts off by turning on a camera. He turns it off at the end. Taking the appearance of a home video.
  • This along with many other songs (Rich Girl, Nitro Bot) are the 2nd songs by the same artists. The 1st songs of the named artists are featured in Just Dance 3 which are Spectronizer, What You Waiting For, and Party Rock Anthem.
  • In random times in the background the T.V. would turn on showing previous dancers and the dancer with purple hair.
  • For the first gold move it actually is the move before the gold pictogram.
  • Just like We Can't Stop, many people joked that he was twerking. However, unlike We Can't Stop, Sexy And I Know It might have really intended to do it.
  • In the lyrics, when "Like Bruce Lee I got the glow" is said, the lyrics say it's "Bruce Leroy."
  • This song, along with Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In, 99 Luftballons, and Istanbul (Not Constantinople), are free on Just Dance Now.


Just Dance 2014 - Sexy And I Know It - 5* Stars (DLC)03:41

Just Dance 2014 - Sexy And I Know It - 5* Stars (DLC)

Just Dance Wii U LMFAO - Sexy and i Know It03:54

Just Dance Wii U LMFAO - Sexy and i Know It

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