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She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)

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She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)
Game(s) Just Dance 2014
Just Dance Now
Artist David Guetta ft. SIA
Year 2012
Difficulty Medium
No. of Gold Moves 3
No. of Shake Moves
Dancer Gender(s) Female
Alternate versions
Mode Solo
Pictogram Color Ocean Blue
Glove Color Yellow
Lyrics Color Yellow (Classic)
Pink (Mashup)

"She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)" by David Guetta ft. Sia is featured on Just Dance 2014 and Just Dance Now


The character wears a white dress that is made of ice, but in sometimes it become blue. One sleeve of the dress is cut out, and jagged ice edges extrude form the side of the dress as well. She wears long semi puffed blue hair that is chalk white, to give the hair an icy feeling. She also wears white boots with straps. She wears a golden crown. At specific times of the song the dancers skin turns pitch black, just like Pound the Alarm and Where Have You Been dancer(s).


The background begins with an orange spirit-like material flying into a mountain. The material hits an icicle the dancer froze herself in, the icicle disappears (except for the dancer herself) and the dancer begins dancing. The verses of the song take place in an icicle filled mountain. When the pre-chorus begins, the back of the mountain breaks away and the moon is visible. During the chorus, the mountain breaks/explodes away (Falls to Pieces) and the dancer is riding an icicle through a series of mountains. At the end the dancer gets frozen in the icicle she started in.

Gold Moves

There are 3 gold moves for this song:

1 & 2. Bend over and put your hands in back of you.

3. Bend over and spin your head.


The song has a mashup, which can be unlocked only in October.
Dancers(no Repeats):


  • This is the first David Guetta song in the main series.
  • This is also the first SIA song in the main series.
  • The dancer reminds some people of the "Ice Queen" from the show Adventure Time.
  • The intro of the background starts very cinematicly.
  • This is the first song to be announced, seen in the trailer and revealed on the Soundless Quiz.
  • The background to this song is the most imagely advanced and detailed so far.
  • This song is in a battle mode with Where Have You Been, by Rihanna, which can be found here.
    • This may be because the dancers of both songs have opposing elements (fire and ice).
  • Due to the new stricter rules on YouTube majority of the videos of the choreography are blocked.
    • It's hard to find this choreo without pitched or removed audio.
  • There is a mash up for this song in which it can only be unlocked in October.
  • The song was made longer.
  • The dancer reminds some people of Elsa from Frozen because her dress is made of ice & can shoot ice from her hands. Elsa is also a dancer in Let It Go in Just Dance 2015.



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