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First appeared Just Dance 2016
All Appearances Just Dance 2016

Showtime is a feature on Just Dance 2016. It is exclusive to the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Wii U.[1]


Players can dance and while listening to one of the participating songs. There are different themes for each song. The players can also sing with the lyrics. A camera device captures the routine and projects it onto the screen.


All About That Bass

A diary with chicks, photos of puppies, photos of cats, hearts and dancing girls appear at random times.

I Gotta Feeling

Coloured lights, photos and the panda appear at random times.

Born This Way

The lyrics appear on-screen while reflections of the coach appear in a sepia colour.

Uptown Funk

A TV with a city background, stars, and items that refer the lyrics, like in This Is How We Do.

You're The One That I Want

A screen with different colors, such as green, yellow, orange, red, and blue, and the dancers appear in the background.

This Is How We Do

A background with many colors and items referencing the lyrics.

When The Rain Begins To Fall

A futuristic place with explosions, the wolf from Holding Out for a Hero, and many other futuristic effects.

Want To Want Me

A sepia screen with the girls from the background in the original dance appearing in various times.

Hey Mama

The lyrics appear in black and white at the bottom of the screen and the coaches appear in black and white in various parts.


The lyrics appear on-screen, like in Born This Way, and the screen is filled with many light effects.


  • In the I Gotta Feeling theme for the Showtime, the coach for the song appears with a different color palette.




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