Hiya all!

So, if you are on this wikia, chances are you love Just Dance.

Also, if you are on this wikia, you might like RuPaul's Drag Race (cuz it's popular on the wikia).

Anyways I think it's fair to assume there are quite a few people who like JUST DANCE and RUPAUL.

We have numbers, and although I'm sure some people like me have hit up the official request box, I am not sure if Just Dance truly knows how much interest in having a RuPaul song on Just Dance


I present to you:




  1. RuPaul4JustDancis a multiplatform push to show Just Dance that we REALLY want a RuPaul song on Just Dance! We also want to show that adding a Ru song to Just Dance would send a message of acceptance and equality! Here is the faaaaaaaaaaaabulous plan:


This is THE most effective way to show ubisoft. Request every PG song you can think of that is semi-popular. It's important to ONLY request songs that CAN be family-friendly for Just Dance.

2. Tweet/Share on Facebook #RuPaul4JustDance and share your fanart for RuPaul songs!

This will only werk if LOTS of people do this. JD gets tons of random requests all the time and their go-to message is "blah blah blah go to the song request". They will tell you that BUT if the PR person running JD's social media accounts sees a mass amount of requests it could be passed on.


This is another good way to reach Ubisoft. Sharing this will also help a lot!

Well wikains, LETS GET ROLLING!

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