I have decided to move Article of the Month back to its roots - the blogosphere. Same rules apply, and the nomination/voting process is almost completely identical to that of Song and User of the Week's. If you don't know how that works: Basically, leave a comment with the article you would like to nominate. However, each comment should only have 1 article, not 2 (so if you want to nominate 2, comment them separately).

Voting process is simple: The 4 articles with the most nominations after 2 weeks will proceed to voting; four comments with the corresponding articles will be made, and all you have to do is comment {{Support}} under the 1 article you would like to nominate. Once you have left a Support, you are not to change it (so it's like the Top 10 List).

As with all previous AOTMs, each person may nominate up to 2 articles, and none of the articles in the blacklist below.

Final rule: Accounts must be 30 days or older in order to nominate.

Here are the articles that you cannot nominate:

If there are any questions, please feel free to clarify in the comments section.




Bubble Pop!


Dragostea Din Tei

Just Dance Now

Love Ward

Naughty Girl

Oh No!

Side to Side

The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody)