THE JUST DANCE GAME SHOW!

Inb4 prison honey.

Welcome to the trailer for The Just Dance Game Show! This is a idea of mine that will probably be lots of fun! Here is how it works.


  • Each episode, I will put a question up. You will e-mail me the answer, and whoever gets it right, will stay in the game. Note that each question will get harder each episode. 
  • If you are wrong, you will have to play a certain song on JD2016-JD2018 to get 10000 or higher. If more than one are out, you will verse eachother in a match to see who got the higher score. 
  • There will be 5 to 10 players.

                                               WHAT YOU NEED

  • A gmail or any email of some sort.
  • JD2016, JD2017, or JD2018. Unlimited also works.

                                                      MY EMAIL

Alright, let the game show begin!

MEMBERS (as of now)