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  • The glove color layout from Yō-kai Taisō Dai-Ni, which is yellow/red, was originally meant to be used in Yō-kai Taisō Dai-ichi as well. However, the glove color layout in the latter was changed to blue/yellow.
  • P2 of Jinsei Dramatic was supposed to have light blue pictograms. However, her pictograms are dark blue in the final game.
  • P4's glove from Geragerapō No Uta was originally light blue instead of orange. A trace of this can be seen in the routine, as P4's glove will sometimes glitch to light blue.
  • The background of Jinsei Dramatic was detailed differently; there were less Yokai appearing in the background, the sun during the sunset scene was shining much brighter, the lighting in the daytime scene was less realistic, and the USA flag-theme animations weren't supposed to appear, and the coaches were supposed to have a faded outline instead of a outline in full opacity. Also, Ottamagator was supposed to make a appearance in the background. However, in the final routine, he is replaced by USApyon.
  • P3 and P4's glove from Uchū Dance! were originally colored different, as P3's glove was red while P4's glove was yellow. The glove colors was later changed to Yellow/Purple in the final version.


  • As seen in a screenshot, the original stars were originally going to be used instead of Jibanyan's head.


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