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  • As seen in a screenshot, the original stars were originally going to be used instead of Jibanyan’s head.


Geragerapō No Uta

  • P4’s glove from Geragerapō No Uta was originally light blue instead of orange. A trace of this can be seen in the routine, as P4’s glove will sometimes glitch to light blue.

Jinsei Dramatic

  • P2 of Jinsei Dramatic was supposed to have light blue pictograms. However, her pictograms are dark blue in the final game.

The background of Jinsei Dramatic was detailed differently; there were less Yokai appearing in the background, the sun during the sunset scene was shining much brighter, the lighting in the daytime scene was less realistic, the USA flag-theme animations were not supposed to appear, and the coaches were supposed to have a faded outline instead of a outline in full opacity. Also, Ottamagator was supposed to make a appearance in the background. However, in the final routine, he is replaced by USApyon.

Uchū Dance!

  • P3 and P4s’ gloves from Uchū Dance! were originally colored different, as P3’s was red while P4’s was yellow. The glove colors was later changed to Yellow/Purple in the final version.

Yō-kai Taisō Dai-ichi

  • The glove color layout from Yō-kai Taisō Dai-Ni, which is yellow/red, was originally meant to be used in Yō-kai Taisō Dai-ichi as well. However, the glove color layout in the latter was changed to blue/yellow.


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